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Zip lining in the mega adventure park
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Visit Mega Adventure Park in Sentosa & Escape the Ordinary

Mega Adventure Park is located on Siloso beach in the scenic Sentosa Island and is a hotspot for several tempting activities because they are both natural and man-made. So when you are at the park, you can experience exhilarating, and adrenaline rushing experience with adventure rides. You can soar like an eagle on the MegaZip or experiment with your balancing capability on the obstacle course of MegaClimb and you can also experience the thrill of jaw-dropping MegaJump and dynamic bungee MegaBounce.

Mega Adventure Park will offer a memorable experience that can be cherished for life. When you are on a holiday to Singapore, strike off Mega Adventure Park from your bucket list and enjoy it with your friends and family.

Things to do in the Mega Adventure Park


The star attraction of the Park is MegaZip Sentosa which is rated Asia’s number one! The three-wire zipline zips you over the island’s majestic terrain across a 450 meters long stretch. From the beautiful lush green jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill to the shimmering golden sands of Siloso beach you will feel cold breeze tingling your hair. Race with your family and friends at a speed of 60 mph from a height of 75 meters. Enjoy this adventurous adrenaline-pumping activity by flying high in the bright blue sky.

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Apart from the zip line, you can also enjoy the next star attraction, MegaClimb. It is an obstacle adventure course, consisting of three levels of aerial ropes. They are installed around eucalyptus trees 5 to 15 meters high. It is designed to dare your strength and balancing capability, alongside the beautiful Sentosa. You will be connected to continuous belaying systems and fitted with full-body harnesses. The course has a total of 36 obstacles with 12 obstacles per level and includes confidence gaps, horizontal ladders, and mini flying foxes and is a must-do for adrenaline junkies. The complexity of the obstacle course increases as you level up and there are 3 levels in total. 


The Mega adventure park is a place to be if you’re a daredevil enthusiast. Next on the list if the MegaJump. Get a picturesque view of the jungle and swaying palms from the jumping point along with the chill ocean breeze. All you have to do is free-fall Jump from a 15-meter tower.
Hurray! Yes, this magnificent experience will take your breath away.

Mega fall at the Mega Adventure Park
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This one is for the little enthusiasts. MegaJump is a dynamic bungee assisted trampoline with elastic bands along with safety harness. This will allow you to bounce up to 8m high at the Mega Adventure Park, Sentosa. Bring out your hidden acrobatic skills when you are here!

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Visitor Information

  • The Mega Adventure Park operates daily from – 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • There is no specific apparel restriction practiced in the park, although athletic outfit with covered shoes is highly recommended.
  • Flowy, loose garments like skirts and dresses are not generally advised as they can be caught on the obstacle.
  • Locker facilities are available to visitors.
  • Photographers are available at the park to shoot your adventurous moments and the captured moments can be purchased at additional cost. 
  • All ride has customized equipment made with safety wires and harness that are inspected on a regular basis for quality checks.
  • A professional team of trained, skillful, and experienced coaches and instructors ensures that you have a safe and memorable experience.

Accessibility options

Mega Adventure Park has two entry point counters, Siloso beach counter (recommended), and Imbiah lookout ticketing counter. You can choose any mode of transport as per your convenience.

By Bus

For Siloso beach counter, take the Sentosa Bus A or C and get down at Siloso Point, from here the counter is a short walk along the beach and you will find Mega Adventure Beach Counter. For the Imbiah lookout ticketing counter, take the Sentosa Bus A or C and get down Imbiah Lookout and walk to Mega Adventure Park.

By Train

For Siloso beach counter, alight at Beach Station, take the Sentosa Beach shuttle and alight at the 3rd stop. For Imbiah alight at Imbiah Station, and from there walk to Mega Adventure. 

By Cable car

Biard the cable car from Harbourfront tower 2 or Mount Faber Station and get down at Imbiah Sentosa Cable car station. Walk to Mega Adventure from there.

By Car

Preferred route by many visitors, the park offers car parks around both the counter, Imbiah Car park Lookout / Beach Car Park.

In addition to this Park, Sentosa Island has several other attractions which will give you sure shot entertainment. A visit to Singapore is not complete if you don’t visit the Mega Adventure Park. Excited already? Talk to our travel consultant at Pickyourtrail to know more about the itinerary. You can check out exciting packages to Singapore and start planning right away!Discover the epitome of luxury and romance with our exclusive honeymoon packages, or turn your dream vacation into reality with our tailored vacation packages, meticulously designed to exceed your every expectation and create lasting memories in enchanting destinations across the globe.

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