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National Parks in Spain
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5 Most Beautiful National Parks in Spain To Visit in 2024

Spain has always been one of the favourite spots for all. Most people take out time out of their hectic lives just to enjoy along with the vibes of Spain. It is rightly said that Spain is a perfect holiday destination to spend time in nature connected activities. National parks in Spain is one good way to connect with nature and its tranquillity. There are close to 4,000 national parks in the world. Out of all these national parks, India has the maximum number of national parks in the world. There are about 103 and more national parks in India. After India, Spain boasts for the maximum number of national parks.

National parks in Spain features a wide range of flora and fauna varieties. It is ideal for wildlife watching, hiking and mountaineering. Each and every national park has its own uniqueness. Moreover, it is impossible to visit all the national parks in Spain. It is more advisable to visit the top and the best national parks in Spain during your visit Spain vacation. Here is a list of the best national parks in Spain that you shouldn’t miss.

National parks in Spain
Photo by Timothy K on Unsplash

List of National parks in Spain

  1. Cabrera Archipelago, Balearic Islands
  2. Monfragüe, Extremadura
  3. Tablas de Daimiel National Park
  4. Cabañeros National Park
  5. Picos de Europa National Park

1.Cabrera Archipelago, Balearic Islands

Balearic is one of the untouched and pristine islands in the Cabrera Archipelago. It is one of the best national parks in Spain. The national park features plenty of birds. The government has declared Special Security Area for birdlife. You can see a huge castle guarding the gateway to the harbour. Moreover, you cannot visit all the places on this island. Places like the natural harbour, lighthouse, and old 14th-century castle can be accessible by all. Also people from all over the world visit this place just spend their day by the beach or going on a hike. You can also opt guided hikes and kayak trips are also available.

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2.Monfragüe, Extremadura

Monfrague Park is one of the well known national parks in Spain famous for its unique Iberian landscape. It boasts for a unique variety of flora and fauna. Moreover, you can spot a lot of unique birds coming to this place. It is also one of the best bird-watching spots in Europe Tour Packages. You can see more the 400 birds species in this place. Travellers can spot birds in one of the parks two rivers, the Tagus and Tietar. Birds that you can spot here are Vultures, eagles, kingfishers and nightingales. Moreover, the park has a long history and tradition. What is so special about the park is the ruins of Monfrague castle. It has so many myths and local legends. Also, you can explore the prehistoric painting in the caves.

National parks in Spain
Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash

3.Tablas de Daimiel National Park

Tablas de Daimiel is one of the top romantic national parks in Spain. You can visit this place with your loved ones and better half to take some scenic pictures on the flat, wooden walkways. Moreover, it is one of the finest places to do bird watching in Spain. You can go on a short walk with your partner on the wooden walkways and explore the park.

The park features wetlands, rivers, and gorgeous flora. Because of the lush green environment a plethora of migratory bird species such as ducks, and geese stopover here. Moreover, you can see many birds build their nest and they live forever at this place. Birds like the purple, grey heron, little egret, and red-crested pochard rest at this park for at least 2 to 4years. Also, you can see a diverse variety of fishes at this place. You will love visiting this park again and again.

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4.Cabañeros National Park

Cabañeros national park in Spain is home to the majority of animals. Cabañeros National Park has a nickname called “ Spanish Serengeti”. Family travellers will certainly love this place. You can do a day trip or a picnic with your family here. Here travellers can see deer, the Iberian lynx, wild boars, foxes, otters, and a number of mongooses too. Moreover, you can also spot some exotic bird species like the black stork, Spanish Imperial Eagle and Spanish black vulture. This wildlife and a plethora of exotic birds in this area is what makes this Cabañeros National Park in Spain a must-visit amongst others. Geographically, the park is positioned near the Castile-La Mancha region. Also, Cabañeros is the last Mediterranean national parks remaining.

Cabañeros National Park
Photo by Priyadharshan Saba on Unsplash

5.Picos de Europa National Park

The Picos de Europa or also called as Peaks of Europe, boast for the world’s most superfluous sceneries. Located in northern Spain, the park consists of three distinguished ranges: the Central, Western, and Eastern ranges. It is one of the finest national parks in Spain where you can see all these three ranges interconnected by river-filled gorges. Moreover, travellers love going trekking and hiking trails at Picos de Europa National Park. You will get an amazing view of the sea, lush green forest and beauty of nature.

The sea is just 20 km away from the viewpoint, so you can take stunning pictures at this point. Picos de Europa covers an area of 64,660 hectares (636 square miles). Also, Picos de Europa is one of the largest national parks in Spain. Moreover, it is the most attracted tourist spots in Spain. The park is also listed as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Moreover, Picos de Europa also boasts for rocky peaks and snowfields. Hiking trails in the Picos de Europa will give you an experience that you will not forget.

Picos de Europa National Park
Photo by Jan Padilla on Unsplash

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