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Robinsons Place-Manila mall
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Best places to shop in the Philippines

Existing as a quiet group of Islands in Southeast Asia the Philippines is the perfect getaway for any type of vacation. If you love beach hopping, breathe adventure and enjoy being one with nature, the Philippines is the place to be. The Philippines is regarded as the largest exporter of coconuts to the world and also home to one among the five most active volcanoes in the world. Be it, honeymooners, be it a family of 4 or a group of friends the Philippines caters to the tastes of everyone alike. No vacation or no destination for that matter would be complete without exploring the various shopping options. The Philippines is no exception. Read on to find out more about some of the best places to shop in the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

Boracay Island

Boracay Island is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the entire world. apart from the Pristine Beaches of the Boracay island there are some stunning shopping options that you can choose from. Some of the major shopping hotspots include the City mall, D Mall, and the D’Talipapa market from where you can fill your shopping carts up to the brim. The City mall was the first commercial centre in Boracay which is completely air-conditioned and convenient to shop for fashion items, food items, groceries, and Pharmaceutical items. The D’Talipapa market is a famous seafood outlet and you will also be able to visit a number of restaurants around in this market which serves some authentic Filipino seafood. There is a wide range of hawkers at the Boracay island from whom you can purchase a variety of goods including souvenirs which you can take back home after your vacation.

Shopping in D'Talipapa market
Image source: Google Images

Cebu city

Cebu offers some of the best shopping options in the whole island of the Philippines. Some of the major shopping outlets at Cebu include the Ayala Centre, the Carbon Market, and the Robinsons Galleria. You can look forward to some high-end shopping while at these outlets with branded clothes, house decor, convenience stores, and so on, all in one place. A number of food stalls and restaurants exist in the surrounding area which you can visit after you are done with your shopping spree. There is also a movie theatre in Robinsons Galleria where you can catch a movie after a tired day of shopping.

Shopping mall in Cebu
Image source: Google Images

Bohol Island

Home to the beautiful Chocolate Hills and amazing zip lining options, the Bohol province of the Philippines will surprise you with the kinds of shopping options it has to offer you. Bohol is known for its weavers and the market of Antequera is regarded as the Basket capital of Bohol. You can look forward to some authentic baskets shopping directly from the farms while in Bohol apart from various boutiques and fashionwear outlets. The province has been developing in terms of setting up newer and better shopping complexes over the years which have been offering a plethora of options to choose from for every tourist. Restaurants and Book Stores are also common in the shopping points of Bohol. So, make sure you carry some extra shopping bags with you to take home some of the best Bohol goodies.

Manila City

We cannot leave out the capital city of the Philippines can we? Manila has a wide range of shopping options to choose from including some bamboo products, Philippines pearls, silk, coffee beans, and so on. In terms of high end and branded shopping, Manila is not far behind since you will also find popular brand outlets while in Manila. Some of the shopping malls or outlets include the 168 Shopping Mall and the Green Hills Shopping Centre to mention a few. Manila as a shopping destination is a place where you have to showcase your bargaining skills and buy all of your articles at a nominal price. By portraying this quality, you will definitely not be compromising on quality, and neither will you burn a hole in your pocket!

Angeles City

The Angeles City has a number of shopping malls to its credit where you can expect the typical shopping mall kind of experience. From fashion wear to branded shopping, you can expect the same kind of shopping experience that you would see in other parts of the world. But what makes Angeles city stand out is the fact that it has a number of duty-free shops and food markets. If you are willing to make purchases in US dollars, the duty-free shops are your calling and if you are a foodie by heart the food market of Angeles city is sure to take up a majority of your time. Indulging in your favourite kind of shopping experience is probably the best way to end your memorable vacation in the Philippines.

Shopping mall in Angeles City
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Mactan Island

As far as shopping options are concerned you can look forward to a very unique experience in the Mactan Island. The island is home to the Alegre Guitar Factory and as the Philippines is a country that is renowned for its music you will get a useful insight into the production of handmade guitars and also a variety of other musical instruments. These instruments at the guitar factory are also up for sale. Gaisano Grand Mall in Mactan Island is another option. It is the largest mall on the island and here you can expect a typical shopping mall experience with the floors of the mall lined with supermarkets, different stores, and a food court. This mall especially is known to attract a large number of visitors. So if you are planning a visit to the Philippines the Gaisano Grand Mall is a must-visit.

Alegre Guitar Factory in Mactan Island
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Be it baskets, weaved articles, antiques, jewellery or fashion wear, the Philippines list of shopping hotspots is endless. Do not forget to take home some authentic souvenirs from the various souvenir shops located not only in the City Centre but also beside the various attractions in the Philippines. The variety of souvenir items that you might come across will leave you surprised and you can take something back home other than a fridge magnet!

Well, your shopping cravings must already be at its peak right? Go ahead, and plan your vacation to the Philippines with Pickyourtrail today. From on- trip support to customising your itineraries, you can look forward to the best Philippines travel package. Start planning and Happy shopping!

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