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West MacDonnell Ranges
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West MacDonnell Ranges – Explore and know about the Hidden Gem.

Australia is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The government is very friendly with the tourists who are visiting the country. It gives you one of the best experience that you will have with a country. It has its own way of fun. This is one of the smallest continent and the largest country in the world. With some of the scintillating cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Australia is one of the beautiful places to visit. Australia has many other names such as “The oldest continent”, “The last lands” and “The last frontier”. One great thing about Australia is that this land is of total isolation from the globe. With great scenic locations, Australia is one of the top picks for any traveller who wants a great place to explore. Now let us look at the West MacDonnell Ranges and what to visit there.

The Uluru (red centre) of Australia. (West MacDonnell Ranges)
Image Credits: Walkerssk from Pixabay

West MacDonnell Ranges

If you have never been to the Red Centre, then you have not seen Australia. You are only partially right if you think that central Australia is just a red dessert with the Ayers rock. It also holds one of the best ranges in the world, which is the West MacDonnell Ranges. This is a stunning region to visit, but sadly not visited by most. Most travellers head straight to the Uluru and just neglect this nature’s masterpiece. After getting to know about this place, you will certainly want to spend a day exploring the West MacDonnell Natural park. It is a pretty big area to explore the areas which are easily accessible.

The best way to travel the West MacDonnell Ranges is by Self-Drive. If you don’t have a car, you can book an organized West MacDonnell day tour from Alice springs. Here we will be seeing about the best of the gorges with the West MacDonnell Ranges, which are absolutely a bliss while Visiting it.

West Macdonnell Ranges
Image Credits: Google Images

Best places to visit

Simpsons Gap

Your first stop should be at the Simpsons Gap. This place is a 30-minute drive from Alice springs. Once you stop at the Simpsons gap, there is ample parking space to park your space. This gorge is a nice walk small walk and also to the waterhole in the gorge. It is a safe and fun place for the kids. They will simply have fun jumping over the rock and looking at various wildlife in that place. The most common wildlife that is found there is the Rock-Wallaby. They are also the most common animal on the West MacDonnell National Park. Don’t miss out on the scenic beauty that is to be experienced here.

Simons Gap (
Image Credits: Google Images

Standley Chasm

This is one of the most famous locations in the West MacDonnell Ranges. One of the most impressive paces that is a must-visit. This is also one of the most impressive places in all of Central Australia. This place is not free entry to the public. There is a little fee that you will have to pay if you want to visit the Standley Chasm. This is an Aboriginal sacred land that has many rules to be followed by the tourists. This place has absolutely wonderful landscape and is a very special place. It is indeed a very special place that has a tree that is 3000 years old. Located at the West of the Alice Springs, the Standley Chasm is a geological formation. This place is privately owned by the Iwupataka Land Trust.

Standley Chasm
Image Credits: Google Images

You have to hike a little bit in order for you to reach the gorge. It is a short walk which takes just 30 minutes return. If you are travelling with kids or if the temperature is high, then it will take a while longer for you to climb. Wear strong walking shoes to climb for the hike. The best time is the noontime as it spreads through the Orange colour over the place. This looks absolutely gorgeous. There is a small cafe at the entrance of the Standley Chasm in which the ice cream is very delicious. Do try out the Mango Swirl ice cream there.

Ormiston Gorge

This is one of the busiest places in West MacDonnell Ranges. Lots of facilities are available here. like camping and a paved path, which leads to the gorge. A stroller can also be used here for the little ones. The Ormiston Gorge has a big waterhole. There are quite some people who sunbath and swimming here. A lot of people here refers to just 20 people, a maximum of 30. Swimming here will be the perfect relaxation for you. This big waterhole is better than the swimming pool as it is natural. The water is not very deep though so diving will not be that safe here. A short walk in the Gorge will give you one of the most amazing views.

Ormiston Gorge (West MacDonnell Ranges)
Image Credits: Google Images

Redbank Gorge

This is one of the most family-friendly places and t is just a 20-minute walk one way to the Gorge. There are some of the most spectacular views found there. You will simply fall in love with this place. The only problem with this place is that it is not that well maintained and no signboards too. But follow the dry river bed that leads to the Gorge.

Red Centre
Image Credits: Google Images

If you have more time after this, you can visit the following in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Ellery Creek Big Hole, Serpentine Gorge and the Ochre Pits. The Ellery Creek big hole is red centre’s one of the pristine Water holes. This Place is one of the best to swim on.

Try choosing lesser places while you are travelling with children, as most of the places are physically demanding. They will have to walk a lot to reach the places. So plan with just 2 or 3 of the best places in the West MacDonnell Ranges. So do not miss out on this wonderful experience.

The West MacDonnell Ranges is one of the best and also one of the least visited places in Australia. You will have to visit it at least once in your lifetime. Plan and travel with the best, Customise your own Itineraries for Australia holiday packages with the Pickyourtrail website. Also, do follow the website for more fresh contents on Travel.

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