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Top 5 Children’s Day experiences

It’s that time of the year again. Time to cherish your children, treat them to a fun vacation and their deserved place in the sun. Here are some of Pickyourtrail’s curated Children’s Day experiences for this year that will help you do just that.

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Image credit – zorb

Plonk your kids inside an inflatable ball and get them rolling – downhill, uphill, on water, or on flatland. Reaching speeds of upto 50kmph, you can choose between a wet or a dry ride. Given the cushion of air between the kids and the ground, be rest assured it is completely safe. Add this to the other fun things to do with kids in New Zealand list!

Top places to try them

  • Zorbing Park, London
  • The Original Zorb Company, Rotorua, New Zealand
  • Planet Mud Zorbing, Geelong, Australia

Road trips:

Road trips with family
Image credit – yomoinflatable

Nothing says fun and family bonding more than a road trip. Rent a car, pack up for a week and ready a playlist with all of your favourite songs. From hill-locked regions to the coast to islands to the Arctic circle – there are so many road trips to take. The only question is – are you adventure ready?

But if you feel like your kids aren’t old enough to take the stress of being on the roads long enough, choose a shorter road trip.

Top road trips to take

  • Any road in New Zealand – this isn’t an exaggeration. But Crown Range road to Arrowtown is our favourite pick.
  • The Great Ocean Road. Spy some Apostles and some of the best coastline views
  • The Ring Road in Iceland. Take your time out to awe at landscapes of Iceland as you pass by the Arctic circle.
  • Garden Route of South Africa. Pass by manicured gardens, coastlines and more.

The Farm House experience

Image credit – seeitalytravel

Need a real break from your fast-paced lives? Cut yourselves some slack and sign up for the farm stay experience. From luxurious to rustic, there are a range of farmhouse experiences to choose from. But where is the fun in being butlered/chaperoned around? A rustic experience calls for sleeping, waking up, cooking, and having fun together.

The best place to experience this is at Italy. From the masserias of Puglia to agriturismos of Tuscany and Umbria. Maybe you didn’t grow up Italian but you sure can experience what it feels like! Read about our traveller Kashmira’s journey through Italy.

The Tangalooma island experience, Australia

Family in Tangalooma island
Image credit – grayline

Just a cruise away from Brisbane, Tangalooma is full of fun things to do for kids. From driving an ATV on the beaches to feeding wild bottlenose dolphins to snorkelling in the clear waters – every day is a fun day here, guaranteed. Stay in Tangalooma for more than a day and craft your own way of life here: beach, nature, fun, eat, sleep, repeat. While there, check out these fun things to do in Australia!

Perhaps, this is the road not taken Frost told us about.

Indoor Skydiving

indoor skydiving
Image credit – iflyworld

Want to push yourselves while being cautious? Push the limits of adventure…indoors. Bringing to you the experience of drifting mid-air in the sky, co-sponsored by a wind tunnel, and some air that travels upward and keeps you flying. Suspended mid-air by a 120mph air stream, the experience generally lasts upto one minute – the time taken for three tandem skydives.

Top places to try

  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

Make this Children’s Day memorable by booking a trip. What better way to cherish your precious tots than a vacation to bring true joy to them?

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