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Skydiving in Dubai
Written by Muskan Jain on February 7, 2018 Share on

Quest for adventure & life: the ultimate 5 day Dubai vacation

Muskan Jain shares her tryst with life, love, adventure and more on her Dubai vacation with Pickyourtrail.

Dubai had always been on our bucket list. When we finally landed there to bright skies, my dream had become real. We were finally on our Dubai vacation. Everything was turning into reality! En route to our hotel, I remember ogling at the skyscrapers, buildings, big fancy cars and everything we passed by. It all looked so amazing. With palpable excitement, we looked forward to the days ahead.

Dubai Itinerary of 5 days

Day 1:

Desert Safari, BBQ & Belly dance

Dubai Desert Safari
Image credit –

Our first adventure started as soon as we were rested enough. We got into a jeep and rode off to desert. After deflating the tires, our jeep took off through the dunes of the Dubai desert. Sand rose all around as we sped through the desert. Everything was a blur but it was such an exciting ride. We reached a Bedouin camp next, the sky had darkened by then. We were told a 3-course meal awaited us. We were treated to a belly dance performance along with the dinner. But nothing could compare to the exhilarating ride that had brought us here.

After a long ride back to our hotel, we couldn’t wait for our heads to hit the pillow and start our next day.

Day 2:

Dubai city tour

With much excitement, we looked forward to exploring this beautiful city. Speaking for myself, I could hardly stop grinning. Here are some things that I still remember fondly:

Miracle Gardens

At Miracle Gardens
Standing next to the sundial arrangement

Located in Dubailand, the Miracle Gardens are a treat to the eyes and every other sense. We were told a 100 million blooming flowers were used to cover every available surface here. The flower arrangements here are mindblowing and will leave anyone mesmerized.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beachfront

A white sand beach in Dubai, Jumeirah is all soft sands, crowds and is always buzzing with activity – especially in the Jumeirah Beach Park area. It was a great a place to just take a walk at or sit and watch the ocean crash beside you. For those who love taking pictures, this is a great spot to take that aesthetic shot.

Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab
Image credit –

The most luxurious hotel in the world, this hotel was one of the few things that stood out for us. Its ship-inspired design caught our attention. And it even stands on an artificial island of its own. Burj al Arab is truly one of the awe-inspiring buildings of Dubai.

Dhow cruise and dinner

Aboard the dhow with my family
Aboard the dhow with my family

In the evening, we boarded a dhow to make our way down the Dubai creek. We watched city sights go by and devoured everything we saw around us – from the dark skies and the glittering sights of the Dubai city that we passed. After a sumptuous dinner of BBQ buffet, coffee and then some more, we were treated to a dance performance. Amusing and entertaining at once. What a night it was!

Day 3:

Abu Dhabi

Just a 2.5 hour drive away from Dubai is the beautiful capital of Abu Dhabi. We were excited to take a break from the glitzy lights of Dubai and explore this new place we heard so much about. What struck us first about entering Abu Dhabi was its beautiful and awe-inspiring skyline. With overreaching skyscrapers touching the clouds, it was somewhat and yet nothing like Dubai.

We began exploring the city soon and couldn’t wait to see what it had in store for us.

Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Popularly known as Sheik Zayed Mosque, it wowed us and took our breath away at first sight. Simple yet beautiful in disposition, the white of the outside was designed in thousands of engravings. It is also home to the world’s largest chandelier and carpet.

Remember that girls are required to be fully covered while wearing loose pants or atleast wear an abaya on top. I arranged to wear an abaya and loved the experience.

Ferrari World

Formula Rossa at Ferrari World
Image credit –

The world’s largest indoor theme park, the Ferrari World is a must-visit place. It provides wholesome entertainment with an array of rides to try out – from karting to driving a Ferrari and taking the racing simulator challenge.

My personal favourites were the Formula Rossa – the world’s fastest roller-coaster and Flying Aces – a wing coaster ride. They are the most thrilling, scariest and craziest amusement rides ever! All in all, it was an amazing experience.

Day 4:

Fun in Dubai

After the exhilarating time in Ferrari World, we got to experience more of it in Dubai.

Motiongate Park

Motiongate Park
At the Motiongate Themepark

Offering a variety of experiences taken from movies released by DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures and Lionsgate, this is the place to be if you are a movie buff. It offers a range of experiences from Smurfs Village to indoor rides themed around movies like How to train your Dragon, Madagascar, Shrek and Kung Fu Panda.

With Po at Motiongate Park
With the ever favourite Po from Kung Fu Panda at Motiongate

My favourite part was the Step Up Show in Hollywood Theatre – the performance was great and the dancers were amazing!

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Bollywood Park

Bollywood Park
Image credit –

Another place for the movie buffs, this park offers experiences inspired from hit Bollywood movies. Everything from cafes to props to even movie theatres borrow pieces from the Bollywood movies. It is absolutely fun!

You can get your tickets here.

Day 5:


“The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone”

And that’s how my last day began in Dubai – skydiving had captured my imagination ever since I had seen the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I had already made up my mind that I’d want to do this either at Spain, Switzerland or Dubai. From the time I booked my skydiving to the D-day, the nervousness and excitement both were increasing.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

But when the day was finally here, I was surprised I wasn’t as scared as I expected myself to be. We reached the skydive site and oh, so many people were there who were either skydiving, had skydived already and were yet to skydiving. The environment in the place put my nerves to rest.

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Skydive Dubai
At Skydive Dubai

Moreover, I had the most amazing instructor- Benjamin. He really maintained a great sense of humour through the whole experience. After few minutes of training, we left for flying. The moment the airplane took off, it actually sank into me that it was going to happen and I hadn’t backed out! This is what I remember from the jump:

Skydiving in Dubai
Taking the jump from the flight

We reached the diving altitude, started getting into gear, three more people skydived before me, and my turn came. We came to the edge of the plane, took a back push, and just jumped within seconds. after the jump, you are given a tap to open your arms and enjoy the freefall. The freefall is the best part, you are just flying, with the amazing view of The Palm, whole of Dubai with desert on one side, sea on the other and the beautiful city. Burj khalifa seemed so small. It was so beautiful, that I could just keep on flying. Can’t even explain how it all felt fully. After the free fall, Benjamin pulled open the parachute, and said, “Now, you’re a Skydiver.” The level of happiness that rushed through me after I heard those words was at the peak. I felt so proud of me!

After a while, when we landed I was asked how I felt and found myself saying one word only. “Amazing, Amazing, Amazing.” I hadn’t actually recovered all my senses yet. I was (and still am) trying to sink in what had happened.Every bit of the money spent on it was worth it.

Skydive Dubai shared this amazing video that captures the entire experience with such accuracy. I have myself watched this video countless times:

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Sure, there are a lot of shopping opportunities in here but it is the food we set our eyes on when we walked in. Dubai Mall is home to some of the most amazing restaurants. Case in point, Parker’s which is a park restaurant recreated inside a mall! The food, decor and everything about the experience were just perfect.

Once outside in the outdoor seating area, we sat overlooking the Dubai Mall arena and the Fountains.

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Burj Khalifa observation deck

Burj Khalifa by the night
Image credit –

Although we were keen on getting to Burj Khalifa in the afternoon, we were suggested we go in the night. And, boy, am I happy we went along with Pickyourtrail’s suggestion! For the Dubai skyline is even prettier by the night. We were glad we got to witness it at that time. A less than 60 second elevator ride took us up to the 124th floor. Out in the observation deck, we could barely hold in our gasps. The view was brilliant – so mesmerizing with all the city lights, and hints of the creek in the distance.

Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai Fountains
Image credit –

The quest for more nightlife adventure took us to the Dubai Fountains. With Broadway tickets arranged for us, we were able to catch the amazing dance of the fountains up close from a viewing promenade. What a grand way to end the trip. It seemed to sum up all the emotions Dubai was for us  – excitement, vibrancy and the tranquility that came with evening cruises and sunsets.

Most favourite moments from my Dubai vacation:

The Skydive. Always the skydive. And now that I’ve begun, I’m going to keep at it!

The Jumeirah Beach Residency is one area that had me in raptures. Love at first sight, you could say. It was so peaceful and so close to the beach, along with being a commercial complex. Anyone would love it here!

The variety of dates chocolates to try out here. This one is a must-eat!

I have realised, that one should keep exploring. Travelling in one thing that brings peace and enjoyment to everyone. It should be pursued religiously. Do what you have been wanting to do, who knows what the next day has in store? Make a bucket list and keep making an effort to check each thing one by one.

And we do agree with her. Got your bucketlist ready? Plan a family trip to Dubai!

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