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Shopping at Flea Markets of Rome
Written by Sruthi on May 22, 2020 Share on

Shopping at Rome

A true Jewel among European cities, Rome is known to be the centre of the Roman Empire, famous for its breathtaking architecture and magnificent buildings with loads of historical significance. The Colleseum, Pantheon, and The Trevi Fountain are some of the most visited sites in Rome. In addition to sites that speak about the city’s cultural significance in history, no visit to Rome is complete without checking out its shopping markets. Up your bargaining skills, while we tour some of the best shopping markets in Rome. 

Campo de Fiori Market

One of the oldest markets in Rome, it derives its name from the Italian language, meaning “Field of Flowers”. It was said that before the 15th century, the location had a flower meadow and thus the market got its name. The market is open every day, except Sundays. The square is packed with stalls selling groceries, meat, fresh fish, legumes, dried fruits, bakeries and even florists selling close to the fountains. The market of Campo de Fiori is a wholesome market catering to everyone’s needs right from Roman Specialities to packing a nice summer picnic lunch.

Campo de Fiori Market in Rome
Image Source: Google Images

Fun Fact – In the night the square turns in an open living room where hundreds of locals and tourists hang out. Have fun!

Fontanella Borghese Market

Also knows as Mercato delle Stampe, this is vintage lovers haven. You will find some of the best buys for old magazine editions, comics, books, paintings, sketches, engravings, and more. You can also shop for historic Italian prints and maps to adorn your walls. The vendors are friendly, knowledgeable and, happy to chat, showing off their merchandise to the clients. The entrance fee to this market is around 2 Euros.

Fontanella Borghese Market, Rome
Image Source: Google Images

Fun Fact – Some shops roll out offers on their Facebook page. Do check them out before you plan your day of shopping. 

Porta Portese Market

Open only on Sundays from 09.00 until 14.00, this is the place to buy anything under the sun. Given its open weekly once, the market is filled with folks trying to get the best out of the day. We suggest you reach the place early to start your search for the most enjoyable shopping experience. This busy market has hundreds of stalls selling clothes, fashion accessories, household goods, records, books, flowers, antiques, collectibles, bicycles and even some spare car parts. 

Antique shopping at Rome
Image Source: Pixabay

Fun Fact – If you decide to buy things, make sure you know how to haggle. And Oh! Don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes!

Mercato Monti Market

Open all days of the week, you will find some of the best secondhand items from famous Italian designers. This is rightly called the “ Designer and Vintage Fashion Market”. The designers and artists themselves showcase their works of fashion, accessories, illustrations, artworks and much more. This urban market is the right place for sophisticated buyers to explore original items. 

Designer goods at Rome
Image Source: Pixabay

Fun Fact – At this lively market, you will DJs spinning decks, thus making this market one of the hippest in Rome. 

How to reach the markets in Rome: 

With good public transportation facilities in place, all markets are well connected by buses from major points in the city. For serious shoppers, we would recommend hiring a taxi for the return, though a little expensive, this will help you travel back comfortably with the multitude of shopping bags. 

Tips and tricks 

  • Carry your own shopping bags.
  • To reach early, hire a taxi while going, so you don’t end up wasting time figuring out bus routes. 
  • If you know local people, tag them along. They know their way around these markets and also are handy when it comes to bargaining like a boss! 

So, are you ready for your shopping experience in Rome? We can plan an amazing vacation and Rome holiday packages around it as well. With a touch of history, a sip of wine and a shopping bag, your vacation to Rome will be one to remember. Don’t forget to get in touch with our experts at Pickyourtrail to craft an amazing trail. You can also get shopping ideas from these folks! 

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