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10 Unique Things To Do In Vietnam

You’ve cruised on the azure waters of Halong Bay, strolled through the old town of Hoi An, and photographed Sa Pa in all its glory. Now what? No wait, you haven’t seen it all! So. Book your Vietnam tour packages now with Pickyourtrail!

Here you go, these are the unique things to do in Vietnam instead:

10. Watch the sunrise in Mui Dien instead of Halong Bay

unique things to do in Phu Yen

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Vietnam, and that’s why you should visit Mui Dien this time. There are chances you might run out of breath due to overcrowding. Mui Dien has a lighthouse centred in the heart of its rugged shores from which you can catch the best sunrise ever. Vietnam tourism offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine for travelers to explore.

9. While Phong Nha-Ke Bang screams beauty, Tam Coc is more subtle about it! That’s why you should choose Tam Coc this time!

unique things to do in ninh binh

Phong Nha-Ke Bang is not leaving the headlines as long as Son Doong Cave stays the world’s largest natural cave. Visiting Phong Nha-Ke Bang is one of the first things to do in Vietnam. While we are on the topic of offbeat, Tam Coc gets a say! Why—
➤ Tam Coc is framed by beautiful mountains and lush greeneries to either side, which caters to the perfect boat tour.
➤ It is the best place to visit near Hanoi if you’re staying there. Take a day trip there, you’ll love the experience!

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8. Conquered the Marble mountains already? Ascend the Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain!

lao cai-vietnam tourist attraction

The Marble Mountains is a stunning alpine chain in Da Nang—you’ll love the easy hikes to the marble caves and statues on the top. The place tends to be crowded and is not for experienced hikers. If there is a place that is still unaffected by pollution, crowds, and also offers unforgettable hiking experiences, choose to tread the Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain.

7. Go kayaking in the Ba Be Lake.

ba be lake: places to visit near hanoi

Justly called as the “Pearl of Northeast Vietnam”, Ba Be Lake is a sheer pleasure for the eyes and a nature-loving soul. Take a day trip to Ba Be National Park, kayak through the intensely aromatic mulberry trees and end your trip with a strong tea in one of the nearby local villages.

6. Take a day trip to Ban Gioc Waterfalls and discover the untrodden landscapes nearby.

Ban Gioc waterfalls-things to do in cao bang

Situated on the Quay Son River, Ban Gioc Waterfalls is a stunning natural attraction in Vietnam. If you’re searching for places to visit near Hanoi for short getaways, Ban Gioc is a perfect choice—it is the thrill of having such a magnificent place to yourself.
Best time to visit the Ban Gioc Waterfalls: The place is best when visited during the dry season of Vietnam, i.e., September and October.

5. Hop on a motorbike and discover Ha Giang—Vietnam’s Leh Ladakh

Ha Giang-things to do in ha giang

The Ma Pi Leng Pass is an official heart-breaker of road trip enthusiasts. Rent a motorbike, cover the breathtaking trail that stretches between Dong Van and Meo Vac, while stopping at the irresistible spots where you should halt.
What to see in Ha Giang:
➤ Tu San Canyon
➤ Lung Cam Village
➤ Quan Ba Twin Mountains
➤ Dong Van Sunday Market
➤ Hoang Su Phi Rice Terraces

4. Sa Pa is not touristy as long as you don’t stop with Muong Thanh valley!

Muong Thanh valley-things to do in sapa

Hiking the Muong Thanh valley is one of the coolest things to do in Sapa. But be prepared to explore what’s beyond and Sapa unveils its hidden, non-touristy attractions to your surprise. Discover the numerous tribal villages nearby, tread the Tram Ton pass and end your trip with a visit to the fairy cave. Visit Sapa with your partner by booking a Vietnam honeymoon package.


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3. Psst… Visit Ly Son Island before it becomes mainstream!

Ly Son Island-vietnam tourist attractions

Ly Son Island is all about pristine beaches framed by idyllic rock formations. If you’re planning to spend some time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of Vietnam cities, escape to this exotic island. You’ll not regret it!

2. We know the Hoi An lantern festival is stunning, but there’s hardly anything new about it. Attend the Khau Vai Love Festival!

Khau Vai-things to do in ha giang

Vietnam is popular for its age-old traditions and vibrant culture. Attend a traditional festival, preferably in one of its tribal villages. You’ll see what local cuisine is like, how the Vietnamese celebrate and in a nutshell, how the locals live life. Khau Vai Love Market is one such unique places to visit in Vietnam—the festival is dedicated to lovers who couldn’t come together in marriage.
When to go: The festival takes place every year during April.

1. Ever tried Dau Sot Ca Chua? No, you only care about Pho!

what to eat in vietnam-Dau Sot Ca Chua and pho

Just kidding! Pho is an absolutely delicious dish you should eat on your trip to Vietnam. Into 3 or 4 days of your trip you might want something different, or something vegetarian! Taste Dau Sot Ca Chua, a fried Tofu dish mostly paired with tomato sauce. A simple yet classy recipe to take back home!

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