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Best things to do in Maldives on Honeymoon
Written by Akshaya Devi on December 7, 2022 Share on

Top Private Islands to Stay in Maldives for your Honeymoon Holiday

If you look for a paradise in this world, then the Maldives trip surely tops the list. According to travel experts, in 2024, Maldives will become the leading honeymoon destination. One of the reasons why the Maldives is becoming the trending destination is the private islands where one can enjoy staying, rather than a restore located at a distance. There are private resorts and cottages blended with palm fringe coral lagoons and pale blue waters crushing to the white sand. These irresistible Maldives islands have earned a great name among honeymoon going couples.

If you too are looking for a private island stay in the Maldives on your honeymoon and have the desire to stay in a stunning house reef or bespoke dining experience, we have assorted few of these islands for you to choose and visit:

1. Kandolhu Maldives

This tiny and tranquil island in the Maldives is the purest form of honeymoon located. There are few resorts and cottages designed finely to give you romantic experience and maximum privacy. Kandolhu Island is lush green and safe for snorkelling or other water sports activities. Overlooking the blue water ocean, villas here consist of special extras like in-room iPads and GoPro to get some of the best shots. Then there are la carte restaurants serving the best food and over 30 international wines to taste. If you are keen to have a bespoke candlelight dinner on the seas shore, Kandolhu Maldives is perfect.

2. Biyadhoo Island

This rustic and relaxed location, Biyadhoo Island is an ideal spot for an affordable stay. Villas, resorts and private cottages are available here for a private honeymoon stay. Biyadhoo is also known for PADI diving school backed by expert instructors. There are some classy looking house reefs with seven points of access and snorkelling alongside sharks and turtles. There are two major points in this island- Maaya Thila and Manta Point offering the best scenic view.

3. Cocoa Island

One of the luxury islands, it has the best private resort with the same to stay and enjoy your honeymoon in Maldives. Also called as the Makunufusi, Cocoa Island is best for the sugar-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Couples can enjoy the live coral reefs during the scuba diving organized by the island team. Couples living on this island will have a great privacy experience. Also Look Best time to visit Maldives.

4. Landaa Giraavaru

The idyllic shores of Landaa Giraavaru make it to the top private stay island for honeymoon couples. With some luxury resorts built on this island, couples can enjoy a long sandbank extending into the azure water. The island is also listed under the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve wilderness, because of jungle greens, dazzling whites meeting the innovation conservation and other vibrant views making it worth exploring.

5. Kuramathi

Kuramathi Island is the next ideal private stay destination in the Maldives for honeymoon couples. The oceanfront infinity pools and rejuvenating spa are worth to enjoy and stay. In many of the resorts here, you will find diving schools, water-sports and children’s clubs.  There are around 360 villas offering private stay with all the amenities. Furthermore, there are 12 different restaurants offering a la carte cuisine and fine dining. Kuramathi Island is certainly the best island you should stay at to create memories.

6. Maafushivaru Island

If you want to experience the refreshing sanctuary by staying private, then Maafushivaru Island is the one to check out. There are some amazing house reefs allowing snorkelling and overwater restaurants along with the infinity pool on the beachfront. Every villa here is designed with modern luxury amenities giving completely private zone experience.

7. Finolhu

If you want to enjoy private beach club experience, then Finolhu is the island you must check out. Blended with spectacular sandbank and quirky beach club style, by walking down the beach, you will find VW campers parked alongside having ‘beach bubble’ tents to give a completely private experience to couples. Then there is a classy beach cinema and picture-perfect beach shack to enjoy watching the sunset.

8. Niyama Private Islands

For honeymoon couples looking for some best private moments, Niyama is the island to stay at. There are some private resorts where you can enjoy having fun activities and Master Chef cooking classes. There are infinity pools overlooking the deep blue sea to have a peaceful stay experience.

9. Reethi Faru

If you just don’t want to chillax, but enjoy doing some action with your partner during your private honeymoon stay, then Reethi Faru is an island. Spend your days by indulging in flyboarding, kite surfing and catamaran sailing. You can even engage in yoga, badminton, volleyball and other activities to have fun. Don’t miss the Balinese-style spa.

Maldives offers some of the best islands to stay at luxury resorts and villas. However, they are expensive; it is a once in a lifetime experience which you cannot miss with your partner. To book your private stay, check out PickYourTrail where you can select a suitable package from our handcrafted Maldives honeymoon package covering the private stay of your choice and budget. This bespoke package will help you to choose activities, locations, accommodation and other aspects of the honeymoon trip.

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