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A solo traveller in the Maldives
Written by Preetha Manivelan on December 1, 2020 Share on

Here Is My Story of How Maldives And Solo Travel Worked At Its Best!

‘I never looked at the Maldives, just as a honeymoon destination. I believed it was always beyond that and yes, it worked perfectly for my solo trip too’

– says our customer Shantanu Arora who went on a solo trip to the Maldives.

Wondering how will a solo trip be if you are planning it in a honeymooner’s paradise like the Maldives? Believe me, it’s equally beautiful and more, if you love being alone in a foreign land. Still unsure? Check out this article of Shantanu Arora who travelled to the Maldives recently, for his lockdown escape and came back with a heart filled with some amazing memories for life.

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Shantanu Arora was happy to be a solo traveller in a honeymoon destination and his pictures say it all!

The Maldives

A perfect remedy for my soul

I am a solo traveller by choice. All of us need some time alone and only to ourselves, right? But are we giving us enough? That’s exactly why I planned this solo trip to Maldives. This trip was my decision not because my friends were busy but because I wanted to travel solo, interact with strangers, make new friends, learn the language of the Maldives and many more amazing things and I did so.

The entire planning happened when I got a call from Pickyourtrail when I tried to plan a trip on their Maldives packages from delhi. So, I flew from Delhi to the Maldives for a stay of 3 nights and it turned out to be some of the best days of my life.

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Busy with myself. All the time.

Two people with a parrot

About my stay…

Once I landed at the airport, I took a speedboat to reach the hotel which was one exciting experience that I got. For my stay, I chose to stay in Sun Siyam Olhuveli, an amazing resort which made my stay really memorable. Right from their beauty to the hospitality to the food, I loved each and everything in the Maldives. It was so beautiful that it was getting harder every day to bid a goodbye later.

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The love for food is forever!

A solo traveller in a restaurant

The ‘Me-time’

Travelling after the lockdown itself was happy but travelling alone was much beyond happiness. I got to chill alone with no one to ‘photobomb’ in my pictures or no one to share my food with and yes, it was a different kind of relaxation.

P.S. Make sure you don’t regret spending ‘alone time’ among the love birds flew from many corners of the world.

A solo traveller enjoying 'me-time'

Why Pickyourtrail?

When I was taking a solo trip to Maldives with Pickyourtrail, I never knew I would enjoy this much. Everything just happened as per plan because of their excellent execution. I thoroughly enjoyed it. At this moment, I really want to thank Pickyourtrail for the excellent support they gave and the memorable trip they offered me with. Thanks to everyone!

Amazing, isn’t it? I am sure now you would be convinced why the Maldives can be a solo travel destination too. This story explains it all. Planning for solo travel or a family vacation or a maldives honeymoon trip? Check out the Pickyourtrail website and look for some amazing Maldives packages from India and customize it as per your choice.

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