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A Quick Checklist for your first Europe Trip

Planning your dream vacation to Europe? Here are few things which you need to keep in mind.

Check your Passport Validity

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A passport that is valid for at least six months after your trip is needed. So don’t forget to check the expiration date before you plan your tour and if your passport needs renewal, begin with the process as soon as possible.

Currency exchange and using credit cards

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Make sure you check out the currency information before exchanging any money as few destinations like England, Sweden and Switzerland don’t use the euro. You will find international ATMs easily in case you want to use your debit card, just mark that your bank may charge a nominal fee for foreign transactions. Visa and MasterCard are broadly accepted credit cards in Europe. Also a little cash on hand is always a good idea. You can order euros at your place and keep some cash ready even before leaving. Also option of carrying travel cards is always open.

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Learn the language

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English is a widely spoken language in Europe but knowing a little bit of German, French, Spanish, and Italian, just some key phrases will help you to connect with the locals and perceive their culture. Also this will help you survive in the city with, words for food, police, hotels etc can help you navigate through basic needs. You can purchase a beginners’s guide for any particular language or try listening to podcasts or lessons on YouTube.


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Pack smart for your trip 

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Pack light. You may be travelling in trains, ferries or flights, so carrying just one checked bag and one handbag will make it easy for you. Save a little space for souvenirs or something that you would shop during your trip. Pack light clothes, something that you can re-wear as well. However international flights have about 25-30 kgs check-in luggage allowed but also keep in mind that you might need to travel by domestic flights in that particular country where extra check-in luggage would be chargeable. Also if you travelling light will enable you to roam around and explore hassle free.

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Get a power adapter converter

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It’s a good idea to carry a power adapter as it enables you to use foreign power outlets. A converter will alter the voltage to match that of your device. In Europe, most outlets are C,E and F type. Carry and take well care of your all electronic devices and keep charge them in the night itself so that you get it full charged next morning and you will need them around when you step out of your accommodation.

Beat a Jet Lag

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Jet lag is definitely an issue but you can beat it with a little effort. As you can find out the time difference in your place of arrival, make an effort to adjust to the new schedule a few days before leaving. Try to sleep as much as possible on the plane to your destination. On arriving, set your watch to match the local time. Keep yourself up until bedtime. Grab a cup of coffee or stay busy by going for a walk. Eat healthy and light food on the flight and if consuming alcohol keep it to 1-2 drinks tops.

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Stay connected in Europe

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You can purchase an international SIM card. International phone plans are also available but they can be quite expensive. Connect to local WiFi and put the phone on flight mode to keep the charges low. Sign up for Skype as it allows free video calling and international calls for a small fee. 

Best time to visit Europe

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Europe offers different experiences at different spans of year. Whether it’s summer, winter or spring, it is exciting throughout the year. But off-season travel is often recommended in the absence of an oppressive crowd which is usually there in the summertime. The tour becomes cost friendly as travel and hotel prices are low. The weather is comfortable as well. In a big picture point of view Europe is a year round destination. It has something for everyone !


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