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The best things to do in Fitzroy- the hippiest suburb in Melbourne

True to its words, there’s really nothing like Australia. A country that lets you experience everything in one place. When we think of Australia, several places and attractions come to our mind. We picture its stunning architecture, beaches, wildlife, nature and so on. Sometimes, we focus so much only on these famous attractions that we miss out on the hidden gems. I mean, don’t get me wrong here, those famous attractions are worth every minute and every penny. But don’t you think we should also spend some time to explore the unexplored? I think we should, cause that’s what all this blog is about, lol. We’re going to take you on an imaginary trip to Fitzroy, the most progressive suburb in Melbourne city. And we’re going to tell you about the best things to do in Fitzroy. 

Fitzroy is not only the oldest but also one of the hippiest and most progressive suburbs in Melbourne. This place is literally packed with plenty of things to do and I’m not even kidding. You’ll find endless eating and drinking options in energizing venues, Artists’ markets, attractive stores and of course the famous street art. 

Here are the best things to do in Fitzroy: 

First stop at the Rose Street Artists market: 

If you’re visiting Fitzroy for the first time, your first stop should definitely be at the Rose Street Artists’ Market. Tucked just off Brunswick street, the Rose Street Artists Market is a place where emerging artists and designers sell their work, which includes art and photography, handmade jewellery and accessories, apparel, ceramics and much more. The market is held every Saturday and Sunday in Fitzroy between 11:00 A.M till 5:00 P.M. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Fitzroy. So the moment you set foot there, visit the market, support the artists and buy yourself some really cool stuff.  

Sip on Fitzroy’s speciality coffee: 

A wide range of speciality coffee shops that pour world-class Caffe lattes has infiltrated the city. When you’re in Melbourne, an amazing aroma of coffee just wafts from the coffee shops around. Just the smell of coffee is enough to lure you into these coffee shops. There are several amazing cafes across the city, but the cafes in Fitzroy take it to a whole new level. This is hands down one of the best things to do in Fitzroy. 

The coffee business here is quite competitive with each cafe providing a wide variety of excellent coffee. However, there are some which top the list; Industry beans, that roast their own coffee beans on-site and serve it with some delicious seasonal food. Grace, which serves amazing coffee with vegan cakes in a quirky setup. Slowpoke Espresso, Sir Charles and Addict Food and Coffee are other shops that are worth visiting.

Shop at boutique stores along Gertrude Street in Fitzroy

When you’re in a different country, I’m sure you’d want to go shopping and buy yourself new things. There are several places to shop in Melbourne, but you might have to move from one location to another. Now, what if I told you, Fitzroy got you covered? Yes, Fitzroy has a one-stop street where you can find everything you’re looking for. 

At Gertrude Street, you’ll find everything from Vintage wares, stylish designer boutiques, costume hires to homewares and galleries. Some of the most popular shops here are Handsom, a designer brand that sells understated garments; Obus, which sells natural fibres and quirky prints; Leonard St, which offers well-structured feminine designer clothes; and Spacecraft that provides vivid furnishings, handbags and much more. Gertrude Street is one of the best things to do in Fitzroy. If not for shopping, one must visit this place to see how pretty the shops are. 

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Enjoy a scrumptious meal at Fitzroy: 

After all the exploring and shopping, you will definitely work up an appetite. Lucky for you, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can eat from. The best part is Fitzroy has restaurants that cater to vegetarians, non-vegetarians and vegans. In fact, Fitzroy is known as the vegan capital of Australia. So all you vegans out there, you’re in for a delicious treat.

Do you guys also get confused when it comes to deciding where to eat? It happens all the time and it’s quite annoying. But fret not, when you’re in Fitzroy, you don’t have to do much deciding. Here are some of the must-visit restaurants in Fitzroy. For vegetarians and vegans, visit The Transformers, a meat-free restaurant; the Veggie bar serves vegetarian and vegan dishes; and Euro Kitchen for vegan versions of European dishes. For all you carnivores out there, visit Cutler and Co, a liberty wine bar; and Belles Hot Chicken. If you’re looking for cheaper options, Smith & Daughters, The Rainbow Hotel and Grubvan are great places to eat at. 

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Oh, and save up some space for desserts. You must definitely go to Lune Croissantarie to relish what is lauded to be the world’s best Croissants. Eating at these restaurants surely makes it to the list of the best things to do in Fitzroy. 

Admire the celebrated street art of Fitzroy: 

Melbourne is considered one of the world’s leading cities for street art. You’ll find several mind-blowing graffiti across the city. This hippy suburb is no exception. You’ll find yourself gawking at the eye-catching murals splashed on buildings. You can spend the most part of your day walking down the streets and little cobbled lanes witnessing the stunning architecture and beautiful graffiti that you’ll surely fall in love with it. If you’re an art lover you must definitely visit these places. You’ll feel like you’re strolling around a  public gallery. 

You might think I’m exaggerating it, but I’m not. See for yourself and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Use google maps and go on a walking street art tour to some of the best places like Brunswick, Rose street, Woods Street, Johnston and Smith street. Streetart is definitely the best thing to do in Fitzroy and I wouldn’t want you guys to miss this at all. 

Go on a bar crawl or unwind at the Rooftop bars: 

Last but not least, these are definitely one of the best things to do in Fitzroy. This cool suburb is home to century-old pubs and quirky and hippy modern bars. You’ll easily find around 12 bars from one end of the street to the other making it easier for you to go for a bar crawl. Some of the famous bars here are the Black Pearl, the Shady Lady and the Evelyn. 

If you’re looking to just chill out, sip your drink and enjoy the stunning views, then Fitzroy’s got you some of the best rooftop bars. You have the Marquis of Lorne, which is more than a century old; Upside Rooftop and Bar; and the tourist favourite – Naked in the Sky. This place has an eatery downstairs and offers brilliant views of the city, thereby making it the perfect rooftop bar. 

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Fitzroy is definitely worth visiting, while you’re in Melbourne. If you’re planning to travel to Melbourne, make sure you spend a minimum of 3-4 nights so that you have time to visit both the famous attractions and also the local gems. Trust me, your trip to Melbourne will feel complete when you visit Fitzroy. 

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