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Picturesque towns that remind us there’s nothing like Europe!

Diverse with a varied range of terrain, things to do, and attractions to see, the continent of Europe finds a place on everyone’s bucket list. But, there’s one thing everybody does it wrong during their pursuit of exploring Europe. Which is exploring the same cliched places over and over again until you get bored of it that you will end up never wanting to go there again. Here’s a fix, try exploring these picturesque towns in Europe instead. You will be pleasantly surprised.

17. Sintra, Portugal

Nestled within the pine-covered hills, Sintra is a picturesque fairy tale town in Europe that carries a wide range of tourist attractions – including castles, palaces, and heritage gardens. Just 40 minutes from Lisbon, Sintra is a popular day-trip destination.

Best time to visit: May-June and September
Easy to travel from: Lisbon


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16. Piran, Slovenia

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Rising over the Adriatic Sea, Piran is one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean. Often compared to Venice, the sleepy coastal town that is decorated in Venetian Gothic architecture is seaside paradise.

Best time to visit: May-September
Easy to travel from: Portorož

15. Dinant, Belgium

Strung along a river bank right below the jagging cliffs, Dinant is a picturesque, gem of a town in Belgium. Though compact in size, the French-speaking town packs a punch with its photogenic looks.

Best time to visit: May-September and January-February
Easy to travel from: Brussels

14. Bibury, England

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Highlighted with historic stone buildings, Bibury which is just a short drive from Cirencester is a charming, Cotswold village. Often referred to as the ‘most beautiful village in England’, the quaintest village carries some of England’s most photographed sites.

Best time to visit: May-September
Easy to travel from: Cirencester

13. Annecy, France

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Lying on the tip of the namesake Lake Annecy overlooking the snow-capped mountains, Annecy is a picturesque Alpine town. Called by different names – ‘Pearl of French Alps’ and ‘Venice of the Alps’, the beauty of Annecy looks appealing!

Best time to visit: April-May and September-October
Easy to travel from: Rumilly

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12. Marvao, Portugal

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Perched on top of a hill, Marvao is a peaceful medieval walled village in Portugal. Hike your way through the rocky landscape of the town and be fascinated by the unparalleled views from the castle.

Best time to visit: June-September
Easy to travel from: Salvador

11. Visby, Sweden

Highlighted by cottages, tall towers, turrets, and spires, Visby in Sweden is a medieval dream come true. The UNESCO world heritage site filled with cobbled streets can be explored in a stretch and is also a popular Scandinavian vacation destination.

Best time to visit: May-July and December-March
Easy to travel from: Gotland


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10. Siglufjörður, Iceland

Siglufjörður is a popular fishing town on the Northern coast of Iceland that is rich with history and culture. Painted with candy-coloured houses, the naturally charming Siglufjörður is the right place for hiking and is also a prominent winter ski destination.

Best time to visit: June-August
Easy to travel from: Akureyri

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9. Hallstatt, Austria

Situated on the shore of the Hallstätter See, the beautiful Austrian town of Hallstatt is unbelievably spectacular. Admire the pastel-colored houses as they cast their reflection on the glassy waters of the lake.

Best time to visit: All year round
Easy to travel from: Salzburg

8. Kotor, Montenegro

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Tucked away from the constant buzz of the world, the beautiful coastal town of Kotor has a seemingly perfect atmospheric setting. Wander around the medieval maze of museums and feel the dramatic history of Kotor come alive.

Best time to visit: May-June and September
Easy to travel from: Podgorica

7. Cappadocia, Turkey

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Characterized by its surprisingly unique natural wonders, honeycombed hills, and fascinating human history, the whimsical fairytale town of Cappadocia will literally make everyone fly. The never-ending moon-like landscape is simply out of the world!

Best time to visit: All year round
Easy to travel from: Adana

6. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

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Part of the German’s popular romantic road, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a well preserved medieval old town. Enjoy the magical medieval flair of the charming town that is packed with over thousand years of history.

Best time to visit: November-April
Easy to travel from: Nuremberg

5. Vernazza, Italy

Adorned with colorful houses and cobbled streets, the fishing village of Vernazza on the Italian Riviera offers soothing views of the sea at every turn. Dance in the rainbow of colors that bloom to its fullest under the Sun.

Best time to visit: April-June
Easy to travel from: Genoa


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4. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean

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Resembling a miniature Prague, Český Krumlov is a trip to the Renaissance era. The UNESCO world heritage site boasts of castles, medieval pubs, Renaissance & baroque architecture buildings, and galleries.

Best time to visit: April-June
Easy to travel from: České Budějovice

3. Bled, Slovenia

Floating on top of the namesake Lake Bled, the town of Bled is one of the most picturesque towns in Europe. Revel in the overwhelming natural beauty of the place and stay transfixed at the lake from the castle on the cliff.

Best time to visit: May-September
Easy to travel from: Ljubljana

2. Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj is a picturesque resort destination and Istrian fishing harbor in Croatia. Take a stroll along the steep pedestrian streets in Rovinj, glancing through the art galleries, lively bars, and restaurants.

Best time to visit: April-September
Easy to travel from: Pula

1. Alberobello, Italy

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Famous for its unique trullo (cone shaped houses), the world heritage site of Alberobello is one of the pleasantly unusual places to go touring in Europe. The white-washed conical houses in Alberobello adds to the towns amazing characteristic.

Best time to visit: April-June
Easy to travel from: Bari

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