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Do’s and Don’ts of Travel Packing – Must Know Travel Tips

Travel is one of the best action words ever known to humans. Afterall, we are social animals and the need to get lost amidst our surroundings often sticks around us. One can expand their sense of understanding, empathy, self acceptance and mental strength by travelling. Breaking your mental cage and releasing yourself into physical space is all you will need to fortify the inner you! Any relationship you make, you end up travelling. Travelling with people you discover the world. Without them, you discover yourself. And to such an essential part of life, packing the right way is a game changer. Let’s discover the right way to pack.

How to Plan a Trip from Scratch

  1. Plan the dates and duration
  2. Learn your budget
  3. Get your documents ready 
  4. Study your destination
  5. Book your flights
  6. Research about your destination
  7. Plan your accommodation 
  8. Understand the transport 
  9. Book your activities
  10. Do the right packing

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Let’s abbreviate packing the right way to make your journey free from hassles.

Packing the Right Way

A Guide to Pack according to Seasons

In travel terms, there are only 3 seasons – Peak season, Shoulder season and Low season. But generally a country may have 4 seasons. Let’s understand what they are and how these seasons influence your packing accordingly.

Summer guide
The key to escape the summer sun is to pack light. Sun protection including sun screens, sunglasses and packable hats. Make sure you take along lightweight linen and cotton clothes. Lightweight scarves and flat sandals should finish the game. Tees and cotton pants sum up your attire and swimsuit if you are planning to hit a beach. But be mindful when you are going to a religious place.

Spring guide
The hint here is get ready for whatever weather. Take along light sweaters and jackets to protect you from the cold weather. Practically stylish and light is the hack here. Long sleeve Denim overcoat along with full pants should be your saviour. But you needn’t follow the ‘cover yourself fully’ religiously. Add spice by remixing your denim jackets with shorts to look chirpy. Packable, quick-dry and light weight is the winning formula.

Autumn guide
Yet an unpredictable weather season. Sweatshirts, jackets, casual blazers, lightweight coats and packable sweaters along with a blend of footwear like hiking shoes and crocs to match your activity list. Light scarfs should add to your style statement. The start of this season is more like a summer and the weather sets to become colder slowly. Hence, understand your timeline and pack accordingly.

Winter guide
Start packing with a thick coat. Gloves and thick scarfs are the game starters. Thick sweaters along with woollen shirts will not only give you the necessary warmth but also will accentuate your classy winter look. If you are planning for snowfall destinations, a high grade leather jacket along with knee length leather boots is a must.

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A Guide to Pack according to Destinations

Packing according to destination might sound an obvious thing, but there is so much in it we would often miss out.

If you are planning for a nature’s visit, do not forget taking along repellents, bug sprays, ointments, wasp spray, flare lights while if you are planning to visit countries with popular tourist destinations, you need to take along the necessary things along with power banks, adapters, money pouch, a handy bag to carry around, sanitizers and masks for the Covid season. Be mindful of the activities you choose to do since each of them demands a different version of you. Hiking shoes if you are planning to hike for example. Most of the adventure activities require you to dress comfortably. Hence pack them accordingly. 

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Tip time: Pack it light. International flights allow 25 to 30 Kgs luggage but domestic flights charge you extra for that. Hence, packing it light is the ultimate success formula.

Quick DIY Organisers you might need

Remember Mr. Bean cutting his jeans into half to pack light? Well, we needn’t do the same. Here are quick DIYs to save your jeans.

  1. Roll your clothes so that you will get more space for other things. 
  2. Use small bottles to carry your face creams.
  3. Use a pill box to carry lightweight accessories.
  4. Replace your huge shampoo bottle with sachets. 
  5. Create compartments using cardboard. 
  6. Use your glass case to store wired gadgets.
  7. Use ziplock bags to keep your clothes organised. This way you save time by choosing your outfit for each day. 
  8. Carry a mini version of your toiletries.

Why Travel Bags are Important

However, you minimise the things you carry, the essentials can never be avoided. On top of that, if your bags are going to weigh more, the whole effort is just going to be messed up. Choose bags that can be reliable, strong, fashionable and light weight of course.

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