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Swear by Retail Therapy? Bali is the place to be!

The “Island of the Gods” also called Bali exists as a quiet little spot in Indonesia and makes for a perfect honeymoon or family destination at almost any time of the year. With a perfect balance of nature, culture, and nightlife, Bali should surely be a part of your bucket list. When you think of any destination, one of the instant thoughts is about what you can fill up your shopping carts with. If you swear by shopping, Bali is the place to be. From trendy fashion to local handicrafts, Bali has it all for you as a one-stop-shop. Some of the most famous shopping hotspots can be found in the vibrant cities of Kuta and Seminyak and also at nature’s own land, Ubud. Read on to find out more about what the shopping hubs of Bali have to offer.


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For the Fashion buffs

If you are a lover of high-end shopping and worship Vogue or Cosmopolitan, Seminyak has some high-end shops for you flaunting some of the well-known brands like Gucci and adorn the Boho chick look. Don’t fret about the prices, shopping in Bali will never burn a hole in your pocket. From designer clothes to casual dresses, cardigans to Balinese shawls, you are sure to beat some of the best fashion icons in the Industry. Just step into a shopping mall at Bali or indulge in some street-side shopping and walk home with your bags filled to the brim.

For the Caffeine Addicts

A cup of coffee is the ideal start to the day for most of us. You would be surprised to know that Bali is known for its aromatic coffee. Authentically known as the Balinese coffee, you can get it freshly brewed from any of the coffee plantations in the Kintamani area of nature’s own abode, Ubud. From Luwak coffee or other kinds of herbal coffee, all of them are available at local grocery stores for a much cheaper rate than what you might find in the online shopping sites.

Balinese coffee
Image source: Google Images

For the Beach lovers

Who doesn’t love to spend a laid back day at the beach basking under the sun while also indulging in some adrenaline-filled water sports? With the island of Bali being a beach hotspot, you will definitely be requiring some beachwear or surfwear to stay comfortable. Bali has a range of different stores that offer swimwear for both men and women. From surfboards to goggles and beach shorts to bikinis, it’s all available at reasonable prices and different sizes in any of the stores close to the beach destinations of Kuta and Seminyak.

For the Vintage fans

If you’re old school or love the authentic handmade articles than the readymade products, you would be thrilled to know that Bali has some amazing Handicrafts and Vintage shops to choose from and fulfill your desire to go on a Vintage Shopping Spree. If you love terracotta art or handmade furniture from the olden times, its all available for you at one of the best markets, the Ubud Art Market. After all, what’s better than visiting an authentic market and procuring a souvenir or two made by the locals themselves? That is surely something that will result in some cherished reminiscence and an add on to your box of memories.

Handicraft shop at Bali
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For Perfume and Skincare Enthusiasts

Ever heard of the Balinese massage? While it is certainly a must-do to unwind after a tiresome vacation, have you wondered about what secret ingredients the masseuses at the spas use to make you feel rejuvenated after the session? The answer is quite simple. Authentic herbs and special flowers from the fields of Bali is what goes into the secret mixture of the body oils. These oils are available in most major shopping markets across Bali and can be bought at a really reasonable price. Perfumes as well, make really good gifts that you can buy to take for the people back at home.

For the Jewellery Junkies

Do you love admiring those gold and silver jewellery ads on the television? Well, you can now own those ornaments and be rest assured that whatever you’re buying is of quality since Bali is very well-known for its gold and silversmiths. Quality assurance can be given to you in writing because in certain places like the John Hardy Workshop you can virtually see the goldsmiths or silversmiths making your jewellery for you. Bali, in fact, is known to be the home for some of the world’s finest gold and silversmiths.

Jewellery at Ubud Art Market
Image source: Pixabay

For Souvenir Specialists

Are you one of those family members who is known to bring home special souvenirs for everyone you care about? Well, Bali ain’t going to disappoint you if you are a Souvenir Specialist. Bali being a coffee hub makes the traditional Luwak Coffee a great souvenir. You may also choose from a range of handmade articles like toys, jewellery and bags or perfumes to take back as souvenir presents. You name it, and Bali has it all. So make the best buy at any of the local shops and you will not be disappointed. After all, nobody would always be interested in another fridge magnet right?

Traditional souvenir shop in Bali
Image source: Google Images

Spoilt for choice, aren’t you? From ceramics to dreamcatchers and clothing to coffee, Bali takes pride in promoting the sale of all these articles which are indigenous to the local artisans who work day and night to keep their culture alive. But where can you go shopping for all these items? The following are some of the best shopping hotspots where you can purchase the true Bali essence.

For the fashion crazy and jewellery junkies, the Kuta Beachwalk and the Celuk Village market are sure to keep you on your toes for an entire day of shopping if not more. Make sure you also do some beachwear shopping while at Kuta or Seminyak. For the old school handicrafts or vintage lovers, the Ubud Art Market and the Handicrafts village close to Tegallalang rice terraces offer some of the best artifacts and articles prepared by the local artisans. The best part of all of this is that it is all at really reasonable prices.

Looks like one day is not enough to cover all these shopping hubs in the typical one day for shopping itineraries that you might come across! Speaking of itineraries, have you planned your Bali travel package yet? If not, don’t worry we at Pickyourtrail cannot wait to help you in crafting the best possible Bali vacation for you. If you want more days for shopping we can curate your itinerary for that as well! Log onto for further details. Until then, start planning and happy travelling!


Bali Tour Package Starting @ ₹16,690

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