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Things to Do in Sandnes
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8 Best Things to Do in Sandnes in Norway

Sandnes is a town in the Stavanger or Sandnes conurbation, caressing the southern point of the Gandsfjord in Rogaland province. Stavanger, Norway’s oil capital and fourth-largest city, is a couple of blocks away, but there are plenty of justifications to spend a day or to explore Sandnes. The major attraction is the untarnished nature, whether it’s the swift North Sea Beaches or the steep terrain on the east side of the Gandsfjord. In this blog, we take a look at the list of best things to do in Sandnes (Norway).

Backpackers, runners and windsurfers are well served for and even in the summer months, families will select from several seaside or fjord swimming spots. Sandnes also has one of the best science museums in Norway. With that said, let’s dive into this blog.


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8 Top Things to Do in Sandnes

  • Vitenfabrikken
  • Kongeparken
  • Stavanger
  • Lysefjord
  • Dalsnuten
  • Rogaland Arboretum
  • Soma Gård
  • Jæren Beaches

1. Vitenfabrikken (Science Factory)

The museum of science opened in 2008 is the biggest tourist attraction, and perhaps the most impressive building in Sandnes. Vitenfabrikken is not in Sandnes by accident, because Rogaland County was the birthplace of the pioneering mathematician of the 19th century, Niels Henrik Abel. It is recognized with the multimedia show, Abel’s sketchbook, which blurs the boundaries between research, technology and fashion.

Children will also figure out how much their heads weigh, figure out how much DNA is in a human body and see the constellations on the science museum. There is also a Foucault pendulum that shows the motion of the planet as well as a collection of the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

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2. Kongeparken

Source: Google Images

Just 10 minutes south of Sandnes is still the most popular destination in Rogaland. Kongeparken, targeted at children from three to twelve years of age, offers more than 60 diverse rides and family fun. The park has a bear theme and these friendly people walk across the attraction and on most of the tours as well. The Ormen Lange, Norway ‘s longest bobsleigh ride, the Spinnvidle, the very first swing ride in the region, and the Fossen log flow, are among its highlights. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Sandnes ( Norway ).

In recreational places such as the fire department, children can know a thing or two about fire protection and operate a fire truck. Although it runs from March to October, Kongeparken will also operate on some occasions in November and December (like Christmas).

3. Stavanger

Stavanger needs more than a day to explore. It is the fourth biggest city in Norway and is Europe’s oil centre. You have to definitely visit the Norwegian Petroleum Museum of high technology, which could also be confused for the petroleum platform on the riverside. Stavanger lived from fisheries and shipment before oil was discovered in the Ekofisk field in the 1960s.

You can also plunge yourself in the marine museums of the past by wandering around the beautiful Old Stavanger and its whitewashed wooden houses. Stavanger, with its 12th-century romanesque design on its dock, also houses Norway’s most complete ancient cathedral.

4. Lysefjord

The easiest way to reach here is by a flight to Lysefjord. This is another feather on Stavanger’s cape. A long finger fenced by pure rocks at over 1000 meters in height, the fjord is 42 miles high. This place can’t be redeemed by the term “epic.”

Source: Google Images

You can consider all kinds of travel opportunities in the fjord by ferry from Stavanger. You should go all the way to the enormous Kjerag Mountain in the far end and spend a day. Or, you can hop on a bus and hike more than 600 meters above the fjord to the famous Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock).

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5. Dalsnuten

The walk to this peak along the east bank of the Gandsfjord is an active choice in Sandnes. Dalsnuten is 323 meters in height and you can continue your climb to the parking lot at Gramstad. It takes approximately three hours for a round trip, although it is very bumpy and you need comfy shoes. It is a walk that nearly everybody can do with ease.

There are a ton of points of view to look out at the fjord, Sandnes and Stavanger. There are also beautiful lakes for summer swimming. Your Sandnes vacation (Norway) won’t be wholesome unless you visit this place.

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6. Rogaland Arboretum

Shrubs and trees collected from all over the world are located at the south-east of Sandnes, a 700-hectare park. It is the largest orchard in the country, and its beautiful hilly habitats are flanked by 15 kilometres of trails. If the time is to come, you will be lucky to witness the rhododendron flower late in May or early in June.

Rogaland Arboretum
Source: Google Images

The magnolias are always beautiful at this time of year. The Park consists of only 30 different species of Norwegian tree species and birch forest with several different varieties of beech and birches. You should head to the café, available from 11:00 hours-16:00 hours if you are here on a Sunday.

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7. Soma Gård

Soma Gård is one of the largest open farms in Norway. It offers enjoyable agricultural events for kids in the spring and summer. This is the best activity for young children. In spring and summer, it’s a privilege to have small children milk the goats, horses, pigs, lads, and cows.

The farm is located in a large outdoor field where children can drive on their own with a large playground, trampolines, tractor drives and miniature tractors.

8. Jæren Beaches

The coast of Jæren to the west is more special than every other area of Norway. The evident distinction lies in the low terrain, resulting in broad sandy beaches with dunes. There are several popular beaches in the distance from Sandnes. Its strong breeze makes it a place to kite and for windsurfing. Solastranden is 2.3 kilometres long and offshore protected surfing islands for families.

Jæren Beaches
Source: Google Images

Along the south coast, the Solastranden Golfklubb has 18 holes. Solastranden is only one of the lot. Vigdelstranden, Selestranden and the amazing Hellestøstrasen are all within a distance of 10 kilometres. If you are in need of the straightening walk or need to chill in the sun during the sunny months, this is the place to be.

By now you should have a fair idea on the best things to do in Sandnes (Norway). With that being said, check out our Norway packages. Pickyourtrail believes in crafting every single itinerary according to what the needs are. Want to customize your next vacation? React out to us!

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