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Best things to do in Chester
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Things to Do in Chester (Cheshire, England)

Chester was founded in AD 70 on the edge of the Wales boundaries as Deva Victrix Roman castle. Explorations in the amphitheatre indicate that, if the conquest of Ireland had been carried out, Deva was pledged to become the British capital in the 3rd century. The city walls have wide ashlar block shades from Deva ‘s old walls. Let’s take a look at the best things to do in Chester.

They are surrounded by ancient walls and reveal stories from Chester ‘s capture after the civil war in England. The Rows are visible on the Roman streets of the Chester. They are ancient timber buildings with upscale galleries which can be found nowhere else in the world. Without citing the zoo, you can’t talk about Chester. It is one of the world’s best and also one of the very first human cages to be used.

Top 10 things to do in Chester

  • The City Walls
  • Chester Zoo
  • Chester Rows
  • The Cathedral
  • The Groves
  • Eastgate and Eastgate Clock
  • Grosvenor Park
  • St John the Baptist’s Church
  • Grosvenor Museum
  • Roman Amphitheatre

1. The City Walls

Chester walls
Source: Google Images

The fact that most of these defences follow a certain course as when they were protecting the Roman fort at the Deva. They can stop you along the three-kilometre walk over Chester ‘s wall. When Chester was reconstructed in the 10th century, it was only the southeast defences that were changed to enter the Dee River. Taking a nice stroll along the walls would be one of the relaxing things to do in Chester.

The promenade leads through the historic landscape of Chester. It is an excellent way to admire. Mount Morgan, on the north side of the river, was built in 1645 during the British Civil War. It was built as an observation post and weapons site. It is worth seeing the walls on the ground floor, where the oldest Roman ashlar blocks can be identified. Also, spolia piece can be identified (a Roman stone used again in Medieval times).

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2. Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo
Source: Google Images

Chester Zoo is a giant one of the finest zoos not only in the United Kingdom but in the world. More than 20,000 animals live on more than 125 acres. The founder George Motterhead planned to create a bar-free zoo. Which called for the containment of animals through natural barriers such as tombs and moats. While you are on a vacation to the UK with your family, this is one of the ideal things to do in Chester. A new multimillion livestock ecosystem occurs every couple of years, the newest being “Chaster Zoo Islands” from 2018.

Sumatran tigers, cassowaries, Visayan wary powders, Malayan tapirs, tentacular snakes and several other species from the area are evident in this region. .The other places you want to explore are massive but you have to spend time on the Bornean Orangutans, bears of the Cloud Forest, the Monkey Islands, the Tsavo Black Rhino Reserve and the Kingdom of the Red Ape.

3. Chester Rows

Chester rows
Source: Google Images

The Rows are a collection of wood-framed galleries on the historical centre of Chester. You can find these along Watergate Lane, Northgate Lane, Eastgate Street, and Bridge Street. These covered sidewalks have no equivalent anywhere else in the world. They are located above the street level, leading you past the third line of shops. The first reference of the Chester Rows dates back to 1293, after a city-wide fire two decades earlier.

And this is expected that the number of shopping facilities in the middle of the city has risen. The basement beneath the gallery is the Three Old Arches (48 Bridge Street). Which is considered to be the oldest storefront in England in 1274. And also home to 20 stonemasons dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries.

4. Chester Cathedral

The cathedral was built from the 11th to the 16th centuries for nearly 500 years. The Cathedral of Chester has residues from Norman Romanesque to Perpendicular Gothic of every old English style of architecture. The northern transept is the oldest component of the cathedral. In fact, the tower to the NorthWest also originated in the 11th century. Visiting this cathedral is one of the top things to do in Chester.

Here is a beautiful baptismal font, made of black marble and dated from 1697. The chorus had been sculpted around 1380 because of the dramatic Gothic stalls. They have high pointed canopies adorned with small spires and hooks and 48 misericords with a variety of unusual characters. In fact, the Lady Chapel in the 13th century has a stone rib vault in the Early English Gothic style.

5. The Groves

The Groves is a charming promenade along the river on the north banks of the Dee from the west underneath the walls of the town at Lower Bridge Street to Grosvenor Park. Walking through the lime trees, past Georgian homes, cafes, iron gas lamps and no lack of benches to rest and see the swans, the sight of the mansions of the Queen’s Park district on the South Bank would be magnificent. Also, a few meters east of the nice Edwardian bandstand is the Queen’s Park Suspension Bridge, one of the most photogenic locations. This is one of the charming things to do in Chester.

6. Eastgate and Eastgate Clock

The eastern door is the main entrance to the Roman fortress of Deva, the most famous monument of Chester. As you can now see, the gate is surrounded by a sandstone arch from 1768. The architect John Douglas of Cheshire designed a magnificent clock, backed by open-world iron pylons flaked with gold, to mark the Diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897.

In addition to this, both four sides of the clock are facing an ogee cupola lined in copper.J.B. supported the clock mechanism. Joyce of Whitchurch was to be wound by hand once a week until 1974. Additionally, the initials of Queen “VR” (Victoria Regina) are above the face of each side.

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7. Grosvenor Park

This Victorian genteel park occupies 20 acres of land given to the Chester by Richard Grosvenor, the 2nd Marquis of Westminster, on the northern side of the dee. Edward Kemp drafted Grosvenor Park and is known to be one of the most excellent parks in the country since that year.

Kemp ‘s plan incorporates structured lawns, flowerbeds and walks, along with picturesque features such as a stone arch separated from the church of St Michael, and Jacob’s well-beverages are listed in Grade II. The architecture of the church.

The mini-railway is from 1996 and runs every day during school holidays, both on weekends and Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons. There is also a young people’s recreation zone, the lodge cafe and one of Britain ‘s leading open-air theatres, with performances taking place from the beginning of July to the end of August.

8. St John the Baptist’s Church

St John the Baptist’s Church
Source: Google Images

This medieval church stands on a hill that overlooks the Dee River, beyond the eastern walls. The St John the Baptist Church, made of sandstone, has Anglo-Saxon foundations and may have been set up in the seventh century. It was the 11th century that survived architecture when Bishop of Lichfield moved his Bishop’s See to Chester and became a cathedral for St. John.

During the renaissance, this eastern part of the church was ripped down and the remains can be visited outside. You can also see in a church the pieces that were supposedly standing in the churchyard of Saxon stone crosses.

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9. Grosvenor Museum

The Grosvenor Museum has collected all kinds of captivating curiosities in the last 130 years in a Renaissance designed building from 1886. The name derives from the 1st Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, who in the 1980s raised more than a third of the donations. Within the exhibition, you can find the largest selection of works by the English aquarist Louise Rayner of the 19th century, Roman-born stelae and a group of six woodwind instrument designer Peter Bressan from the 17th and 18th centuries.

In addition, the museum has useful galleries documenting the region’s natural history, including reconstructions of period homes over the years, including their original decoration, furnishings, drawings including kitchen utensils. The list of best things to do in Chester won’t be complete without the Grosvenor Museum.

10. Roman Amphitheatre

The Roman Amphitheater was built in the late 70s. Also, It was unexplored in nearly 1700 years as a historic site and a Grade I structure. On location were two separate amphitheatres, the first date from the third century, with a capacity for at least 8,000 spectators.

The issue was that the mentioned structures on all but the north side of this ancient monument were built during the interim of the year. So it has just managed to recover the northern quarter.

There is a grassy bank, where a curved holding wall that borders the box used to be sitting. In fact, a London-based artist Gary Drostle painted a Trompe-l’oeil wall in 2010, to give an impression of how the remainder of the house felt.

By now you would have had a fair idea on what to expect from Chester on your next vacation to the United Kingdom. Get in touch with the destination experts from Pickyourtrail to craft your vacation plans according to your needs. Also, need more info before planning? Check out our guides page or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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