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Free Things to Do in Venice
Written by Adarsh S on June 24, 2021 Share on

6 Best Free Things to Do in Venice – The City of Canals

Venice is unique in terms of its atmosphere, architecture, and history. Moreover the city has dubbed la Serenissima during its republican days. It is one of the world’s oldest tourist and cultural centres. In addition to that, it has a well established prominent Italian port on the northern Adriatic sea. people travel from al over the world to visit the old and beautiful structures of Venice, as well as the canals. it has become one of the most well-known cities in the world as a result of this. let us now get into what PickYourTrail wants you to know – the top 6 things you can do for Free in Venice in 2024.

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Top 6 Free Things to do in Venice

  • People Watch at Piazza San Marco
  • Cross the Rialto Bridge for a Stroll
  • Explore the Endless Canals
  • Visit the San Giorgio Dei Greci
  • Visit the Saint Mark’s Basilica
  • Go Window Shopping

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1. People Watch at Piazza San Marco

People Watch at Piazza San Marco - Top 6 things you can do for free in venice
Image Source: istockphoto

The best area to hang out is in Piazza San Marco. You’ll undoubtedly hear it referred to as “la piazza” by locals. It is surrounded by significant landmarks, magnificent historic buildings, and upscale cafes, some of which have live music in the evening. While you can hear the music for free while walking around, eating at a table is usually quite costly. This lovely piazza, nestled in the shadows of the Basilica di San Marco, is the ideal place to unwind, savour some gelato, and immerse yourself in Venice’s daily life.

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2. Cross the Rialto Bridge for a Stroll

Cross the Rialto Bridge for a Stroll - Top 6 things you can do for free in venice
Image Source: Unsplash

The Rialto Bridge is the oldest of the four bridges that span Venice’s Grand Canal. In Addition to this, the covered arches of the bridge house shops and the famed Rialto Market, which is worth visiting early in the morning. Moreover, this bustling food market with its numerous little kiosks has been open for centuries. Arrive early to observe the boats unloading fresh fish. Furthermore, this busy bridge is the ideal spot for watching the sunset and gondolas pass by.

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3. Explore the Endless Canals

Explore the Endless Canals - Top 6 things you can do for free in venice
Image Source: Unsplash

There are about 150 canals in Venice, ranging from the Grand Canal, the city’s main roadway, to minor canals only accessible by small boats. Moreover the old houses line the canals, which are often adorned with flowers. In Addition to that, Wandering through the alleys along the canals is a relaxing (and free) activity. You’re bound to get lost, but that’s part of Venice’s allure. The canals of Venice are a maze of unexpected delights, including quaint cafes, colourful ceramic shops, musical performers, and family-run eateries. You never know what you’ll come across around the next corner!

4. Visit the San Giorgio Dei Greci

Visit the San Giorgio Dei Greci - Top 6 things you can do for free in venice
Image Source: Unsplash

San Giorgio dei Greci, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George, is the Orthodox Diaspora’s oldest and arguably most historically significant cathedral. Additionally, the Greek people built the church in the 16th century, and it is considered one of the best Orthodox temples in the world. Moreover, It’s in the Castello area of Venice, which was historically home to a considerable Greek population. Inside, gold, post-Byzantine mosaics, wood stalls, and a frescoed cupola painted under Tintoretto’s supervision complement the imagery. In Addition to this, there’s also a sagging bell tower at the church.

5. Visit the Saint Mark’s Basilica

Visit the Saint Mark's Basilica - Top 6 things you can do for free in venice
Image Source: Unsplash

This incredible must-see site was created in 1092 in honour of Saint Mark the Evangelist! From the outside, admire the elaborate Gothic-Byzantine architecture, then enter the church’s stunningly beautiful interior. With good cause, the octagonal Basilica Santa Maria della Salute is one of Venice’s most photographed churches. The Baroque church is on the Grand Canal in the Dorsoduro area, visible from the entrance to Piazza San Marco. Since Built in the 17th century it was as a thank you for the end of the plague. Moreover, The entry steps are made of white Istrian stone and the buttresses of the church is adorned with around 100 figures. While admission to the museum is free, there is a minor fee to visit the museum.

6. Go Window Shopping

Go Window Shopping - Top 6 things you can do for free in venice
Image Source: Unsplash

Venice is heaven for window shoppers! Window displays include creative blown glass, jewellery, and brilliantly designed carnival masks in many small establishments. There are several premium designer shops in the San Marco area, but the Strada Nova, the Cannaregio district’s large main street, is a mix of souvenir shops and local retailers. The Dorsoduro area is home to art galleries and antique shops. Moreover, it is better for you to avoid any purchase of things sold from any street peddlers, since you may be punished if you buy any illegal things.

That’s it for now. Come Back soon for many more of these. If you are looking to plan for Venice as your Vacation, Let PickYourTrail help you craft a wonderful and fun trip. Have a look at some of our Italy tour packages and Italy honeymoon packages to get an idea. Will be Back with a lot fun places for you to Explore!

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