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Hidden Treasures in Central Europe
Written by Preetha Manivelan on July 2, 2021 Share on

Central Europe: Where Fairytales Come to Life

Europe, as a destination, is full of hidden treasures and I am sure Central Europe is one. There is so much for a traveler to discover on a vacation to Central Europe. It is exciting for a vacation with friends, peaceful for a family vacation to Central Europe, and romantic when it comes to a honeymoon vacation to Central Europe. Besides the cobbled streets, sightseeing places, and museums with a rich heritage, there are many dream-like sights in Central Europe that are nothing but a treat to the eyes of travelers. If you are someone who just gets lost in the beauty of castles, quaint villages, and sceneries, check this article out. We have listed here the top places in Central Europe which are indeed hidden gems. Make sure to plan your itinerary with these places and you will realize why Central Europe is one of a kind destination.

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Hidden Treasures In Central Europe
Photo by virgil maierean on Unsplash

8 Hidden Treasures in Central Europe

All set to go on a virtual tour to these hidden gems in Central Europe? You no longer have to search them on storybooks, google, or any dreamy movies. Central Europe has them all. Keep reading to discover these places just right.

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
  2. Triglav National Park, Slovenia
  3. Zugspitze Peak, Germany
  4. Burg Kreuzenstein, Austria
  5. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
  6. Cesky Krumlov Castle, Czech Republic
  7. Grossglockner Road, Austria
  8. Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

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1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, Hidden Treasures in Central Europe
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

New Hohenschwangau Castle then and Neuschwanstein Castle now, this is one of the beautiful castles in Europe. There are many guided tours available which are mostly like 35 minutes, taking you through the castle and explaining its history. Kindly note that you need a reservation prior and this being one of the top attractions can easily get sold out. This castle displays different beauties in different seasons and each of them can leave you in awe. Take a bus ride or trek up to enjoy the best ways to getting there.

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2. Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Triglav National Park, Hidden Treasures in Central Europe
Photo by Arno Vermote on Unsplash

Triglav National Park is one of the unspoiled beauties in Slovenia. With green valleys, tall peaks, and blue skies, this national park is home to diverse flora and fauna. If you are someone who loves nature, then you must visit Triglav National Park. Even fun if you are a trekker so you can trek Slovenia’s best alps. One quick tip. Make sure you carry your camera while visiting this place to capture some magnificent views.

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3. Zugspitze Peak, Germany

Zugspitze Peak, Germany, Hidden Treasures in Central Europe
Photo by Kilian Karger on Unsplash

Here comes Zugspitze Peak, one of the best dream-like sights in Central Europe. Located 2,962 meters above sea level, this is said to be Germany’s highest mountain. Apart from just getting lost in the beauty, you can also try many activities like snowboarding and skiing or enjoying good food at the summit restaurant. Visiting this picturesque peak is something that you would enjoy the most on your Germany tour.

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4. Burg Kreuzenstein, Austria

Burg Kreuzenstein Castle is gracefully located a few kilometers to the north of Vienna, a half an hour drive away. Standing 266 meters above sea level, this place is one of the beautiful castles in lower Austria. Head out to the summit of the castle to enjoy some good views of the Danube River, the Vienna Woods, and nearby villages.


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5. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Hidden Treasures in Central Europe
Photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

Plitvice Lakes National Park is indeed a dream-like sight that’s located in Croatia and the below picture explains it all. Such a mesmerizing place where you will find beautiful waterfalls amidst lush greeneries. This site is so beautiful that you will forget to even blink an eye. You can reach here by taking trails or a boat ride or even via zipline.


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6. Cesky Krumlov Castle, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov Castle, Hidden Treasures in Central Europe
Photo by Minkus on Unsplash

The castle is a worth visiting attraction in the Czech Republic. The architecture of this castle has some Baroque gardens and a theatre which are connected by a huge bridge connecting them. There is also a tower situated at the western edge of the castle where you will get some incredible views of the city. On your Prague holiday, plan some time to visit this beauty.

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7. Grossglockner Road, Austria

Grossglockner Road, Hidden Treasures in Central Europe
Photo by Benjamin Sadjak on Unsplash

Located in Austria, Grossglockner Road is one of the dream-like sights in Central Europe. Visiting this mountain pass road is going to be a great experience. You can have a ride or hike this mountain if you are a mountaineer as it will be one unmatched experience. During winter, the alps covered with white snow will just take your breath away.

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8. Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge, Hidden Treasures in Central Europe
Photo by Martin Krchnacek on Unsplash

While you are in Prague, make sure to take a stroll along Charles Bridge as it is one of the peaceful things to do on your vacation. The best time to visit is during the evening where you can see some amazing sunset views of the Vltava River and the bridge itself. Apart from the beauty it carries, it also holds great history. This top sightseeing place is indeed a masterpiece.

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Relating these places to the title now – Straight out of fairytales? These places are indeed beautiful and no different from what you see in a storybook. Just that these places are real. People call a vacation ‘dreamy’ and with these dream-like sights in Central Europe, we totally agree, don’t we? If you are someone who wants to fill your social media handles with some picture-perfect captures, then these places in Central Europe are where you should head to. Here is the final step. Check out the Pickyourtrail website for some Europe Tour Packages for central Europe and plan that dreamy vacation.

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