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A set of pineapples at Mauritian streets
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5 Must Try Street Foods In Mauritius To Get Your Taste Buds Tickled

Mauritius is a beautiful island country and one of the most popular destinations in the world. Whether it is its famous sandy beaches or the adventures or the delicious street food, it just amazes you with everything. Talking about the delicious food, one should not forget that Mauritius serves you with the best at its every nook and corner. It is also said that The Central Market and Le Caudan Waterfront are perfect if you want to try Port Louis street food during your time in Mauritius. Right from Dhal puri, Pineapples, Samosa, sugarcane juice and plenty of others to experience the best of street foods.

One of the streets at Mauritius
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Best of Mauritius street food

The streets of Mauritius are the best place for all the mouth-watering dishes at the cheapest. Here is a list of street foods that you can try and the spots they are famous at:

  • Octopus curry – Chez Rosy
  • Cantonese and seafood – Downtown Port Louis
  • Cape Malay drink Falooda – Port Louis food market

Still curious to know what else to try?

1. Dholl Puri

Dholl Puri is first on the list for a reason. You may find this at almost every shops on the street. Rose Hill is said to be the best serving spot for Dholl Puri. It is basically a thin bread with ground yellow split peas stuffed inside. In addition, the chefs at the streets serve you with Atchar and chutney to add more taste to it. Moreover, people even call it the national food of Mauritius if it had one.

2. Gateau Piment

Popularly called as the chilli cakes, Gateau Piment is a deep-fried dough ball which is crispy outside and fluffy inside. It is also served as side dish most of the times. Never missing trying this out while making to Mauritius.

3. Roti Chaud

Chaud translates to warm thus the name itself explain that it’s a warm roti. It is either stuffed with the famous Mauritian bean curries, chutney or pickles. However, you can spot this dish at almost every food shop you visit.

4. Boulettes

One of the snacks that every Mauritian could cook. It is a preparation if two bread slices stuffed with various ingredients like Shrimps, pork, chicken and spics to complete it. Having served with a bowl of soup, this stands as a must-try dish at Mauritius.

Boulettes, one of the street foods in Mauritius
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5. Gajak

Gajak is basically the deep-fried snacks. They include Samosa, gateau patat, manioc goujons and a few more. They taste good but the best when served with chutneys and pickles.

How to Reach

The dishes can be easily found on the local markets like Port Louis Central Market, Rose Hill Market and Flacq Market. However, finding these dishes wouldn’t be difficult for you even if you are visiting the country for the first time.


It is recommended visiting in the standard operating hours from 10 AM to 7 PM, though some shops stay open even after that.

Tips to make note of

  • Be kind to everyone from the locals to the people serving you food.
  • Mauritius is known for its spicy food. Better to have some bread and plain rice if the food is too spicy.
  • Learn some local phrases to be used to the seller to let them know how you want it. For example, ‘Pah for’ for ‘No chilli’.

The street food at Mauritius will surely make your trip worth it with its diverse food culture. You can never resist tasting this food again and again if you once taste it. Want to try some? We have made it easy for you. Just check out our Mauritius package holidays on Pickyourtrail website and customise it the way you want it to be.

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