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Modern art in vienna
Written by Krishnamoorthy V on May 12, 2020 Share on

Modern Art in Vienna – The Land Of Colours!

The city of the Hapsburgs, The birthplace of musical legends like Mozart & Beethoven, Vienna is filled with an atmosphere of eternal charm. Right from the Vienna state opera to the Schönbrunn Palace, Travelers should not miss the rich cultural heritage and art form this city has to offer. With various art museums and galleries, this city is an art lover’s dream. The land has so much to offer in terms of contemporary art that one would be left breathless. The contemporary art of Vienna has more than 30 galleries run simultaneously through the sponsor program run by the city called curated by_vienna. 

Starting from showcasing the art of local and international students to a joint venture with the Austrian and international galleries and museums, Vienna has seen an exuberant variety grow over the years. This not only stops at paintings and sculptures but extends to galleries that portray modern photography, video art etc. These fascinating galleries and museums have a great idea of what the current Millenials look for and cater just to that, to a point where you would be surprised to see art which depicts the current Pop – culture.  Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s conquer the modern art of Vienna by visiting these stunning galleries and museums listed below.

modern art in vienna gallery
Image Credit: Unsplash

1. Gabriele Senn Galerie

One of the top places depicted modern art in Vienna, Gabriele Senn Galerie is distinctive in its own way as its multidimensional communication aims to display through a variety of Austrian and international contemporary pieces. Two of the famous artists this gallery has would be Brit David Batchelor and German Andy Hope – Batchelor’s art can be identified with the combination of color pallets used and the depiction of the coming of age art with abstract, urban and the usage of monochrome through the times. On the contrary, Hope’s work includes authentic and pop culture routes that attract the current generation. The gallery is famous for its joint ventures with both international and local museums and artists giving birth to new age collaborations. 

2. Baeckerstrasse

 Baeckerstrasse is the pioneer of new-age art displayed by the budding artists. At Baeckerstrasse, a separate space is provided for aspiring art students. The gallery showcases the artwork of students four times a year which is nominated by a panel of professional jury. The gallery just like any other in Austria is open for a global art collaboration. The work here varies from photography to video art. The aim of this exhibition is to create an artistic sense among the young generation and also to display the contemporary artwork the young minds are following today. 

3. Galerie Andreas Huber

The Galerie Andreas Huber exhibits the marvelous work of Austrian mixed media maestro Florian Schmidt and his various Assemblages and collages. Look out for the work of the American movie artist Ms. Rita Sobral which would create a fascination among any art enthusiast. The idea of this exhibit is to display works that are both astounding and profit-making. 

4. Galerie OstLicht

If you love photography and crave for the modern outlook of it, this is the location you should head to. Situated right at the bygone bakery of Vienna in the tenth district, the place is also famously called Brotfabrik. The gallery has a mix of work from up and coming artists to the established ones. 

5. Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art (MAM)

This classic gallery which was established in 1972 is known for its sculptures and works of international artists, It has a variety of artwork especially from the Mediterranean region. Home for captivating works of artists like Carlos Aires, the place also has a separate room to display contemporary works of young artists. 

photo gallery in vienna
Image Credit: Unsplash

With such versatility of art forms to offer, Vienna stands out as our No.1 travel choice for anyone with an artistic sense. Plan your very own trip to Vienna with Pickyourtrail. You can also choose the available packages to Austria on Pickyourtrail Website.

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