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Best things to do in Exeter
Written by Nigilesh on July 24, 2020 Share on

Things to Do in Exeter (Devon, England)

The beautiful city of Exter near the riverbank Exe, in the southwestern part of England. This place was once the hub for the finest quality of wool trade. The city has come a long way after being voted as the clown town in the year 2014. This place has the beautifully reconstructed quayside, where the massive multi decked ships would be docked. This place has an amazing roman touch to it, which makes it a must-visit for the history lovers out there. Without any further delay, let’s dive right into the list of best things to do in Exeter.

Top 10 things to do in Exeter

  • Exeter Cathedral
  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum
  • Killerton House & Gardens
  • Powderham Castle
  • Haldon Forest Park
  • Northernhay Gardens
  • Exeter Quayside
  • Crealy Great Adventure Park
  • Underground Passages
  • Bicton Park Botanical Gardens

1. Exeter Cathedral

The Exeter Cathedral is a visual feast and is a refreshment for the soul with one of the most magnificent examples of Gothic architectural styles. That is the best bit: the Cathedral of Exeter features the longest part in the history in Gothic vaulting. You don’t find it hard to understand how people could have created these amazing architectural heights from the past?

About a thousand years old, the Cathedral of Exeter is indeed a place of devotion and spirituality. It is the Bishop of Exeter ‘s seat, technically. Until you continue your religious and architectural adventure, enjoy your interactive tour. Take a community walk there, take a roof ride, and finish your day at the Cathedral Café with a hot cup of tea.

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2. Royal Albert Memorial Museum

This museum is probably one of the best-known things to do in Exeter. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) is a great way to continue your journey to Exeter as a “house of a million ideas.” You’ll eventually realise why RAMM is known to be one of the finest regional exhibitions in Britain. The museum has one million items. Overall, there is one million. There are four main collecting areas: antiquities, sculpture, natural history and the civilizations of the world.

Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Source: Google Images

Externally, you should look at the image described by Dan Cruickshank, the Architectural Heritage Expert, as “An Elegant Jewel Box for a house – a Venetian casket.” Check the complete map, which is available at their official website.

3. Killerton House & Gardens

Killerton House is a magnificent Victorian estate on 6,400 acres of working fields, woodland, gardens, cottages and vergers. The show gardens of Killerton welcome you, with wildflowers and twisting paths. The house is open on the ground floor, waiting only to tell you ancient tales. Stand in the living room, leading to the glories of the garden through tall curtains. Look at life-sized portraits that are centuries-old, stunning in silver frames.

You certainly ought to knock at the door of Killerton, so that you can hear the old tales, and maybe see some old friends. Visiting Killerton house and Gardens would probably be one of the relaxing things to do in Exeter.

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4. Powderham Castle

The doors of Powderham ‘s castle, designed by Sir Philip Courtenay in the 14th century, invite tourists to experience the old days. You would be similarly pleased and sparkling from gold-trimmed portraits to huge coats in armcoats.

Powderham Castle
Source: Google Images

You are to be blessed with the unusual smell of a comprehensive rose garden if you schedule your visit in springtime. The American Woodland Garden is still peacefully uncontaminated. Yeah, how about a pleasant little hand on a lamb’s head? You can spend a whole day wandering around this huge farm. What a wonderful thought, really. Visiting Powderham castle is one of the best things to do in Exeter.

5. Haldon Forest Park

You should find 3500 acres of forest (1416.4 hectares) just 15 minutes away from Exeter. Does anybody want to try Tarzan swing? Ziplining?  Segway tour? It is a peaceful pleasure that you will live forever, be it time for a relaxing run, for a quick trip on the mountain bike, or for some uplifting adventure.

6. Northernhay Gardens

Northernhay Gardens is the oldest public area in Britain, set out originally in 1612, and a pleasant stroll to the people of Exeter out of the rich past of Britain. This site has been carved for stone walls in Roman times. A trip across the Northernhay Gardens with its big fresh air twists will make you walk back to medieval times where even the worst of the souls will relax.

7. Exeter Quayside

Exeter Quayside is a part of the town adjacent to the Exe and Exeter Canals. This precious land area has an intricate design, waves of interesting history and vibrant pubs, which are famous with locals and tourists. Exploring an old-fashioned market, a soothing boat ride and a delicious pub grub to top off your day. When you intend to fly to Exeter, see if there are any live activities. This is the ideal venue for live music to reach the hearts of all. The list of best things to do in Exeter won’t be complete without the Quayside.

8. Crealy Great Adventure Park

The Crealy Great Adventure Park offers a pleasant spice for exploring from an old mystery to a modern-day adventure. This is family entertainment at its height with more than 60 attractions, including thrill rides and water experiences. Standing in the lovely rural area on 100 acres (40.5 hectares), ready to fly and run, and encounter some sweet and cuddly creatures.

Crealy Great Adventure Park
Source: Google Images

After this thrilling day, the kids presumably want a dinner party. Would you like to find the best way? Camp on your property, fire a barbecue and watch your kids fall asleep, just like the angels, under the dazzling stars.

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9. Underground Passages

Now, it’s cool. Medieval tours, secret waterways, beneath the city centre of Exeter. Embark on the history of war, siege, pestilence and plague. Such passages date back to the 14th century and have intrigued tourists for a long time. Nonetheless, tread lightly. We wouldn’t like to bother the ghosts that might be lurking around. Somewhere below the centre of the city centre, until you come back to life, you will only find yourself in a lively mood.

10. Bicton Park Botanical Gardens

Bicton Park Botanical Gardens
Source: Google Images

Although Haldon Park is the calmest, how about a little tranquillity of the 18th century? Bicton Gardens is a Category 1 garden in the Otter Valley of Devon. This is a year-round enjoyable walk for all ages, paired with 18th-century tranquillity and luxurious facilities. Get on the Bicton Forest Line Train, take in the glasshouses to enjoy the tropics, walk along the nature road, and explore Exeter, England has everything.

To summarise

In Exeter, England, you can discover castles, cathedrals, manors, parks, and secret tunnels in the 14th century. I hope that you can remind yourself of your travels and the good memories as you relax into the light of millennial glass panes and walk through English landscapes.

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