Adventure Tour Packages To Malaysia

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9 NIGHTS: Nusa Dua (3N) → Ubud (2N) → Penang (4N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

6 NIGHTS: Kuala lumpur (2N) → Kuta (2N) → Ubud (2N)

4 Hotels Activities Private transfer Visa fees Flights

7 NIGHTS: Kuta (3N) → Nusa Dua (2N) → Kuala lumpur (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Private transfer Visa fees

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9 NIGHTS: Ubud (3N) → Kuta (3N) → Kuala lumpur (3N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Private transfer Visa fees
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Adventures in Malaysia

This country in Southeast Asia has so much to offer you will find it difficult to decide what all you want to do for your Adventure trip in Malaysia. You are certainly in for a treat when you get to see what the adventure package with Malaysia local tour offers. Longer stays are always advised since you will need time to see both Western and Eastern Malaysia in your customized tourism packages Malaysia. Prepare yourself for a wide range of activities from climbing to the peak of mountains to the diving till the tip of the ocean. You like adventure more than history and art, but don’t know where to start off? Not to worry, we have packages to Malaysia with kuala lumpur local city tour, sight seeing as the best tour package done accordingly to your interests and preferences.

Adventure Tours in Malaysia No of days/nights Price*
Art lover's holiday: Lose yourself in incredible Bali + Malaysia 7 days/6 nights Rs. 60,524 (with airfare, hotels)
A 9 night trip to classic Bali + Malaysia 10 days/9 Nights Rs. 61,095 (airfare,hotels included)
lovely 7 day Malaysia + Bali itinerary for the Honeymoon travellers 7 days/6 nights Rs. 65,114 (with airfare, hotels)
The perfect 8 day Singapore + Malaysia + Bali itinerary for true travellers 8 days/7 nights Rs. 75,062
An ideal 9 night Bali + Malaysia itinerary for a Family getaway 10 days/9 nights Rs. 84,247

Malaysia- Potluck of Adventure places to visit in Malaysia

When thinking about the adventure activities in your Malaysia travel & tour, you will be spoilt for choices. You can start off with the best outdoor adventures activities which is even considered as a special sites authenticated by the kuala lumpur tourism for its city tour & the sightseeing activities like jungle trek & rainforest walk, kuah at night, Eagle watching & mangrove tour, Archipelago Jet Ski Tour, not to worry as it’s available for beginners as well. Talking about flying activities, there is the paragliding in Kuala Kubu Baru. Coming to the ground, there is plenty of option for trekking and the most popular ones are the peaks of Mount Kinabalu, Mount Garbu and many more. If you are into exploring caves, there is the Batu Caves, Perkan Tong cave temple, Gua Charas and lot more.

Malaysian Islands - Water Sports

Moving towards the beautiful islands, it’s famous for snorkelling and scuba diving. The coral reef is overflowing with fishes and varieties of sea turtles. Most of the Malaysian islands are great destinations for snorkelling. When it comes to scuba diving, there are classes taken before going in for the serene experience. Malaysia sightseeing activities include parasailing, wakeboarding. Not to forget, there is the Borneo rainforest, you can explore the environment while rafting and there is also fish feeding activities. The specialty in this island is the traditional methods used in the way of everyday life activities from food to the bamboo rafts. Want to feel like a bird, there is microlight adventure in Kuala Lumpur. It’s more like a personal ride through the sky and much more things to do in Malaysia to experience the best holiday destination over there.

Unique Malaysian Adventure Activities

When you think of adventure you get the thought of skydiving, scuba diving or of anything that pumps your adrenaline. These can be done anywhere in the world, so here is an activity very unique and should be experienced in your Kuala Lumpur & the Langkawi tour in Malaysia. We are talking about a trek in the tropical rainforest of Langkawi. It is the perfect setup for the nature lovers. During the walk, you gain a lot of valuable knowledge about the diversity of plants and animals. You will get introduced to most of it if not all the 400 species of trees with incredible heights and some incredible birds and mammals. When the sun sets, your eyes go wide open. You can experience the shift change by noticing some animals emerge from their sleep. This is the time to spot the flying lemurs or the flying squirrels. The experience is one of a kind and a trip worth every second away from the buzz of the city.

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Intrigued by so many activities, but don’t know where to start from? Leave that to us, In this Malaysia tour packages we will create an itinerary that ticks all your interests and preferences. You can customise the Malaysia local tour packages the way you like it and we will make it happen. So, what are you waiting for? Book your adventure trips with Pickyourtrail and have an exciting trip.