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Doge's Palace in Italy
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on August 28, 2021 Share on

Doge’s Palace in Italy: The Gothic Marvel of Venice!

Italy is home to many remarkable architectures that stands as an emblem of its ancient history. Regardless, Doge’s Palace has always been a significant creation of ancient art. Being the most visited site in the region of Venice, this awe-inspiring gothic architecture has been making generations of tourists going spellbound. Visiting Doge’s Palace will make you feel like you have travelled back to ancient Italy as you get wrapped in its artistic aura in every corner. After spending a romantic ride in Gondola in this floating city, it is a must-do to visit this picturesque monument.


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Travel To The Doge’s Palace in Italy

Doge Palace in Italy
Image Source: Unsplash

Doge’s Palace is a versatile monument that tops the most attractive palace in the entire country. Being a first-timer, at first glance of Doge’s palace, you will be intrigued with this question – How did they build it at that old age? You can be a history buff or not, but your curiosity will reach beyond its scale. Most importantly, it has more than just a building to look around. Ultimately, there is no space for you to be bored. Read more! As there are still more to come that will lure you and help you to have a hassle-free journey to this remarkable structure.

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How To Travel To Doge’s Palace? 

Waterways in Venice, Doge Palace
Image Source: Pixabay

Being in the city of bridges, reaching the Doge’s palace will be the easiest thing to do. It is one of the most visited attractions in the busiest locality, making it easier for you to arrive at the Doge’s Palace by any mode of transportation once you arrive at Venice Airport. It is only 8km away from the airport.

  • For a faster way, riding a Taxi is the best option. You’ll reach in 15 minutes.
  • To experience the life of Venice amidst the locals at a relaxed pace, take a Bus. It’ll take only 25-30 mins of ride along with some exhilarating views to reach the Doge’s Palace.
  • There is also another way to experience the alluring beauty of Venice while travelling to Doge’s Palace. Take a Gondola, admire the canals. It will be the longest route as it takes 1 hour and 30 mins.

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What is Doge’s Palace?

Doge's Palace in Venice, Italy
Image Source: Unsplash

Doge’s Palace is a masterpiece that came into life during the gothic era. At the centre of Venice, in Piazza San Marco, this palace stands proudly to prove that genius architects existed in the Venetian Gothic period. This 9th-century architecture is the epitome of Venice royal heritage and a residence in the past forced to face transitions over centuries after facing several disasters and later converted into a Byzantine-style palace. Minimalistic exterior and elegant interior constantly remind us not to decide the worth of something based on the outside. 

Being a large palace embodying various segments inside such as Judicial Chambers, Institutional Offices and Doge’s Apartments, it is the centre of the Venetian Republic administration. Moreover, it is also a venue for various significant political meetings. As time started to decay this versatile structure, the Italian Government decided to keep it as pride and asset under Venetian Museum Network. You can look around this iconic ensemble with an aesthetic watchtower. Plus, it has one of the largest rooms in Europe in the Chamber of The Council of Ten. Moreover, explore the Scrigno Room and look out for the renowned Silver book.

Yes! This attraction is like a treasure box that opens you to encounter many wonders you have never witnessed before. This guide will give you unavoidable information and reasons why you shouldn’t miss this spectacular gallery during your Italy vacation. 

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What Is So Unique About Doge’s Palace In Italy?

Doge’s Palace has a vast timeline that represents its birth, gloom and rebirth. Naturally, you will fall in love with its impressive Renaissance art, and its history, which stays in your heart forever.

Exterior Beauty

Doge Palace's Exterior, Italy
Image Source: Unsplash

The Doge’s palace you see on your trip is the outcome of renovation in the 14th-century. It is not a product of one architect but a result of the brilliance of various renaissance and gothic artists’ collaboration. This Venetian Gothic Architecture is an otherworldly-like creation to date. Its double-storey slender columns that perfectly holds the weight of the castle will make you speechless. And the fascinating facade appears like a woven lace because of the pinkish Verona marble. Apart from that, Doge’s Palace’s topmost roofline is also a testimony of the influence of Islamic architecture. If you think that this is the end of the distinctive showcase of Doge’s Palace, you are on the wrong side.

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There are a few more stunning artistic layers that you should look out for in this palace:

  • The enlivening beauty of Doge’s palace lies in its external beauty at the Central Courtyard. It has numerous columns, Adam and Eve statues, and more that screams the praise of the Renaissance era. Walk on the gigantic staircases, look around the Doge’s crowning room and take photographs with guarding statues. And don’t forget to peek at the yard designed by Antonio Rizzo.
  • Porta della Carta, aka Paper Gate, is an entrance that connects St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace. Being designed by master architects Giovanni and Bartolomeo, everything in it is pure perfection. This Venetian gothic gateway is a place where people used to submit a petition for the council. Also, there are more intriguing statues and symbols existing as a resonance of the Venetian past.
  • The next most distinguished spot on Doge’s Palace is “The Bridge of Sighs“, also known as Ponte dei Sospiri. You can immediately notice it at the end of the facade. It has an intriguing structure with fragile stonework uniting the palace with the new prison. Its name comes from the past. Back then, this bridge route was taken to bring the prisoners in front of the Judge. There will be a moment when the prisoners look back at the Venice river running under the bridge and sigh.

Interior Wonder

Interior of Doge Palace, Italy
Image Source: Unsplash

While the external beauty purely depends upon the craftmanship, the internal beauty of the Doge’s palace speaks the language of painting, art, colours and the tint of golden aura. Besides, get bombarded by the most spectacular art of the Gothic period coming alive.

These are some of the most captivating works that you should never miss seeing:

  • Visit the Hall of Council of Ten, look around this once-secret judicial chamber. Embrace its political solidity reflected through the bold yet artistic hall and the lion sculpture.
  • The Grand Council Chamber is Europe’s largest hall that can hold up to 2000 magistrates. Apart from this title, the iconic pieces of artworks and paintings are noteworthy. Yes! This hall presents the world’s largest oil painting. You could also witness gorgeous paintings representing all the Doges except the traitor who will be painted in black.
  • The next must-see segment is the Scala d’Oro (Stairs of Gold). This layer of the palace is also the enchanting internal beauty of Doge’s Palace. These stairs, decorated by 24 Carat gold, interlinks the first floor and the upper floor. Yes! There are more chances for you to be charmed by the beauty and elegance of the stairs. Also, this staircase used to be off-limit except for council members and Doges.
  • You can meet the dark side of this marvellous palace in the Prisons segment. With the most minimalistic design interlinked by the Bridge of Sighs with the Palace, this prison is a 16th-century architecture – a pure contrast to Doge’s Palace.
  • Spend a generous amount of time in the Doge’s apartment. You have so much to look around, starting from the carved wooden ceiling with intrinsic golden layers, carved doors and windows to the artistic marble chimney and phenomenal interior decor. You could encounter numerous works of Giovanni and unique rooms with splendid interiors.

Things To Remember While Visiting the Doge Palace

Piazza San Marco, Italy
Image Source: Unsplash

Be mindful of these generic pieces of information before visiting the palace to make your tour experience flawless.

  1. Location: Piazza San Marco, 1, 30124 Venezia, Italy
  2. Fee: If you are holding a City Pass, you are free to enter the palace without paying the fee. If you don’t have it, it costs more than 20 EUR for adults and 16 EUR for children. Moreover, the price is subject to change. Also, for children under 6, there are no entry fees.
  3. Opening Hour: 8:30 AM; Closing Hour: 8:00 PM.

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Tips For Visiting Doge’s Palace In Italy:

  1. Make sure to plan your visit on a weekday to avoid a heavy crowd.
  2. Arrive one hour before the opening time to skip the line.
  3. Since you have to walk a lot, wear comfy clothes and shoes.
  4. Make sure to visit other famous monuments close to Doge’s Palace.

FAQ For Doge’s Palace in Italy

What are the famous attractions to visit near Doge’s Palace?

Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Basilica, Ponte Di Rialto, The Gritti Epicurean School, and Canal Grande are some of the famous attractions near Doge Palace.

What are the best restaurants close to Doge’s Palace?

Trovatore Restaurant, Restaurant Terrazza Danieli, Ristorante Al Teatro Italia, Settimo Cielo Rooftop Restaurant, Ristorante Giardino d’Inverno, Pasticceria Da Bonifacio and Gran Caffe Chioggia are some of the best restaurants near Doge’s Palace.

Can I find Europe’s Largest oil painting in Doge’s Palace?

Yes! Il Paradiso, the largest oil painting in Europe is showcased in the Doge Palace’s massive main hall.

What are the best places to stay near Doge’s Palace?

Hotel Antiche Figure, Hotel Campiello, Hotel Moresco(4-star Hotel) and Hotel San Moise(3-star Hotel) are some of the best hotels to stay near Doge’s Palace.


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Doge’s Palace is an irresistible tourist attraction. And that gives all the reason to add it to your bucket list. So explore Italy, enjoy their lavish cuisine and travel back in time through Doge’s Palace at the same time. Start looking for a perfect Italy travel package or Venice holiday package on the Pickyourtrail website. For including more indulgence, customise your own Italy itinerary.

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