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Things to do in Agadir
Written by Shanmugam on August 22, 2020 Share on

Things to do in Agadir during your next vacation in Morocco

Located on the Atlantic Ocean on Morocco’s southern coast, Agadir is a port and seashore city in Morocco. It is one of the most astounding cities to visit. Agadir in Morocco is certainly a perfect place to spend your time with loved ones and families. The city boasts for interminable promenade and persistent line of lodgings and eateries. Apart from mesmerizing stay options and cosy restaurants, it is also well known for its long sandy beaches. Moreover, there are several mountains and viewpoint to explore in Agadir. It is the most present-day of the nation’s urban cities, yet at the same time holds a feeling of its past. The remnants of Agadir’s old fortress (Oufella) portrays the cities culture and history. There are so many such things to see and do in Agadir. Scroll down to see list the of best things to see and do in Agadir.

List of things to do in Agadir

  1. Relax at Agadir Beach
  2. Trek To The Kasbah
  3. Paradise Valley
  4. Explore the Agadir City
  5. Take A Trip To The Souss Massa National Park
  6. Picnic In The Vallée des Oiseaux
  7. Souk El Had

1.Relax at Agadir Beach

Agadir has one of the most beautiful stretches of seashores. All these beaches in Agadir are blessed with Atlantic winds all year round. Agadir’s beaches allure a lot of families plus honeymoon travellers. Because of the good maintenance and lifeguards support, people love visiting Agadir beaches always. The beach is 5kms long making it perfect for couple’s to have a scenic walk on the seashores. Moreover, you can see many surfing enthusiasts surfing the tall waves. It is very much safe for kids to do swimming along with their parents at this beach. To the north end, you can see fishermen selling fishes on the commercial ports. To get best swimming experience, head straight to the south.

Things To Do In Agadir
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

2.Trek To The Kasbah

Rested atop a cliff, the ruins of Agadir’s citadel or kasbah is one of the oldest attraction in Agadir. Built-in 1541, it is one of the top things to do in Agadir, Morocco. People love visiting the place for two main factors: The walking tour and secondly to see the impressive architecture of medieval Arabia. Moreover, the view that you get from this place will make you leave agape in amazement. It offers a spectacular view of the entire Agadir city. It is highly recommended to visit after sunset. The place lits up in light after sunset. One of the most scenic and romantic things to do in Agadir, Morocco Though most of the structures got destroyed in the violent earthquake in 1960, still, the ruins are left.

Things To Do In Agadir

3.Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is one of the most secluded attraction in Agadir, Morocco. Located 20 kilometres north-east of Agadir, Paradise Valley boast for a tranquil zigzags River Tamraght. This river flows through a layered rocky canyon as deep as 180 metres. This river in Paradise valley reflects with an extraordinary shade of light grass green, enclosed by huge rock trails. During summer months, people love taking a dip at this tranquil and relaxing river. The valley has palms and orange trees and also there’s a small gazebo to rest. Moreover, it features restaurants and cafe serving freshly squeezed orange juice next to the pool. It is one of the best ways to spend your summer vacation in Agadir, Morocco.

Paradise Valley
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

4.Explore the Agadir City

To explore the Agadir in a better way, you can always opt for a city tour. You can very well check Picyourtrail’s city tour option that covers almost all the top attractions such as a visit to the Marina, the Oufella and Souk El Had, as well some offbeat spots, like the Mohammed V Mosque, the Bethel Synagogue and the Catholic Church of Sainte-Anne, wrapped in a little garden overflowing with bougainvillaea. End your city tour by stopping at argan oil cooperative owned entirely by women. Agadir city tour experience will always stick in your travel memory for sure.

5. Explore the Souss Massa National Park

Opened in 1991, Souss Massa is located south of Agadir, Morocco. The park stretches up to 33,000 hectares of wetlands and rippled Sahara-like sand dunes. Souss Massa National Park major attraction or highlight is the Oued Massa River. In this river, you can spot numerous fascinating birds come here to rest and breed. Visting Souss Massa is one of the top things to do in Agadir. You can explore and stroll the park by getting assistance from the guide.

6.Picnic In The Vallée des Oiseaux

The Vallée des Oiseaux is one of the best family-friendly parks in Agadir. This park in Agadir is open to all and doesn’t have any entry fee. It is a great place to do one day picnic with your family. The park has kids friendly playground. Moreover, you can see birds like parrots, flamingos and animals like deer and even kangaroos. You can also plan your evening and go on a relaxed walk with your loved ones. After a walk, you can head to some scenic cafes and restaurants that are outside the park.

7.Souk El Had

Agadir’s market space covers 13 hectares of land and employing 10,000 people at this market. It is one of the biggest market space in Morocco. Though it was built in 1960, it has seen considerable modern architectural changes. Souk El Had is open from Tuesday to Sunday. It is one of the best markets to purchase products like olives, spices, honey, dates, fabrics, leather goods, furniture, items carved from cedar, clay tagines, Moroccan teapots, argan oil and more than we could ever list here.

Souk El Had
Photo by Adam Śmigielski on Unsplash

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These list of things to do in Agadir, Morocco will certainly blow your mind with its beauty. All these top things in Agadir are worth doing with your family and loved ones. Book your North Africa holiday package through Pickyourtrail to enjoy a hassle-free vacation. What are you waiting for? Quickly chat with our destination expert though Whatsapp query and book your Australia vacation. Additionally, you can also refer to the guides page and also download the Pickyourtrail app from Play Store or IOS.

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