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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Vietnam tourism is well known by tourists for its rich history, scenic landscapes, and abundant culture. Pickyourtrail offers a wide array of Vietnam tour packages catering to different travelers' interests. Vietnam has a bag full of surprises for all kinds of visitors, whether family guy, solo traveler, romantic couple or an adventure seeker. Here's a complete Vietnam travel guide that will be very handy for all those planning a Vietnam trip irrespective of the occasion. Get ready to be mesmerized by the allure of attractions that Vietnam has in plate to offer you.

Top Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that is rich and abundant in attractions. Tourists traveling to Vietnam get drawn by its hidden gems. There is an amalgamation of experiences that awaits all the tourists in this gem of a country in Southeast Asia. While planning your Vietnam itinerary make sure you add these below mentioned attractions, which make it  in the top places to visit in Vietnam.

  1. Ha Long Bay: This beautiful UNESCO world heritage site makes it at the top of this list. With pristine beaches providing some of the best scenic backdrops to its limestone caves which are very famous in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a must see attraction in Vietnam for every tourist. 
  2. Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: Yet another heritage site, this national park is a must visit on your trip to Vietnam, especially for nature lovers. This place is rich in flora and fauna. The park is fully covered with forest, mountains,caves and rivers, making it ideal for cave exploration and guided tours.
  3. Cat Ba Island: One of the best scenic places to visit in Vietnam, Cat Ba is best known for water sports, especially Snorkeling. Apart from this, one can also enjoy breathtaking sunsets and also take a sunbath. Visitors can try their hands at trekking, rock climbing and other adventurous activities.
  4. Sapa: This place is known for its Rice paddy fields. The surreal beauty of this place just draws tourists like a magnet. Sapa is also known as the Capital of Rice terraces. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Northern Vietnam.
  5. Mekong Delta: It is an incredible place in Vietnam which has an abundance of flora and fauna, as it covers various wildlife sanctuaries. Mekong Delta is home to many farms and people sell things using the famous floating market concept along the many rivers present here.

Best Things to do in Vietnam

With various attractions also comes various cool and adventurous things to do in Vietnam. This country offers an array of activities to do individually as well as with family to make the Vietnam trip worthwhile. Pickyourtrail pitches Vietnam holiday packages to provide every visitor the best experience ever.

  1. Kayak in Ho chi minh city: Filled with lots of fun and adventure is Kayaking along Ho chi minh city’s Saigon river. This is designed especially for those who love to test their adventurous spirit. Anybody can try out Kayaking in this Saigon river as it is relatively very easy to paddle, making the best out of their Vietnam holiday. 
  2. Halong Bay Cruise: Cruising at Halong Bay takes your Vietnam adventure to the next level. Try out the various luxurious cruises and also enjoy delicious seafood. Pickyourtrail offers Vietnam packages inclusive of cruise trips that provide you a sublime experience at Halong Bay.
  3. Vietnam food tour: Who doesn’t love food. Every traveler wants to experience the local food when they travel to any destination.Try some of the best Vietnamese delights by taking a Vietnam food tour.
  4. Hoi An Night market: Whether you travel solo or with your family, if you love to shop, then you must definitely try Hoi An night market. There are numerous shops along the street of Hoi An which sell various antiques, souvenirs and things that resemble Vietnamese culture.
  5. Imperial city: The Imperial city of Hue is definitely a place to be visited and must be added in everyone’s Vietnam trip itinerary. This city is known for its rich historical landmarks and facets, including the famous Imperial citadel and Imperial tomb.

Best time to visit Vietnam

When planning your Vietnam trip from India, do check when it is the ideal time or the best time to visit VietnamWhile talking about Vietnam, it experiences mainly four seasons namely Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn and each part of Vietnam that is Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam experiences these Seasons during different times of the year. 






November to March

15 to 27 °C

Cold (may experience snowfall)


March and April

20 to 33°C

Sunny (misty mornings)


May to  September

25 to 30°C

Hot and dry


September to November

20 to 30°C


Note: While Northern Vietnam can be best visited during all the four Seasons, Central and Southern Vietnam are to be visited during Spring and Summer for the best experience.

How to reach Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that is well connected to the rest of the world, all thanks to its famous international airports. Pickyourtrail offers India to Vietnam tour packages inclusive of flights, ensuring seamless and smooth travel. The different ways to reach Vietnam from India are

By Air: There are various India to Vietnam flights both direct as well as on connecting basis. Major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Cochin have direct flights to Vietnam. Other Indian cities provide air connectivity to Vietnam by connecting flights. Indigo, Vistara, Thai AirAsia, Air India, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways are some eminent airlines that provide direct and connecting flights to Vietnam.

By Road: Going on a Vietnam tour from India by road can be challenging yet adventurous. The route from India to Vietnam by road goes through Bhutan, Thailand and Cambodia. Make sure that all the necessary passport and Visa requirements are readily available before taking up this road trip to Vietnam.

By sea: While not many options are available when it comes to traveling from India to Vietnam by sea, Indian tourists can enjoy a cruise ship journey to Vietnam from Cambodia.

Transportation within Vietnam

Getting around Vietnam is easy. Vietnam has a well connected transportation network. Trains, buses, and domestic flights link major cities, offering convenient options for travelers. You can also try the famous motorbike which is a popular choice for local transport, providing an immersive way to explore the cities and countryside. For a more private experience, taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available. You can also take a walk to explore Vietnam slowly at your own pace.

Famous Food Items to try in Vietnam

While tourists embark on a Vietnam tour not just for seeing the sublime beauty offered by Vietnam tourism, but also for the delicious, mouth watering delicacies offered. While planning Vietnam travel packages ensure you also enquiry regarding the food options available. Here are some vegetarian options as well as non-vegetarian options for you to try out on your Vietnam trip.

Vegetarian options

  1. Vegan Vietnamese Pho
  2. Vegan steamed Buns
  3. Dau sot ca chua (Vietnamese Fried Tofu)
  4. Lau Chay (Vegan Hot Pot)
  5. Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepes)
  6. Vietnamese Spring rolls

Non-Vegetarian options

  1. Pho (Noodle soup)
  2. Banh Mi (French Sandwich)
  3. Cha Ca (Grilled Fish)
  4. Hu Tieu (Noodle Soup)
  5. Goi Cuon (Shrimp Spring Rolls)

Vietnam Visa

Vietnam welcomes Indian tourists to explore its various attractions, but with a valid Visa. Before visiting Vietnam, Indian travelers have to understand the Vietnam Visa requirements to ensure their trip is smooth and hassle free. A Vietnamese Visa can be applied online through the Vietnam Immigration department website  or even offline by visiting the nearest Vietnam embassy or consulate. It will cost around Rs.2500 for the Visa and will take around 7 to 10 days to be processed and delivered.

Vietnam also has provision for Indian tourists to avail a Visa on Arrival or an e-visa.

Vietnam currency

The official Vietnam currency is called the Vietnamese Dong (VND). The value of one Dong is equal to 0.00347 Indian Rupees. While embarking on a Vietnam trip, ensure you have enough Vietnamese Dong and also exchange Indian rupees for Vietnamese Dong in authorized Banks or currency exchanges. It is better to avoid exchanging in Airports as the charges will be really high. You can also have US Dollars in hand.

Note: Ensure you split the amount you have in hand into different bags, incase of any theft you will not be left empty handed.

As you get ready for your Vietnam adventure, keep in mind the diverse options this captivating country offers. Whether you're seeking Vietnam honeymoon packages from India for a romantic escape with your loved one or planning a Vietnam itinerary for 7 days to embark on a short adventure, Pickyourtrail never fails to make you experience Vietnam's charm and beauty that will leave an indelible mark on your heart. So, plan a Vietnam package with Pickyourtrail and go on a scintillating Vietnam trip hassle free!

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