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Norway Travel Guide: Everything You Should Know Before Visiting Norway

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Ever felt frustrated with the daily chaos? Looking to detox from digital noise and relax? Searching for a place to stay close with unspoiled nature and lose yourself in the tranquil beauty? This Norway Travel Guide is going to be a treat for you!

Norway is a Scandinavian country with approximately 5 million people, extending to 148 718 square miles by area from 57° to 81° North. It is a long country and diversified with arctic landscapes in Northern Norway, breath-taking mountains and fjords in the West, large areas of woods in the East, and finally beautiful coasts in Southern Norway.

Though Norwegian is the official language, English is widely accepted and spoken around in Norway. German and French-speaking locals are also popular tourist spots.

Norwegian Krone (NOK) is the currency for Norway. Always important you have cash in hand, apart from international credit cards or Euros. 

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How is the weather in Norway?

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At a glance, Norway experiences wet and cold weather. Winters are milder in the coastal regions than inland areas. Make sure to cross-check the desired location with the season to find its availability. Some attractions are closed during specific seasons; for instance, some hikes are beyond reach during winters. 

The ideal time to visit Norway is when the weather is warm, from June to August. It is at this time the country is at its peak celebrating and filled with fun events. Temperature goes from 60° to 70° F during summer, just the perfect range for all kinds of activities.

What are the most popular places in Norway?

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1. Bergen

Bergen is a lovely city, and it comes as no surprise that it was the inspiration for Disney’s Frozen. There are little museums strewn about the streets with clapboard homes, and seven fjords and seven hills border it. The city’s large student population keeps it on its toes until the early hours of the morning.

2. Geirangerfjord

Geirangerfjord is Norway’s most famous fjord for its exquisite and theatrical beauty. Every curve bound by glacial lakes and coniferous forests, waterfall cascades into the fjord from a height of 410 meters, and steep mountains are a sight on all the sides.

3. Oslo

Oslo is a city where enormous architectural projects and hole-in-the-wall cafes coexist beautifully. From Edvard Munch to the Opera House, the city’s cultural resources are many. It also has the world’s northernmost three-Michelin-star restaurant.

4. Lofoten Islands

These islands may not be what you have pictured for Norway. It is here where the white sandy beach, turquoise water, rhythmic wind, lively sky bring people together and brings out the true Norwegian essence.

5. Flam

The tiny settlement of Flam finds itself in Southern Norway. You can not miss the Flam Railway, which starts from Sognefjord at sea level transcending through Flam valley, cascading waterfalls, steep mountainsides, finally to Myrdal at the top of the mountain. Another must-not-miss attraction of Flam is the Stegastein Viewpoint overlooking the Aurlandsfjord.

6. Svalbard Islands

Popularly known as Aurora-spotting destination, these islands construe a scenic landscape and host untamed wildlife and uncurbed wilderness. Svalbard lies in the middle of the Arctic Ocean between Norway and the North Pole, as a wonderful location to witness the Northern Lights.

7. Trondheim

Norway’s third-largest city, Trondheim, boasts a vibrant student population, street activities, and a plethora of cafes and restaurants. The Nidarosdomen church, St.Olave, the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the Archbishop’s Palace Museum, and Rockheim are some of the famous attractions of Trondheim.

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Top things to do in Norway

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1. National Parks

You can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities in these stunning National Parks, which are free to enter except for parking charges. Norway has 47 National Parks and everything to offer, from waterfalls and glaciers to reindeers and wolves to caving and canyoning to rafting and ziplining. Consider a visit to the largest glacier in continental Europe within Jostedalsbreen National Park or Jotunheimen National Park, accommodating over 200 mountains.

2. Winter Sports

Snowboarding, telemark skiing, Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, or cross-country skiing, name any ski sport, and Norway would be the best destination for it. Rauland, Geilo, Skeikampen, and Hemsedal are some of the fantastic places to go for such sports.

 3. Stavanger’s Jazz Festival

MaiJazz is a weekend-long hosted jazz festival that brings in some of the internationally renowned jazz artists. You will be required to pay per performance ranging anywhere from 0 to 300+ NOK per person. It is held in May so that the weather might be temperate as well.

4. Hiking

Not a surprise that hiking would be one of the most sought-after activities in a country filled with mountains. Two of the most popular hiking destinations would be Trolltunga and Preacher’s Pulpit. Trolltunga gets its name from “troll’s tongue” in Norwegian, which gets its name from the rock, which looks like an outstretched tongue. It is a 12-hour hike near Bergen, whereas Preacher’s Pulpit is a 4 km trail famous for its unusually flat and outspread surface atop a cliff.

5. Midnight Sun experience

Norway isn’t called the Land of Midnight Sun for nothing. During summer, visit Tromso, a city that doesn’t sleep because the sun never sets, making it a perfect destination for a 24-hour party. Tromso lies in the Arctic Circle, approximately 1700 km north of Oslo, an ideal place for fishing and photography.

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What to eat in Norway?

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Seafood is the core of Norwegian cuisine. In the 80s, it was Norwegians who introduced the Japanese to Salmon Sushi. Norway has the best salmon, smoked salmon being a local favorite. Cod is also famous, along with prawns and crabs. Besides seafood, lamb is quite popular.

Are the wild animals a threat in Norway?

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Svalbard is a region lying between mainland Norway and the North Pole where the Polar Bears exist in a number more than the people. Contrary to popular misconception, polar bears don’t walk on the streets of Norway. 

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Norway is a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime especially if you are a nature lover! Pickyourtrail has some great Norway tour packages for you and the Vacations Expert here will help you customize a perfect itinerary just for you.

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