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Written by Akshaya Manoharan on March 28, 2023 Share on

Hong Kong Tops the Chart as the Most Expensive Asian City for Business Travel

Hong Kong has been named the most expensive city for business travel in Asia. The city, known for its towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, and vibrant culture, has always been a hub for international business. However, it has now earned the top spot on the list of the costliest cities in Asia for business travel.

The major factor contributing to Hong Kong’s high cost of living is the exorbitant cost of accommodation. With the average cost of a hotel room being around $234 per night, travellers can find it challenging to stay within their budget. According to reports, the cost of serviced apartments in Hong Kong is almost twice that of other cities in Asia, making it challenging for businesses to find suitable accommodation for their employees.

Another significant expense for business travellers in Hong Kong is dining out. From Michelin-starred restaurants to street food stalls, Hong Kong has an extensive range of food options. However, these options come at a price. Business travellers can expect to pay around $30 for a decent meal at a mid-range restaurant, while fine dining can cost anywhere from $80 to $150 per person.

Hong Kong is known for its efficient and convenient public transportation system. However, traveling around the city can still be expensive, especially if you opt for taxis or ride-sharing services like Uber. A one-way ticket on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) costs around $1.5, while a taxi ride can cost up to $50 for a short distance.

Hong Kong may be an exciting and dynamic city for business travellers, but it comes with a hefty price tag. With its high accommodation costs, expensive dining options, and costly transportation, it is essential to budget and plan your trip wisely. However, the city’s vibrant culture and thriving business environment make it worth the cost for many professionals in the industry.

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