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Top Things To See and Do in Benicassim, Spain in 2021

Wondering what to see and do in Benicassim, Spain? Benicassim is renowed for its sun-kissed beaches and for hosting amazing music festivals. The town of Benicassim is situated on Spain’s Costa Azahar. (Orange Blossom Coast) It is shockingly a very stylish destination filled with lots of reasons why you should visit. Here’s our list of the top things to see and do in Benicassim, Spain.

Things To See and Do in Benicassim, Spain

1. Take On The Beach

things to see and do in Benicassim, Spain.
Credits: Unsplash

The main attraction in this little town is its sandy beaches. Benicassim and the region surrounding it is filled with infinite arcs of sandy gold beaches. A lot of the beaches in this area are blue flag. This includes two of the most famous ones: Playa Almadraba and the well-maintained Playa Voramar. This is supported by a promenade and numerous striking villas to add to as eye candy.


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2. Marvel At The Villa Route

Benicassim is a few times titled as the “Valencian Biarritz” and reason why will be known when you turn behind you while sunbathing on Playa Voramar. Around the time of the last century, multiple rich local families hired the topmost architects in the area. Every single family was working to develop a more luxurious villa than the one built previously. The end result of this competition ending up with. more than 50 unbelievable villas starring a mixture of different designs, styles and full of its own history. Tour this attraction on the Villa Route. The sector is regionally remembered as “Hell” stars villas distinguished for their infamous parties way back in the raging twenties era. Almost like watching the scenes from Great Gatsby come to life in front of your eyes. Hence, it is one of the most fun things to see and do in Benicassim, Spain.

3. The Desert of the Palms For Nature Lovers

Nature enthusiasts will want to go and take in the peace and quiet at this preserved natural park. The Desierto de las Palmas (Desert of the Palms) on Benicassim’s entranceway is filled up of jaw-dropping scenic beauty. Additionally, you can spot the wrecked Carmelite monastery and Montornés Castle. This place is also one of the more popular things to see and do in Benicassim, Spain. as it gives panoramic views all over the encompassing countryside and down up to the Mediterranean.

4. Cycle/Walk Along The Old Railway Line

Looking for one of the easier things to see and do in Benicassim, Spain? One simple and beautiful walking or cycling alternative is to go along the old railway line that went within Barcelona and Valencia. Covering 5.5km (3.42 miles) one way, you can go to Oropesa’s promenade and then return back for the trail back to Benicassim.

5. Try Out Local Drinks

The Carmelite monks have been refining and retailing herbal drinks here from 1896. Take a little tour of their distillery in the town of Benicassim, where you can have a late afternoon drink tasting and visit for only a couple of euros.

6. Honour San Juan

The evening of San Juan in late June signifies the start of the season of summer. It’s honoured all throughout the country, but as it’s a festival that is celebrated on the beaches, Benicassim is an ideal place to be given the number of golden beaches that encompass the entire region. The celebrations include bonfires being ignited on the beaches. It is said that those who can bounce across the fires can have their yearnings for the rest of the year ahead awarded. The festival is celebrated with picnics, swimming, eating, drinking and dancing through the night. Most people stay until the sun comes up.

7. Enjoy Live Music At The Festival International Benicassim (FIB)

Festival International Benicassim
Credits: Unsplash

The popular music festival, FIB (Festival International Benicassim), has provided the town with some international publicity and put it on the global map. Hence, it is worth to be mentioned on this list. The festival has been held ever since 1995, with people coming in to enjoy continuous days of live performances and drinking away on the beach while the tunes still run in your ears.

8. Tour The Columbretes Islands

Columbretes Islands
Credits: Google Images

During the time of summer, you can use up a whole day exploring the volcanic Columbretes Islands. These islands are a scenic nature reserve comprising around five nautical distances. It is the ideal spot for different activities. It draws in photographers, nature enthusiasts and scuba divers with its diverse list of activities to do.

9. Try Out Some Water sports Activities

Things To See and Do in Benicassim, Spain
Credits: Google Images

If you want to go out into the deep sea, there are plenty of chances while in this town. Try taking sailing classes at pretty Els Terrers Beach, where you can give your best shot at activities such as sailing, windsurfing or kayaking, or pick from one of several stores providing hires around the coast.

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