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10 Things to Do in Bentota, Sri Lanka

Being a laid back coastal town crowning the south coast of Sri Lanka, Bentota embodies the exquisites of nature. Fishermen, the good old cultured cinnamon trade and pristine beaches give an edge to this place. Also, dazzling marine life, the beach donning coconut palm trees swaying to the breeze will scintillate you like never before. A spectacular rural Sri Lankan experience awaits you in the town of Bentota. Bentota never forgets to amaze one visiting it. Read on further for the list of top things to do in Bentota.


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10 Top Things to Do in Bentota

  • Water Sports
  • White Water Rafting in Kitulgala
  • Visit the Brief Garden
  • Madu Ganga River Safari
  • Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Project
  • Lunuganga
  • Go Diving
  • Visit Cinnamon Island
  • Moragalla
  • Galapata Vihara

1. Water Sports

Jet skiing at Bentota
Credits: Google Images

Windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, banana ride, jet-skiing, tube rides, sea diving, snorkelling and surfing. Yes, the list goes on. The instructors safely guide you through your stint with the waves. Tourists make up for the majority of the people one will see here anytime. Top notch facilities are offered to the tourists and local visitors as they take up the various sports.

2. White Water Rafting in Kitulgala

A plunge into white water rafting in Kitugala is one of the top things to do in Bentota. This place is located 90 kilometres away from Colombo on the banks of the Kelani River and offers an adventurous experience for beginners and intermediate rafters. April to November is the best time to opt for this activity.

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3. Visit the Brief Garden

Brief Garden
Credits: Google Images

The marvel of Brief Garden was designed by, a well-known Sri Lankan artist Bevis Bawa, the brother of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. The legendary garden of Bevis Bawa has played host to Agatha Christie, Vivien Leigh, Sir Lawrence Olivier and many more. A statue capped gateway set in the thick bamboo hedge lets you enter Bevis’s universe. Spanning over five acres, the Brief Garden includes a profusion of tropical trees, antique sculptures and artistic structures. The jungly perimeter path leads you through the Japanese garden, across the lawns and surrounded by the round pond and the water steps. Everywhere in the garden, the creator’s essence of imagination blows one’s mind.

4. Madu Ganga River Safari

Madu Ganga River
Credits: Google Images

Who wouldn’t have dreamt about cruising through the mangroves and exploring the magnificent flora and fauna, the magnificent creations of nature dwelling in unison?

The close go experience with nature is one of the best things to do in Bentota for nature lovers. With over a hundred bird species, this place is a bird lovers’ paradise. Rich condensation of wildlife and plant life thrives within these shady mangrove colonies. Comprehensive boat rides and tours with proper safety guidelines and trained personnel will let one explore the intense depths with ease and comfort.

5. Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Project

Kosgoda Turtle Conservation
Credits: Google Images

Turtles, the slowest of all? Let them be. They can travel across seas. Do you know?  The people of Sri Lanka came up with Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Project. The majestic creatures untouched in their natural habitat will be a bliss to watch. Yes, you may even witness them laying eggs. These species served as a travel guide for the Tamilians to cross seas. Incredible by the SLOWEST animal. Isn’t it? This makes a visit to Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Project one of the top things to do in Bentota.

A holy place of worship dating back to the 17th century, the Kande Viharaya is a great place to take in the cultural identity of the place. A number of ancient sculptures, statues and colourful frescoes dating back to the Kandyan era (15th-19th century) are the main highlights of this place. It is a pioneer centre for Buddhist education in Sri Lanka.

6. Lunuganga

Credits: Google Images

A two and a half-hour drive from the International Airport and you reach one of the most exquisite architectural marvels. Accessibility is not much of an issue here as it’s just a one and half drive from the country’s capital. Exploring the renowned architecture of  Geoffrey Bawa, daintily designed with an array of rare flora, Bawa architecture theory today is known as “tropical modernism”, one of the magnificent examples is Lunuganga. Set in the wet tropical zone, this place is warm throughout the year.

7. Go Diving

Diving spot at Bentota
Credits: Google Images

Being on the lap of the mighty Indian Ocean, the Bentota beach is a popular diving spot and is diving here is considered to be one of the best things to do in Bentota. The placid surroundings let one relax and feel close to nature. The South Reef, Canoe Rock, Hundirangala have vibrant corals and schools of fish circling around. The porcupine fish and the LionFish make up the most interesting attractions here. Palm trees covering the fringes of the beach add up to the beauty. The pristine golden sand and cosy breeze will take your breath away as you feel the vibe of the mighty Indian Ocean. A good place for the newbie to the sport is Sunshine Diving spot.

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8. Visit Cinnamon Island

Cinnamon Island
Credits: Google Images

Located near Bentota, Cinnamon Island is a tourist attraction worth spending time on. A century-old cinnamon plantation crowns the islands. A detailed ride through the entire process of Cinnamon processing is what awaits you. Trained personnel would guide you through every tiny detail regarding the culture and history of ancient trade. Being run by a single family for generations, the organization has always left people in awe. Make sure you to visit this place.

9. Moragalla

Moragalla beach
Credits: Google Images

Who wouldn’t love turquoise water, a perfect place for water sports, windsurfing, snorkelling and diving? Located on the south of Beruwala, this beach is not overstuffed with people. Want to revive yourself after a long travel? This is the place. It has clear blue waters and you will see over twenty varieties of mangrove trees fencing the beach. It serves as the perfect destination for boat trips into the ocean, one of the top things to do in Bentota.

10. Galapata Vihara

Buddha Statue
Credits: Google Images

This ancient place has beautiful temples which were constructed in the twelfth century. The best part about the place is the underground tunnels which are beautifully connected to various temples within the radius. The Buddha statue is the most eye-catching which is about thirty- meters high, making this a great place to visit for history lovers.

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