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The guide to Hong Kong food and culture

Hong Kong is about Disneyland, glitz and shopping, yes! There’s more to shopping, sight-seeing and, of course, the grand Disneyland experience. Hong Kong is that perfect destination for the foodie as well as the art buffs. One keeps you alive, the other keeps your soul live – it is no surprise then, that street food and street art go hand in hand. Here’s what you you must try – explore Hong Kong food and culture. Start right here to plan your trip once you are inspired enough!

Hollywood Building, Upper Station Street

Geometric fox on Hollywood street
Image credit – homejournal

Spot this geometric fox adorning an apartment building dating to the 60s.

Artist: Rukkit

Eat: Step into the hip Nosh cafe down the street and tuck into some piping coffee.

Tank Lane stairway, near Square Street

Tank lane street art

Tank lane stairway art

Even your descent down these steps from Hollywood street to Square street will be eventful, thanks to the mural work brightening up the walls for you.

Artist: Hopare, Tristan Eaton, Gas, Xeva

Eat: Head to Ying’s Gallery to marvel at some Chinese antiques while sipping into a cuppa of well-made tea.

La Cabane Wine Cellar, Shin Hing Street

La Cabane wine cellar art
Image credit – myartguides

This wine cellar’s stairway and walls are covered in paintings of an owl and two dragons – one resembling a cartoon from video games.

Artists: Pejac, Invader

Eat: Pair your favourite wine and cheese right at La Cabane!

180 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po

Graffiti rainbow bear
Image credit – scmp

Titled Rainbow Thief, this huge three dimensional graffiti of a bear has transformed the face of a worn-down building.

Artisit: Okuda

Eat: Further down the street, La Sausalito welcomes you with open arms to the aroma of its all-day breakfast joint. Stock up on cakes, coffees and more.

Mong Kok Graffiti Wall of Fame

Mong Kok Wall of Fame
Image credit – iotilverdensende

Call it the haven of street art, if you may. This alleyway by the Argyle street is home to the most diverse variety of street art – from work by world-renowned talent to the lesser known street artists.

Artists: Various

Eat: Order a bite and cola from Mos Burger for the move and host your own art exhibition at Mong Kok.

Victoria Harbour

Street art by Victoria Harbour
Image credit – inhabitat

What makes a walk by the Victoria Harbour more interesting? Why, of course, when there is art for you to ogle at. Featuring some of the best, some of the worst – the street art of Hong Kong.

Artists: Various

Eat: When the soul is full and the stomach is empty, feed your famished self/ves at the panoramic terrace dining at Isola restaurant.

Sounds attractive? Did we show another side of Hong Kong that you would like to explore? Start right here. We have an itinerary for you to start with, play around with it to get that dream Hong Kong vacation. Happy planning!

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