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The Ghan Train Tour
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The Ghan Train Tour – The Epic Train Journey in Australia

The Ghan train tour is easily one of the best train tours you can experience in Australia. Australia, fondly known as the country down-under, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Australia has a massive land size, and it is not just the land size that is massive. There are numerous places to visit in Australia. There are so many different unique experiences in offer for everyone visiting this country down-under. Apart from the top cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, the natural beauty of Australia is quite abundant and that is clearly something you can’t afford to miss. Apart from all these, there is yet another highlight of tourism in Australia. It is the train journeys in Australia. The train journeys are the best way to travel through a country to embrace various landscapes in a short span of time.

Australia Sydney
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One such train journey in Australia is the Ghan train tour. The Ghan train tour is one of the world-famous train tours a tourist can experience. One of the best and easiest ways to explore and embrace the variety of Australian land is through the Ghan train tour. Therefore, ensure the Ghan train tour is definitely a part of your Australian itinerary when you take up the Australian vacation! Hence, you will get the satisfaction of not only experiencing the best of Australia but also the amazing feel of a train journey!

The Ghan Train Tour

About The Ghan Train Tour

The Ghan train tour is easily one of the grandest and amazing train journeys in Australia. The two endpoints of the journey is Adelaide and Darwin. The train covers up to 3000 kilometres during its journey. The total journey takes over 2 days, lasting up to 60 hours in a few cases. Therefore, you will have to be mentally prepared before you take up this train journey. This train tour was started in the year 1927, and has been successfully running till date!

The Ghan train tour
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

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Schedule and Cost

Due to its popularity, this train tour runs almost throughout the year these days. So you wouldn’t have to worry or fret too much about the train schedule. But the availability might be an issue considering the demand for this train journey is quite high. Therefore, booking this well in advance is highly recommended. This is not only to ensure the availability, but you also get discounts if you book earlier. The costing would roughly range from 3000 – 4000 Australian Dollars, depending on when you are travelling, the class you choose, and also how well it is booked in advance.

The Ghan train tour
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Although Adelaide and Darwin are the two endpoints of the Ghan train tour, there are several other tourist destinations you can visit en route. One such point is Alice Springs. You can take a train just from Adelaide/Darwin to Alice Springs, and not necessarily take the full train tour. The other stop is at Katherine, and it is also a place that is worth visiting to experience Australia in a unique way.

Alice Springs; the ghan train tour
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The Ghan train tour is one of the best rail journeys you can have no just in Australia but in the whole world. Plan your dream Australian vacation with the assistance of travel experts from Pickyourtrail through the Australia tour packages. You can also feel free to drop us a Whatsapp enquiry anytime any day to know more about the other international tour packages and domestic packages. Now, what are you waiting for? Get, set, and go to embark on one of the finest train journeys in the world!

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