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7 things to do in Kundasang, Sabah

Looking for an old fashioned town while you are in Malaysia? This quiet little place is located in Ranau district of Sabah, Borneo and it is also close to the famous Mount Kinabalu National Park, just a 6 Kilometres drive away. This place is at an elevation of 6200 ft and rightly called the highest inhabited town in Malaysia. The travellers around the world are attracted to this place because of its pristine beauty. Since it is located on the lap of Mount Kinabalu, the weather is pleasant all the time.

It was is also referred to as the “Scotland of Borneo”. The town is mostly filled with markets with fresh vegetables. Apart from this, the place has a lot of other things for tourists to try out. With anymore delay, let’s dive right into the insights about this place and the places to visit on your vacation to Kundasang, Malaysia.


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How to reach Kundasang?

As mentioned before, this place is close to the famous Kota Kinabalu. People most often overlook this beautiful town while they are in Kota Kinabalu. And this becomes the reason for Kundasang being not well connected with other major cities. The easiest way is to reach Kota Kinabalu and then take the road from there to reach Kundasang. On your way from Kota to Kundasang, expect some scenic locations.

You can either hire a cab from Kinabalu park or opt to drive on your own by renting a car. Kinabalu airport has a hub of taxis from where you can get cabs easily to Kundasang. If you think you’ll feel it difficult to find a cab directly, online booking options are also available. There are buses to this place as well. The ride starts from Wawasan Terminal in Kota Kinabalu at a cost of RM 20.

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Where to stay in Kundasang

There are various accommodation options available at Kundasang. The ranges start from homestays to luxury hotels on all ranges. Apart from that, there are private chalets and resorts as well for travellers. Most famous hotels are on the way to Kundasang from Kota Kinabalu.

Homestays are recommended for budget travellers and the people for whom the money is not a bigger concern, they can choose to stay at a hotel or a resort. Pretty much every hotel in Kundasang offers beautiful views of Mout Kinabalu as well.

Top 7 things to do at Kundasang

While you are staying in Kundasang, the spectacular views of Mount Kinabalu might keep you glued to the hotel window all day long. But the place truly has some different experiences to offer. Here we take a look at the top 7 things you can do in Kundasang.

Visit Desa Dairy Farm

Desa Dairy Farm
Source: Google Images

This Diary farm can be reached by a short road trip to the outskirts of the town. This Diary farm is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Kundasang. The Friesan breed of cow has been used as cattle in this place for milk and other dairy products. Imagine spending time with nature along with the calm creatures moving around the landscape. You can have an awesome breakfast on this farm if you are visiting in the morning.

Apart from trying out some fresh milk and yoghurt, people can also witness the whole process of milking and feeding the cattle. There is an entrance fee of RM5 per person.


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 Relax at the Sabah Tea Gardens

Sabah Tea Gardens
Source: Google Images

Looking for a place for rejuvenation in Kundasang? The tranquil landscapes covered with lush green tea gardens sprawling all over the mountains in Sabah will surely offer you the best of relaxations possible. This place is free of admission cost but if you want to understand the tea making process, then you can take the guided factory tour at a cost of RM 14. You can also get to taste the finest of teas that Sabah produces.

Explore the Kundasang Market

Kundasang Market
Source: Google Images

The soil in Kudasang is perfect for farming with pretty much all the basic nutrients that agricultural land should have. Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers come to the market from the nearby lands every day. This market is a hub for the sellers and the farmers. You can see an array of shops with colourful and fresh products right from the farm. You can find souvenirs and clothing items as well.

Try out Tandem Paragliding at Ranau

For people who are looking for some bit of adventure should try out the paragliding adventure at Ranau. This sure is an activity that will boost your adrenaline levels. There aren’t enough words to explain the flying experience in the valley above the lush forest beneath. This is highly dependant on the weather. There is a fee of RM250 for foreigners and RM190 for the Malaysians.

Visit Kundasang War Memorial

The second world war led to a massive loss in terms of lives. This memorial is to honour the Australian and British soldiers who were kept as prisoners of War. Also, a few Bornean nationals lost their lives in this very place trying to help these prisoners of war. This place is surrounded by 4 gardens namely, the Australian garden, the English garden, Borneo Garden and the contemplation garden. There is an entrance fee of RM2 for this attraction.


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Try Fish Foot Massage

The Tagal Lunati village offers natural fish spas. It includes sitting at the bank of the pool dipping your feet underwater. You can feel the hundreds of tiny fish nibbling over your skin, can there be a better way to get your spa done?

Relax at the Hot Water Springs at Poring

Hot Water Springs at Poring
Source: Google images

The natural hot springs in Poring can be reached by a 45-minute drive from Kundasang. This is one of the popular recreational places in Kundasang. Travellers have so many reasons to come to this place while the primary reason is the natural sulphur-rich hot springs. There are various pools available for people at different costs to soak in and relax.

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