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Places To Cycle In Seychelles – Pedal Through Seychelles

Nothing could be compared to the pleasure of riding a cycle, right? Cycling to school, cycling all the way to reduce our body fat, participating in cycling race just to show off our skills and what not? We all love cycling, right? Now, let me ask you something. How would you feel if you find places to cycle in Seychelles? Yes, you heard me right. Cycling and Seychelles go well together! There are great cycling places in Seychelles where you can literally go back to your old cycling days and enjoy a ride. Does cycling excite you? Interested to find about the top places to cycle in Seychelles? Well, have a read.

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Places to cycle in Seychelles

Cycling in Seychelles is popular in three main islands which are Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. Also, cycling is very common in all these three islands. Let’s virtually cycle to these places and find out the speciality.

  • Mahé
  • La Digue
  • Praslin

1. Mahé

You will find some best roads in Mahé where you can cycle. Interestingly, the whole cycling journey path is filled with spectacular scenic places. So, you can enjoy cycling and also take a look at scenic places. In addition, you can pedal through the famous Morne Seychellois National Park or you can take the North Coast Road from Beau Vallon to Victoria. You can also choose to pedal around Desroches Island and Alphonse Island by cycle for a better experience.

2. La Digue

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No matter where you go in Seychelles, make sure you head to La Digue which is one of the best places to cycle in Seychelles. Interestingly, cycling is the main form of transport in La Digue. That’s cool, huh? Also, imagine how cycling plays a major role in La Digue. If you want a smooth cycling experience, make sure you choose to cycle to the famous Anse Source D’Argent. If you are looking for a challenging ride, you can head to the south coast beaches which are Anse Cocos, Petite Anse, and Grand Anse.

3. Praslin

The third and the final one to enter the list of places to cycle in Seychelles is Praslin. Well, you might face some traffic in Praslin compared to the rest two islands. Praslin is filled with many tough cycling routes. So, if you are looking for a challenging place to cycle, make sure you choose Praslin.

Cycling rules in Seychelles

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Here are some of the important cycling rules in Seychelles which you should be knowing.

  • There shouldn’t be pillion passengers on a cycle
  • Make sure your cycle is licensed
  • Check well if the brakes are working
  • Cycle helmets are not mandatory as per Seychelles law
  • Most of the roads in Seychelles doesn’t have a signboard. So, get ready with a map or a GPS device before you start.
  • Pneumatic tires must be fitted

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If you love cycling, add Seychelles right away in your bucket list and get ready to ride. Also, do let us know in the comments section on which one is your favourite among the three places to cycle in Seychelles. Get your cycling partner and start planning your vacation. Head to Pickyourtrail website and check on the cool tour packages to Seychelles.

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