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Attractions in New Castle
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Attractions in New Castle, Australia that you should visit

When you think of Australia, you’ll most likely think about its popular tourist destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and the like. And we might miss the hidden gems. One such hidden gem is the New Castle, located in Australia. Newcastle is a perfect city to visit in Australia. Though the destination is not renowned among tourists, once you enter, you will never feel like leaving the place. There are gazillion different things to do, food to eat and must-visit attractions in New Castle. There are so many sightseeing places and must-visit attractions in New Castle that will blow your mind off. Travel through the city of New Castle Australia in bicycle and explore the lush parks, gardens, bridges, museums etc.

The city is home to only 40,000 people and it attracts close to 1 million tourists every year. The city has a lot to offer and a place that suits everybody’s taste. You’ll find stunning valleys, astounding beaches, famous art galleries and many more. For a truly Aussie city and beach experience, you must pay a visit to this beauty. We’ve listed out some of the must-visit attractions in New Castle that you simply can’t say no to! 

Attractions in New Castle
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List of Attractions in Newcastle

Lovely seashores, grandiose pinnacles, exhibition halls, confined swimming spots, bistros – Newcastle, two hours’ drive north of Sydney, possesses a great deal of everything. There is so much to do and see in New Castle. Ensure you stay at this place for at least a day or two to experience the best of New Castle. Here are the top attractions to add to your plan for the day when you visit this blasting seashore town.

  1. Stroll the Nobbys Lighthouse
  2. Wine tasting at Hunter Valley
  3. Explore Darby Street
  4. Saunter Newcastle Breakwall
  5. McDonald Jones Stadium

1.Stroll the Nobbys Lighthouse

Start your day by exploring one of the most scenic lighthouses in Australia Nobbys Lighthouse. Built-in 1857, the lighthouse still act as the one signal point on guiding the ships that route to the Australian port. Initially, the lighthouse was working by burning China Tea Oil. Now the lighthouse has seen some modern advancement. Now, you can find the old techniques and methods only in the picture gallery.

The lighthouse got its name from the large chunk of rock that once was an island, known as Nobbys Head. The lighthouse is located on top of this massive rock. Apart from the lighthouse, the island has significant importance. It is one of the first European settlements in 1770. Back then, the island was larger than what you see right now. They reduced the size of the island as it blocked the wind that helped the ships to sail. Go on a walking tour and watch the sunset at this place

Attractions in New Castle
Photo by William Bout on Unsplash

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2.Wine tasting at Hunter Valley

If you wanted to taste the best wine in Australia then you should consider visiting Hunter valley. It is one of the second oldest wine areas in Australia. The city has a plethora of wineries options. Statistics says there are close to 150 wineries that produce world-renowned Semillon, as well as quality Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon in New Castle. It is one of the top attractions in New Castle. Apart from wineries, Hunter Valley has a so many couple friendly cafes, premium spas, artistic villages and much more. One of the top-rated tourist attraction located at Newcastle. An essential stopover place if you wish to buy Tulloch Wines and beer lovers. Hotels that you should check in Potters Hotel and Brewery, home of Hunter Beer. The place is just 45mins drive and you can do wine (and cheese) tasting bus tours here.

Hunter Valley
Photo by Jennefer Zacarias on Unsplash

3. Explore Darby Street

Darby street is one of the top attracted tourist spots in New Castle. A walk at this street will take you through a never-ending dream. You can find plenty of street cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, music stores and beach bars. The city right from 21st-century produces coffee. It is the prime spots for the cosy and comfy cafe. You can also find a number of trendy restaurants and comfy Bristo. Moreover, the street connects the city centre and the beach. One of the wells knows the attraction is the Three Monkeys which is an institution. It has a lot of astounding places for a cuppa.

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4.Saunter Newcastle Breakwall

Whenever you are visiting Nobbys Lighthouse ensure to visit Newcastle Breakwall. This attraction is just a few meters away from the astounding Nobbys Lighthouse. The construction of this building started in the year 1818 and it took close to 39years to complete. It is one of the very few constructions in the world where the working was happening 24/7. You can get an amazing view of the south pacific ocean and its breeze. You can witness and take amazing pictures of the huge waves hitting the rock making it an amazing view for the visitors.

5.McDonald Jones Stadium

Sports is something New Castle love the most. Out of all the sport Rugby league is something which the people of Newcastle consider it as their religion. McDonald Jones stadium is like their cathedral where they get to see their gods playing Rugby. The stadium accommodates closes 20,000-plus people. It is one of the biggest Rugby stadia in Australia. If you are sports and rugby fanatic, ensure this place tops your Australia itinerary

McDonald Jones Stadium
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