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Waterfalls in Thailand
Written by Shriniketh on September 8, 2020 Share on

Top 3 Waterfalls in Thailand to Visit in 2023

The top waterfalls in Thailand are one of the key highlights of this country. Thailand is a country situated in the Southeast Asia region. Whenever you name Thailand, one thing pops up in your mind – travel! Thailand is easily one of the most visited destinations in the world. This country is not only visited by tourists from Asian countries, but this is a country that people throng from all over the world! This country is world-famous for its culture, beach, shopping, massage parlours, temples and whatnot. No matter what you are seeking in your travel, you are sure to find it in Thailand. It has something for the bachelors, it has something for families with kids, and it even has something for the senior citizens. Therefore, Thailand is a place for anyone and everyone!

Government House of Thailand
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Although there are several key places to visit, one of the most prominent places to visit in Thailand is Bangkok – the capital of Thailand. Thailand is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, shopping and many more. But there is often one aspect of this country that slips the mind of many people, which is actually an amazing thing to experience. This country is blessed with an abundance of natural bounty. Despite having many key attractions, one of the highlights throughout this country is the waterfalls in Thailand. There are innumerous waterfalls across the country that you can find one in almost any part of this beautiful country. The thunderous waterfalls in Thailand give you a completely different vacation experience. Therefore, whenever you go on a Thailand vacation, ensure the waterfalls in Thailand are a must part of your itinerary!


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3 Best Waterfalls in Thailand

  1. Bang Pae
  2. Erawan Waterfall
  3. Mae Ya Waterfall

1.Bang Pae

When you think about Phuket, what comes to your mind? Parties, nightlife, shopping, beaches? You can’t blame yourself if this is what comes to your mind too. But you are sure to be surprised if you come to know that one of the best waterfalls in Thailand is situated in Phuket. Bang Pae is a relatively smaller waterfall that is situated in Phuket. Despite the smaller size, it is one of the key waterfalls in Thailand. There are several reasons for the same.

Waterfalls in Phuket
Image courtesy: Pixabay

This is the best way to escape away from the prying eyes of tourists. Phuket is a region where the density of travellers is extremely high. Therefore, finding a place to spend in peace with your loved one might be difficult. Therefore, a visit to Bang Pae will ensure that problem is sorted. Although it being relatively smaller, the experience here would be quite magnificent. The natural beauty surrounding this place, along with the pool underneath the water is an experience that you can absolutely crave. The green cover around this place is quite unique, and what makes it even more enhanced is the fact that you can experience it alongside a waterfall! Getting an experience to swim in that pool is a key highlight. Hence, this should easily make the list of top waterfalls in Thailand!

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2. Erawan Waterfall

The Erawan Waterfall is arguable one of the most famous and top waterfalls in Thailand. This is almost on the visit list of everyone who is visiting Thailand and seeking a waterfall experience in this country. This is not just one of the top waterfalls in Thailand, but this is potentially one of the best waterfalls across the world. This waterfalls can be is to the northwest of Bangkok, and can be reached by few hours of drive. Hence, the accessibility is quite easy for this place.

Erawan Waterfall; Waterfalls in Thailand
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

This waterfall is situated in the Erawan National Park, which is one of the top places to visit in Thailand. Erawan waterfall is quite enormous in size. This waterfall runs across about 1.5 kilometres and has 7-levels of the same. Therefore, if you want to visit the top waterfalls in Thailand, then Erawan Waterfalls is a must-visit!

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3. Mae Ya Waterfall

Mae Ya Waterfall is one of the top waterfalls in Thailand, predominantly because of its size. This is easily one of the tallest waterfalls in Thailand, and the sheer magnanimous size is sure to attract throngs of tourists. This waterfall is situated in the Doi Inthanon National Park. You can reach the Mae Ya Waterfall by about an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a historical city in Thailand. It is famous for temples, museums, heritage centres, etc. Hence, you can combine a visit to Chiang Mai and Mae Ya Waterfall together for a unique experience.

Mae Ya Waterfall; Waterfalls in Thailand
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

The waterfalls have a height of about 26 metres, and this is also about 100 metres wide. Therefore, this is easily one of the largest waterfalls you’d ever spot. The view of this falls is quite astounding considering how the waterfalls from such a large height, making a thunderous sound throughout. What makes this waterfalls even more amazing is the fact that it is a layered waterfall. Hence, the flow of the waterfall is simply amazing. If you are planning to improve the level of your Instagram feed during your Thailand vacation, then this is where you should start doing it!

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Buatong Waterfall
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

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Thailand is one of the best destinations to travel, no matter what type of vacation you are seeking. This is because Thailand has so much experience to offer in terms of variety and the quality of everything that you experience is nothing short of amazing. Apart from the regular attractions and sightseeing in Thailand, the waterfalls in Thailand are yet another highlight which is often neglected during the vacation. Trust the travel experts of Pickyourtrail to come up with such hidden recommendations and highlights to enhance the quality of your vacation through the Thailand packages. Knowing more about other international tour packages and domestic packages have never been so simple – all you need to do is drop a Whatsapp message, and we will get back to you on the same! Therefore, pack your bags to immerse yourself in the top thunderous waterfalls in Thailand!

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