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Most Beautiful Islands In Norway
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on October 7, 2021 Share on

10 Most Beautiful Islands In Norway: Spellbinding Beauty!

While most of you already know that Norway is known for its vibrant countryside, history etched cities, beautiful fjords and spectacular Northern lights, Norway is also a classic place to admire Islands with jaw-dropping beauty. Surprisingly, there are more than 2 lakh islands scattered away from the rugged coastline of this nordic country. From frozen and inhabited islands to vivid fishing islands, there are numerous options lay across the shores of Norway. If you want to know the islands that suits you best, here is the list of “10 Most Beautiful Islands In Norway” to make your vacation magical.


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10 Most Beautiful Islands In Norway

The islands may not be as famous as the Caribbean, Maldivian and Croatian islands but surely will charm you with their unspoilt shores, pristine beaches, flowery countryside and aurora nights. The vibrant sunset in the summer island Sommaroy to the ice-topped wintery days in the Loften archipelago will take a rent-free space in your heart. So, wait no more and take a look at these ten most beautiful islands in Norway. 

  1. Moskenesøya
  2. Hidra
  3. Vagsoy
  4. Svalbard
  5. Sommaroy
  6. Senja
  7. Tromsoya
  8. Kvaløya
  9. Vesteralen Islands
  10. Stangholmen

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1. Moskenesoya

Moskenesøya, Most beautiful islands in Norway
Image Source: Unsplash

Being the most breathtakingly beautiful island, Moskenesøya tops as the must-visit island in Norway. This island in the Lofoten archipelago effortlessly makes its visitors fall in love with it by its photogenic village of Reine and calming Kavalvika beach. This village of Reine has surreal views with stacked red houses and a lush green mountain. Besides, this island is also the most photographed destination in Norway. So make sure to add this island as a priority to your island hopping bucket list.

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2. Hidra

Hidra, Attractive island in Norway
Image Source: Unsplash

Hidra is a paradise in Norway with a picturesque village with a natural backdrop, rich history and culture, and a stunning ocean to rest and forget the world. Split into two by Rasvåg fjord, Hidra is a highly habited island where people have lived for more than thousands of years. It has an alluring beauty by the presence of Flekkefjord that welcomes you with jaw-dropping scenery. Make sure to visit Hagasen Fort and ancient Hidra Church to dive into the past and visit the coastal museum and Sma hytter to embrace the idyllic face of Hidra. 

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3. Vågsøy

Vagsoy, Beautiful Islands in Norway
Image Source: Unsplash

Vågsøy is the surfer paradise in on the mouth of Nordfjorden in western Norway. Bound by beauty amidst the wild wavy waterscape, its village of Hoddevika offers the ideal platform to surf in the entire world. The majestic Kannesteinen rock formation raised at random parts of the sandy shores makes up a black seat to watch the beautiful view of the sea from the island shores. Also, look around the lighthouses like Hendanes, Krakenes and Skongenes that offers ideal spots to take some enthralling photographs.

4. Svalbard

Svalbard, Stunning islands in Norway
Image Source: Unsplash

If exploring the uninhabited part of Norway is on your bucket list, then head to Svalbard. You can venture so many activities from hiking to dog-sledging in its untamed snowscape. Surrounding this isolated island in the Arctic circle is the shiny glaciers, mountains and fjords. Even though this island can be unfriendly because of its cold weather and inaccessibility, you can still take a guided tour to explore its gorgeous national parks. Taking a solo trip here won’t be appreciated as it’s dangerous with lots of wild polar bears, seals, walruses lurking around. 

5. Sommaroy

Sommaroy is the local’s most favourite summer island. You could feel its emerging beauty right from the moment you see it right from your cruise or boat you are sailing in. Its pristine turquoise beaches with sandy shores dotted with wooden cabins is scenic that you can’t resist piling up your mobile and camera gallery with stunning photographs of Sommaroy. Dress up warmly and wander around the island, go hiking and play around on beaches. 

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6. Senja

Senja Island
Image Source: Unsplash

Visiting Senja, the second largest island, is always a must when you spend your holidays in Norway. This island feels home if you are an adventure-seeker as it has remarkable fjords, forests and coastlines. The island offers so many scenic trails to go hiking, trekking, skiing and mountain biking. Besides, you can take a leisure walk around the island to take lots of instagrammable photographs. Take a 3-hour car drive from Tromso to reach this “Miniature Norway”, or take a Hurtigruten cruise. Make sure to stroll around the fishing village to encounter the “world’s largest troll statue” standing with a majestic backdrop.

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7. Tromsøya

Tromsoya Island, Norway
Image Source: Unsplash

Tromsøya Island is the ideal destination in the world to delve into the beauty of Northern lights. Being in the Arctic circle, this island is a typical ice realm in the tranquil strait backed up by scenic mountain peaks topped with fluffy snow. With aesthetically pleasing wooden houses, Arctic Cathedrals and museums with grandeur aura, this island city is remarkable to stay. You can either stroll around Tromsøya city or take a cable car to Mount Storsteinen or rest in Prestvannet lake to make the best out of your visit to Tromsøya.

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8. Kvaløya

Make sure not to get this Kvaløya confused with the one near Tromso. This Kvaløya island in the northern part of the Arctic circle is the fifth-largest island in Norway. It has received immense popularity for its breathtaking town, Hammerfest. Being the oldest town in the country, you can spend a generous amount of time exploring Struve Geodetic Arc and chocolate box houses. Make sure to climb up Mount Salen to get the exhilarating panoramic view of the town. Also, make sure to learn about the indigenous tribe Sami and their cultural heritage in Mikkelgammn Sami Camp.

9. Vesterålen Islands

Vesterålen Island
Image Source: Unsplash

The archipelago of the Vesterålen Islands is a little more north of Lofoten. Its surrendering beauty comes from its towering mountains and rough coastlines, make it a perfect wellness getaway where you can relax and rejuvenate. The neighbourhood is always cheerful and comforted by extra serenity. The grand fjords, fishing villages and isolated forests make it an ideal destination to go walking tour. Other than that, head on to the shores or take boat trips to marvel at the majestic whales.

10. Stangholmen

A part of the archipelago of Risør, Stangholmen is one of the unmissable islands in Norway. Known as the “wooden house town”, it has so many enchanting attractions to look around. From its glorious lighthouse built-in 1855, bathing areas, classic taverns to the classy gourmet restaurants, nothing goes off-beat during your day in Stangholmen. If you visit during summer, you can partake in some of the vibrant concerts and summer fests that let you lose. 

Norway is classical beauty


With this list of “10 Most Beautiful Islands In Norway”, you can get a grasp of the way your vacation in Norway would be. Well, when you are in Norway, there are even more islands to visit than these ten. So, instead of reading it up, why don’t you go there and explore them directly? Start your holiday plans by looking at Norway tour packages on the Pickyourtrail website. If you want to come up with your itinerary, you can customise a Norway itinerary on the website at your ease.

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