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Mountain range in Srilanka
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 26, 2020 Share on

Trekking in Kandy – Time for some adventure with nature.

Srilanka, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean which is located at the southeast of India has everything a traveller is looking for. Pristine beaches, incredible wildlife, historical places, monasteries, temples, best tea, delicious cuisines, perfect hospitality, and lush landscapes all these describe Srilanka. Kandy a city in central Srilanka is home for tea plantations and biodiverse rainforest, this makes Kandy a must-visit place in every nature- seekers list. Kandy amazes the visitors with mountain ranges and loft landforms which welcomes trekking in Kandy. Trekking in Kandy is a very popular activity and let’s find out what makes trekking more special in Kandy.

mountain range in Kandy
Image Credits: Unsplash

Best time to trek in Kandy

Everything has the best time, right? And here comes the best time for trekking in Kandy. The best time to trek in Kandy would be between the months of December to April. The weather is pleasant during this time which is a good time to explore the mountains for a fascinating trekking experience. As summer hits the best at Kandy during April you can make the best of your trekking in Kandy during April.

trekking in Sri Lanka
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Find out the 2 best places for trekking in Kandy

Planning for trekking in Kandy? Well, have a read at the two best places to trek. Curious? Well, you will find a lot more activities such as rafting, mountain biking, bird watching, and a lot more on the areas of Kandy.

1. Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range
Image Credits: Google Images

Matale and Kandy are the two main towns surrounded by the Knuckles Mountains. The mountain range features 34 peaks, ranging between 900 metres to 2000 metres. This UNESCO World Heritage site is filled with waterfalls, rivers, flora and fauna and tropical forests. Also, there are 2 best-known trek routes inside the Knuckles Mountain Range.

Rangala Route: 

Love Adventures, challenges? Wanted to trek extreme fields? You better choose the Rangala route to get the best experience which leads you to the top. You will get to view the best of nature on the way of your trek. This is one of the hardest treks but will take you to a beautiful view of nature. The final 4km will take you to the top of the waterfalls which is the highlight of the Rangala Route.

Trek Length: 26km
Duration of the total trek: 6-8 hours approximately
Trek Level: Hard

Hunasgiriya Route: 

Hunasgiriya Route is the other route inside the Knuckles Mountain Range.
It has some breathtaking nature views which will make you come again to have a trek. The trek takes you to the Mini Worlds End.

Trek Lenght: 12 km
Duration of the total trek: 7 hours approximately
Trek Level: medium

2.Alagalla Mountain Range

Alagalla Mountain Range
Image Credits: Google Images

Alagalla mountain range is another wonder to trek in Kandy. It might be difficult to trek here as the route is quite hard and tricky. The best way to start your trek is to start from Poththapitiya bus stand. Alagalla Mountain Range has some mesmerizing views and history which will inspire the trekkers.

Trek Lenght: 10 km
Duration of the total trek: 4 hours approximately
Trek Level: Medium

Quick Tips on the Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s for Trekking

  • Plan well on your trekking and always have a track on the weather as it might turn into a spoilsport.
  • Get the best and comfortable shoes.
  • Ensure you carry enough water to keep you hydrated.
  • Always have a First Aid kit for any such minor injuries during the trek

Don’ts for Trekking

  • Do not overpack. Carry only the things which are required
  • Be reasonable and know your trekking limits. It is okay to not climb the top, do not push yourself.
  • Do not walk fast. Keep it slow and steady to reach the top.
  • When you take a break, do not smoke as it will only affect you during the trek.

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