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Karlskirche Vienna
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The Beauty of Karlskirche in Vienna

The baroque church of Karlskirche in Vienna is said to be an architectural hybrid and it is constructed as a mixture of Greek and Roman styles. Towards the starting stage of the 18th century, central Europe was hit by the Black Plague. It was at this point in time that Emperor Charles IV vowed that he went on to build a church that would be dedicated to Saint Carlo Borromeo. After the plague was overcome in 1713, the church was officially announced. It is one of the largest buildings in the entire city of Vienna. In fact, this church went on to be built on the bank of the river Wien that is now the southeast portion of a park complex.

The architecture of Karlskirche Vienna

Karlskirche in Vienna
Image Credits: Google Images

The height is 72 meters with that of the dome expected to be around 70 m. It happens to be a stunning church both from the interiors as well as the exteriors. It goes on to tower over the north of Vienna that is depicted in the large pond facing the steps. This is all the more so when it lights up against the night sky.

One of the main attractions of the church has been the great columns of the facade and this is a replica of Trajan’s column situated at Rome with a Baroque torch situated on top of it. From the life of Charles Borromeo, real-life scenes are being depicted here. One thing is for sure that the Karlskirche interior works out to be a lot conventional than the exterior and this includes the High Baroque decoration.

Masses in Karlskirche in Vienna

Karlskirche in Vienna
Image Credits: Google Images

If you happen to be here during the mass, the experience is one of its kind. The choir, acoustics along with the orchestra are all great. You would need to take into consideration that the entire structure of the church has been modelled in a manner that it is designed to impress.

The creative elements of Karlskirche bring forth a mixture of Greece in the form of columned Portico, trajanesque columns that of ancient Rome and the traditional Vienna architecture that depicts the domes coupled with the towers. It gives a lot of interesting views among the various types of Baroque churches evolves in Austria and this is all the more so when it is lighted at night.

Events and Concerts in Karlskirche

This landmark Baroque church is considered one of the most amazing venues for any musical concerts in Vienna. Karlskirche in Vienna has been a popular spot for performances with works by Mozart, Vivaldi, and gospels around the Christmas holidays. Every Saturday from March through October, tourists can experience the performance of the Requiem – the last work of Mozart. Another highlight is the Four Seasons performance conceived by Vivaldi.

In Conclusion

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