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Bungee Jump At Pattaya
Written by Rushenka Christopher on April 24, 2020 Share on

Bungee Jumping in Pattaya: Experience Adrenaline Pumping Adventure

Thailand is a land of endless opportunities for anyone who is looking for an action-packed vacation. While there are numerous adventure activities to try out in this beautiful country, Bungee jumping in Pattaya definitely stands out as one of the most fun things to do in Thailand. Bungee jumping is basically jumping from a height while being attached to a long elastic cord. If you are an adventure junkie and this has always been on your bucket list, there is no better place to do this because Bungee Jump Pattaya offers you the best ocean view while also being unbelievably economical.


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Types of Bungee Jumping in Pattaya

Regular Bungee Jumping, Pattaya
Image source: Pixabay

1. Pattaya Bungee Jump

The platform for this jump is located at a height of 60 meters and it is bound to get your adrenaline spiking through the roofs. After you are strapped onto the harness, you just have to take a leap of faith and jump for an experience that is insanely terrifying and exciting at the same time.

2. The Human Slingshot

This jump is definitely as cool as it sounds. With a platform at a whopping height of 90 meters, this is going to be a jump of a lifetime for sure.

The Human Slingshot, Pattaya
Image source: befreetour

Weight restrictions

  • For the regular Bungee Jump, the minimum required weight is 35 kgs and the maximum weight is 150 kgs
  • For The Human Slingshot, the minimum required weight is 35 kgs and the maximum weight is 100 kgs


The only reason why many travellers hesitate to do this is that they are concerned about their safety. While it’s fair to be doubtful of the safety, it is important to know that the Pattaya Bungee Jump is accredited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT 13/01984) and conform with the highest international safety standards as set out by SANZ (Standards Association of New Zealand) and BERSA (British Elastic Rope Sports Association) and all the instructors here are well trained and everything is monitored so you really need not worry at all.

Getting ready to Bungee Jump
Image source: Pikrepo

You will be asked to fill out an insurance form before the jump and this is not recommended for people who have heart ailments, back-aches, or any other pre-existing medical condition. You will also not be allowed to do this if you are intoxicated.

A few tips before Bungee Jumping in Pattaya

  • You can avail hotel pick-up and drop while you’re booking your Bungee jump tickets. They offer pick-up and drop services to most hotels in the Pattaya City
  • You can opt for an HD video of this awesome experience, you could choose this option this while booking or this can be done on the spot as well
  • Don’t forget to collect your ‘Certificate of Courage’. You undeniably deserve it and what is better memorabilia than this?
  • You can also opt for lunch after your jump so you can plan your day accordingly

Put aside all your doubts and fear and enjoy this amazing experience as you jump to the perfect view of the ocean. This can be mind-numbingly beautiful.

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