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Best things to do in Spain- Gastronomy, Monuments and more

Spain the country In Europe ,full of Beautiful architecture fun and food. Vacationing in Spain gives you absolute experience of almost everything. Experiencing delicious food items to walking through Architectural city. Relax at the beaches of Barcelona and experience music. Spain is a modern country and Offers you the some of the world’s best Gastronomy ,Wines and bustling Nightlife.

Here’ Spain offering you at your vacation as follows:

  • Savour the famous Delicacies of Spain
  • Must visit monuments in Spain
  • More fun things to do in Spain

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Savour the famous Delicacies of Spain

Exploring the culture and trying new dishes are everyone’s Wishlist . These are some of the must try dishes of Spain.

1. Churros-A desert in Madrid

Sweet and sugar!A traditional sweet dish dipped with chocolate sauce makes you mouth watery. The taste like Cinnamom donuts but have a crisp outside. These are made up of dough spoux pastry fried in oil and sugar sprinkled on it.

Image Source: Unsplash

2. Try Tapas-At many places

Tapas is a morsel food served with drink at many places in Spain.Each Tapas is different at every bar.its a tradition of serving Tapas with wine or a drink .Drink lot at bars and eat lot of Tapas!. In Granada you get Tapas for free with your Drink. Some famous Tapas are Spanish Omelette, Croquettes, Calamares a la Romana( fried Squid).

Image source: Pixabay

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3. Taste different wines at Vineyards of Spain

Spain is famous for its Spanish red wines in the regions of La Roija and Ribera del Duero. La Roija is located at the north of Spain where the Ebro valley is decorated with the Vineyards. In summer there are many festivals of wine including The Batalla de Vino- a very famous festival. The wines are compared to be bright and fruity as compared to the other regions of Spain.

image source: Deposit photos

4. Eat Paella at Barcelona or Valencina

The must try dish of Spain typically the Spanish rice with seafood, vegetables ,saffron and served in a single plate. Choose the correct restaurant for Paella as it will make your experience worth eating.Valenciana serves the best Paella made of meat and is authentic.

La Paella Dish
Image Source: Pixabay

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Must visit Monuments in Spain

1. Seville Cathedral and the City

Seville the capital city of Andalusia in the sourthern part of spain is famous for Flamenco culture. This city has many things to offer. From the Catholic and Moorish architecture to historical buildings.The famous Alcazar palace is the most visited place. The another attraction is the famous Gothic Cathedral in Spain.Inside Cathedral is Giralda Bell Tower, a minaret of the church.

Heard of Bull fight in Spain. yes the famous Real Maestranza Bull ring is the famous plazas in Seville. There is a museum inside the plaza .The Bull fights, tour of the Plaza and visiting museum tours takes place.

Seville city
Image source: Pixabay

2. Madrid’s Three Art museums

The Golden triangle of Madrid of Art Also known as Madrids three art museums. If you are in love with European Art then this place is a must. The city is a haven for art lovers. find the works of Velázquez to Picasso. All the three museums are located at Placo del Prado. The three world class museums are:

  • Museo Nacional Thyssen- Bornemisza
  • Prado museum( Museo del Prado)
  • Museo nacional centro de arte Reina Sofia (Reina Sofia National art centre)

The recent work is Las Menisas By Velázquez and The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch.

Prado museum
Image source: Pixabay

3. La Sagrada Familia and Park Guëll -Barcelona

The architectural work by Antonia Gaudi in the city of Barcelona. His architecture is unique and adoring .Some of the most visited monuments are La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. The park Guell is consturted on the hill side and is a flop city.Many artificial things are tried to make it as natural. The beauty and the different styles of houses are fascinating.Other most watched buildings are Gaudi’s Casa Mila and Casa Milet.

Park Guell-Barcelona
Image source: Pixabay

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4. The Mezquita Mosque-Catheral of Cordoba

The Mezquita Mosque-Catheral of Cordoba is a mosque converted into a Cathedral in 13th century. tHe interior of the cathedral has various chapels along with the quadrangle. Also theres an old minaret in it. the most intricate decoration is it is carved in a single marble block in the form of shell and has walls of Byzantine style coloured with gold and mosaics.

The Mesquita mosque-Cordoba
Image source: Unsplash

5. Segovia- the Roman Aquaduct

The one of the most preserved Aquaduct by Romans in spain.It was built in 50 AD. the Aquaduct is built by 24000 granite blocks without using Mortar.The above ground portion is 728 metres long with 165 Arches. In 20th century the aquaduct carried water from Frio river to City of Segovia.

Segovia Roman Aquaduct
Image source: Unsplash

More Fun Things to do in Spain

1. La Tomatina Tomato festival

Want to play with Tomatoes?The famous La Tomatina a tomato throwing festival in Bunol near Valencina. This event takes place at the last Wednesday in August. The event is famous for tomato fight between 11am -1 pm on that day.

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La Tomatina Festival
Image source: Deposit photos

2. Catch a Sight at Flamenco Show

The folk music of Spain divided in Three parts: Guitar,Song and Dance. Originally is was not of music but only clapping and singing. Castanets attracts the dance more. The dress own by dancers have lot of frills.

Flamenco show
Image source: Pixabay

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3. Shop at the best Souvenirs

while in Spain don’t forget to buy the attracting souvenirs that are unique from others.Some of the items are:

  • Spanish Fan from Barcelona
  • Saffron from Granada
  • Leather wine bottle known as bota from Siguënza.
  • The swords from Tolado
  • Also shop for yourself from the famous markets of Granada’s La Alceicera market and Barcelona’s La Boqueria. The markets are colour full markets of Spain.
Granada market spain
Image source: Unsplash

This is not the end.There are many more things to visit in Spain, our guide will help you.make your Spain trip memorable Spain with Pickyourtrail. There are loads of Spain packages to choose or you can customise your trip As Our travel experts are just a call away. Bon Voyage!

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