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Viper Island In Andaman, India
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Viper Island In Andaman, India

Viper Island In Andaman, India-Cellular Jail - View of Ross island from the top
Image Credits: Google Images

The archipelago territory of India, namely, the Viper Islands in Andaman, will blow the minds of travelers exploring Andaman tour packages with its lush green coconut palms, pristine beaches with blue waters and scuba diving. Undeniably nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach in pearls and floral prints. The island has the best nesting beaches for marine turtles in India and it is absolutely no wonder why the experience is life-changing and touching. 

Andaman has tons of tourist attractions, adventures and tasty Indian foods. Viper Island on the Bay of Bengal is amongst the prominent travelers’ spot of the Andaman Island and has loads of and is a delight to all historians, photo posers and nature lovers. Historically significant Viper history linked to the Indian Independence struggle and British rule. The island is a tranquil beauty Island is currently uninhabited and can be reached by a small boat ride from the capital Port Blair in 20 minutes.

The island’s history dates back to 1709 when Lt.Archibald Blair came to Andaman in a vessel named ‘viper’ which is believed to be destroyed in an accident.  Prior to the famous Cellular jail was constructed in 1906, Viper Island was used as a jail in the British rule to hold and execute political prisoners and harbor captives. However, due to the rising numbers of ferocious freedom fighters, the count of prisoners grew up and eventually was shifted to cellular jail in Port Blair.  The island’s history has the blood of the freedom fighters, convicts and prisoners. It is almost heart wrenching to hear about the punishments and the hardships people had gone through to free the country from British rule. Therefore it got the name ‘VIPER CHAIN GANG JAIL’.  Maharaj Jagannath of Puri died in this jail when he was imprisoned and many independence fighters like Sher Ali from Peshawar were hanged to death in this jail. The place was roughly ruined in the 2006 tsunami and now it has only the remains of a gallows on the mountain top. 

Viper Islands, Andamans
Image Credits: Google Images

It is advisable to carry food, water bottles and other necessities during the visit to be brisk as it is slightly hot and has tropical weather. Though the island can be visited any time during the year the perfect time would be between October and February when the weather conditions are breezy, enjoyable and no precipitation. Viper Island is quite a dazzling attraction that will remain in memory and history forever. It is a must-visit place to check out on a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands to realize and respect the great efforts and painful struggles of the independence activists for giving us this free and happy life we live and lead today. 

Entry Fees For Viper Island In Andaman

There is no entrance fee to the island and it only takes a few hours to check out the full landmass. 

Opening Hours Of Viper Island In Andaman

The timings for Viper Island are from Monday to Sunday around 6 AM to 5 PM.

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