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Top things to do in Estepona to see the different shades of the city

Estepona is a little city located in the coastal region of Campa de Gibraltar, Spain. Surrounded by sea and mountains, the city is a historic centre with many colourful spots. The botanical gardens in the city offer an ideal place for relaxation. Not just gardens, the city is also getting famous for its art and culture work. With year-round sunshine, perfect climate, most beautiful beaches you can never get tired of roaming around the city of Estepona. Its hailed as a family-friendly destination, which is best explored on foot. Planning to visit the charming Estepona? Here are the Top 5 things to do in the city.

Estepona Spain
Image Source: Unsplash

Top 5 things to do in Estepona, Spain

1. Enjoy artwork at the Mural Street

While wandering around in the streets of Estepona, be sure to visit the famous Mural street. Located within the city limits you will notice that all the buildings in this street are painted. Every building has a design, each image and object is painted realistically. Head out to the Mural street in the daylight to admire the work of talented artists. We are sure that you would never put your cameras down while crossing this street.

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2. Go scuba diving in the Mediterranean sea

Scuba diving man
Image Source: Unsplash

Estepona is fondly referred to as the resort town. What do you do when you are on a vacation and there is water everywhere? Yes, Swim and enjoy every moment. At Estepona, well, don’t just swim, instead have fun doing scuba diving. Located along the coastal lines, there are several shores that let you scuba dive along with a guide. Fortunately for all the first-timers, the Mediterranean sea is a safe bet. The diving conditions are quite safe which lets even the beginners experience the magic of scuba dive. So why wait? Explore the corals and marine life of Estepona with a dive.

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3. Watch the famous Flamenco show

Flamenco is a famous dance of the country of Spain. Watch the brilliant dance show along with music composed in Andalucia. The city itself organises several famous dance shows for everyone to watch. The city hosts Flamenco Centre Patio de Estepona and the Peña Flamenca. Watch the show as you dine in around a perfect atmosphere surrounded with cold breeze and soothing rhythms played.

4. Go on adventurous sea excursions

Since the city is close to the Mediterranean sea, there are tons of things that can be done that includes water. Here, you can several sea excursions. Get the opportunity to explore marine life in the Mediterranean sea up close and personal. Take a cruise and soak in the beauty of the sea. If you are lucky you might get to see dolphins while on your cruise. There are several tour operators that provide this type of excursion with various inclusions. Be sure to check out the prices and compare the tours before finalizing an operator.

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5. Travel in a carriage

Horse Carriage
Image Source: Unsplash

Ever wondered how it would have been to travel in a carriage? Experience one such cool thing at the city of Estepona. Travel in style on the Andalusian carriage. The horses used to run the carriage is of the fine breed that is locally taken care of. Click a picture to capture this amazing moment and take the memory back home. The carriage ride also lets you view the city from a different angle.

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