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Kosciuszko is Australia
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 14, 2020 Share on

Conquering Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia’s Highest Mountain

Australia is a different place to travel compared with the rest of the world. With vast deserted land, high mountain ranges, lush green open spaces, and seaside trails, it is one of the finest places to explore mother nature. With plenty of flora and fauna, it’s a dream place for nature lovers.

Mount Kosciuszko located in the mainland of Australia is said to be the highest mountain, with it being approx 7310 feet above sea level is one of the seven summits of the world.  A polish explorer named Pawel Edmund Strzelecki named the mount as Kosciuszko for its striking resemblance to that in Poland. Till the year 1977, the public was allowed to drive the summit of Mt Kosciuszko but later the government closed it due to environmental concerns. 

Kosciuszko, Australia
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Reaching the Summit

Mt Kosciuszko is the easiest to climb compared to the other Summits. With little practice and good stamina, anyone would be able to reach the summit. Moving up with every step, you will slowly be able to see chunky glaciers here and there. You can reach the summit by either of the two pathways available. The Charlotte Pass and the Thredbo Pass. You can drive your way to reach the tip of these passes and from there, you can take either pass to reach the mountain summit.

snowy Kosciuszko
Image credit: Google images

Charlotte Pass

Charlotte pass is a location at Mt Kosciuszko, through which you’ll reach Rawson Pass, the path to the summit, is approx 7.6kms in the distance that can be covered only through the walk. The Charlotte pass is also a village at Kosciuszko National Park. On the way to the top, look for historic huts, mountain roses, rock formations. You can also admire the amazingly spread wildflowers and buttercups spread through the pass during the summer.

Thredbo Pass

You can take the Thredbo pass as well to reach the Rawson pass, from where you will have to proceed on foot to reach the summit of the mountain. Hiking on Thredbo will take about 3.5 hours roundtrip. Alternatively, you can also take a chair car from Kosciuszko Park to reach the top of Thredbo. A unique fact about this particular path is that the pathways in Thredbo pass are made out of metals to help prevent erosion. 

Hannel Spur Track

The less road taken is the Hannel Spur track. The most challenging and dangerous path is approximately 15.5kms far and is the only route to cross the Western Fall Wilderness Zone. Though it is said to be dangerous, the sceneries in the path are sure to blow your mind. 

Few tips

  • Carry lots and lots of sunscreen and moisturizer along
  • We suggest you read the park’s safety tips before planning the trek
  • Make sure you carry a winter jacket along as the temperature may drop below 10C

Views from the top of the summit of any mountains are always breathtaking. You can see nature in its purest form and are said to be one of the surreal moments you can experience as a human. Visit Pickyourtrail to book a breathtaking package to Australia or any other region you wish to travel to. Want a treat? We also customize your package based on your likes.

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