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taksim square in the night
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Taksim square, the heart of Modern Istanbul

Taksim Square in Istanbul is one of the favourite and most visited places in Turkey. Located at the northeastern end of Istanbul, the city is known for its past. In Spite of its significant history, it is also known for its modernization. Undoubtedly, Taksim square is also the major hub of Istanbul. One can never get bored in Taksim square. Spending a lazy evening strolling around the streets of Taksim and visiting the monuments of the yesteryears, can be the best pass time indeed.

Any visit to Istanbul is not complete if you don’t visit the Taksim square. In addition to strolling around and enjoying the monuments, you can treat your tongue with the real Turkish cuisine. Wanna know more about this place? Read on…


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History of Taksim Square

The city was laid out in the late 1800s, by the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud I. Taksim means division or distribution, because water from the Northern side of Istanbul is collected and distributed to the rest of parts in the country. The water resources were evenly distributed via transmission lines that were built across. The Taksim square has many historical stories to tell, there are several monuments depicting the significant events that took place.

Taksim square monument
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Why Taksim square is a must-visit?

Taksim is also the busiest part of Istanbul, with many hotels, restaurants, art galleries. For art enthusiasts, this is simply the best place to be, as you can enjoy the artefacts in the area and time travel to Istanbul’s past. You can also relish Turkish cuisine at the restaurants. Every nook and corner of the street will offer your entertainment. There will be street artists performing mellifluous music. All this makes Taksim square a must-visit when you are in Istanbul

Things to do in the Taksim Square

Strolling around the Taksim square, relishing the Turkish cuisine at the restaurants as you cross them, appreciating the lively atmosphere is simply the best thing to do around. Still, here is the best of all that you can do

Start from famous Istiklal Street

Istiklal avenue or popularly called as the Istiklal street is the best beginning when you want to visit Taksim square. This is the most happening place lined with famous restaurants and world-famous attractions. You can stop by the Madame Tussauds wax museum and take few selfies with world leaders, cine stars, pop singers, and other celebrities. At the entrance of the street, you will find the St. Anthony of Padua church which dates back to the 1800s. You can visit the Pera Museum and observe the artefacts exhibited.

a busy afternoon in the Taksim square
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Take a Metro Ride

Yes, when you are at the Taksim square, try hopping in a metro train and explore the city. You can start your journey at the Tunel Square metro station. If you don’t want to take the Metro, hop into a tram. On your way back you can choose to take the metro route or ride back in the red streetcar also.

the oldest tram system in Taksim
Image Source: Google Images

Head to the local cultural centre

Tired of walking around or in the mood for some local theatre or music show? Head to the AKM cultural centre and enjoy watching the local performing arts, theatre, and music. You can also enjoy light and sound shows later in the night. There is also a dance theatre called the Hodjapasha dance theatre that will entertain you with exciting belly dances. 

Shop some Turkish Souvenirs

Here comes the best part of the Taksim square visit. You can head straight to the Grand Bazaar, to shop till you feel tired. Grad the Turkish souvenirs like handcrafted rugs, dried fruits, jewellery, and much more. You can even spend a whole day, window shopping here. I hear you, yes, If you feel hungry on the way, you can multitude of options to try out.

From hamburger with tomato sauce or yummy beef sandwich, there are many fast-food outlets, street-side eateries, multi-cuisine restaurants to satiate your hunger.

Taksim square will keep you entertained from morning to evening. You can spend a whole day here strolling around and tasting the Turkish delicacies. Just live in a typical Turkish atmosphere and take a lot of pictures. Curious already, Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your Turkish holiday. Our Travel consultants are just a ping away, to answer all of your queries related to your Istanbul tour package from India.


Istanbul Tour Package @ ₹27,217*

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