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where to go in march
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on February 16, 2018 Share on

March your way out – where to go in March for the perfect outing

With a truckload of celebration done for the new year,  don’t you feel its time for some spring vacation planning to be done now? With March just a few days short of arriving, get onboard with us to know where to go in March to experience a memorable trip. From the mind-blowing views of the Canary Islands, busy regions of Cancun to short-term vacations at Guanacaste and of course live beach parties at Puerto Rico; give a read below to get some enlightenment on where to go in March.

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1.  Madrid – Some Salsa and Matcha Latte maybe?

Madrid, where to go in March
Image credit – pixabay

Fondly called as the big sister of Barcelona, Madrid gets a tinge of warmth as March closes in. When you are in this city filled with charm, you can notice the locals bombarding the parks and hubs with coffees to sip through dusk and dawn. The temperature would be friendly-much ( near 20 degrees ) to embark on mini outings to the beautiful galleries, history-filled mansions and fashion oriented boutiques. Munch on some traditional Spanish cuisine like the tapas ( savoury )or papa rellena ( stuffed potato ). Hit the live parties at Cafe Central and go crazy at the bars/clubs along the C/Echegaray arena. Try visiting Toledo and Segovia where you can find the enchanting castle which holds the pride of inspiring the makers of the famous logo of the Disney Castle

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2. The Maldives – Time for some Scuba diving & sun tanning memories!

Maldives,where to go in March
Image credit – pixabay

Do some island hopping, scuba diving and a bit of night snorkelling at the Maldives; the perfect paradise of a location for a March trip. Worry less, like very less about the rainy conditions because, the Maldives will be majorly sun-kissed in March. Just sit and enjoy gazing at the blue skies and if you enjoy swimming take a dip in the ever-sparkling tropical waters. Also, don’t forget to visit Malé Island where you have the small mosques, large bazaars and multiple cafe spots. Just so if you are interested in top island outings!

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3. Vietnam – Lit arenas and dragon peeking for a bit!

Vietnam,where to go in March
Image credit – pixabay

Vietnam in March is known for its dazzling sunshine conditions and amazing weather. The perfect time to chill on the southern beaches but also the best season for trekking along the bumpy northern mountains. Hop your way out starting from Ho Chi Minh’s colonial architecture to the ancient pagodas at Hanoi. Do nothing but embark on a peaceful sailing session at the Mekong. If you are up for some adventure, take a bike ride in the charming central region of Hoi An. Stay in awe looking at the designed golden dragons during the Chu Dong Tu festival at the Khoai Chau district.

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4.  Mexico – Shopping, dancing and more!

mexico,where to go in March
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Mexico and the month of March go hand in hand. From whale-watching programs in Baja California to enjoying the simpler yet heartwarming pleasures of the mainland; Mexico should definitely be visited in the month of March. Bright neon-lit shopfronts and gigantic gala beaches at Sayulita will attract you to the maximum extent. If you traverse a bit more south in Oaxaca, stop at the famous beach town, Puerto Escondido. Prep yourself to surf all day in the best beaches and buckle up charismatic party scenes during the night. If you go in a bit early, you get to enjoy Riviera Maya thoroughly and if you are travelling with a group, make sure you check out Playa del Carmen where the coral reefs and palm lines will be a treat to the eyes.

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5.  South Africa – For Safaris & Big 5

south-africa,where to go in March
Image credit – pixabay

A safari adventure in the South-African lands during the month of March will never be a bad idea. Boasting close to 19 national parks; if you’re eager much, check out the big five by starting with Kruger National Park up in the north-east region. Expecting an out of Africa-kind of romance? Head to the posh Garden Route.  Stay close to the city, by choosing safari sessions at Little Karoo. Take out your DSLRs and be ready to click a hell lot of pictures at KwaZulu Natal. From huge mountains, best game reserves, bird watching to captivating beaches, this place has everything you’d wish for.

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south africa

Wine tastings, adventure activities, city breaks to surf sessions and festivals, get the perfect picture of where to go in March. Offering the best travel packages and deals, we here at Pickyourtrail will get the March trip done for you in the best manner. Bon Voyage fellas!

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