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A truly family affair – vacationing at Hong Kong

Among the world’s metropolises, Hong Kong is a unique one. Unique because – at once – it houses the glorious skyscrapers the city is renowned for and is home to some of the most spectacular natural parks and reserves. Brilliant food is only a cherry atop it. Here’s more on why Hong Kong should be your next family vacation–

Bright lights and big cities~

The Observation Wheel – at 60 metres high – is a Ferris wheel overlooking the Victoria harbor that provides unhindered view of the Hong Kong city and skyline, in all its glory. Imagine being able to avoid the crowds in the street just by hopping on to an escalator. Covering over 800 metres , the central-mid-levels escalator and walkway system does just this. All you have to do is hop onto this sleek escalator that connects areas of central and western districts. Given the food stalls decked on the way, a pitstop to feed your grumbling stomachs seems like a great idea, eh?

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Nature tripping~

The Hong Kong Global Geo Park has been inducted by UNESCO in its Global Geoparks Network list. The Hong Kong Wetland Park, on the other hand, is home to a stunning variety of wildlife – the Pui Pui crocodile, for instance. For the more active ones, a hike along the Central Green Trail through the Hong Kong Park is a great way to keep spirits up while getting the family to bond. Fill to brim the picnic basket with food – maybe some of those Hong Kong street delicacies – and treat your family to a refreshing walk and some mouth-watering food.

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The fun factor~

Amusement park, oceanarium, animal theme park, marine mammal park – Ocean Park is all of this rolled into one. Treat your family to exhilarating roller coaster rides, or gape in awe at the marine life passing by at the world’s largest aquarium dome. The Ocean Theatre has a Park’s marine life feature in a production called, Sea Dreams, where you are initiated into with a little information about pandas, instructed on how to take care of them – feed them, etc. Head over to the Hong Kong 3D Museum. Excite yourselves in the collection of 60 3D artworks on display, and giddy yourselves in 3D simulation experiences on offer – mirror maze, infinity tunnel to name a few.

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The culture dip~

Hong Kong is the global gateway into China, a symbol of modernity. On the other hand it clings on to its ancient roots – playing house to temples and monasteries galore. Visiting the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin is a great way to get kids excited about culture and religion, without risking boring them. The Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin Car – with a glass bottom – lets you in on great panoramic views from underneath your feet. Take a ride to the Ngong Ping village and explore the legacy of Buddhism while taking a walk by the Po Lin monastery – only to be greeted by a 34 metre tall Buddha statue. Walking the 268 steps to the pedestal, you can discover more Buddhist treasures inside the three-storey exhibition hall. Awed? Need something to remember the place by? Walk into the village and head into the souvenir shop and pick up the souvenir item (or items!) that speaks to you.

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Water colour your vacation~

While Hong Kong has a galore of places to access that famous infinity pool, sinking your legs into the warm beach sand and splashing water on each other seems more enticing doesn’t it? With beaches catering life guards, shower stalls and changing rooms to visitors, safety and convenience have both been met! Add to that, the variety of beaches Hong Kong makes available. To access decent waves, pristine beach sand and some background scenery of green, head to the Tai Long Wan beach. Head over to the Turtle Beach if a quite time with the family is what you crave. This beach offers isolation – something rather rare at Hong Kong beaches. If family time is what you crave and crowds don’t bother you, proceed to Shek O beach – a quintessential family beach, with the usual frantic activity families surround themselves with.

S- Shek O Beach
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Macau tripping ~

Popularly renowned as the Las Vegas of the East – and for a good reason – Macau is a melting point for tourists, cue the plethora of attractions it provides. From skyline gazing on the Macau tower – with views extending to mainland China – to enjoying a cuppa at Taipa village – one of the only two traditional villages in Macau – and sinking in a bit of history while visiting the ruins of St. Paul. Maybe even pay a visit to the A Ma Temple that, allegedly, is said to have given Macau its name. And then head on to Fisherman’s Wharf, a theme park with 70 stores and restaurants built in the style of different sea ports from around the world. Macau offers you the perfect blend of entertainment, culture and luxury too – all the ingredients required for that perfect family holiday!

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Shop till you’ve bought (everything you need!!) ~

Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. From high priced brands to negotiable local goods, the shopping scene has it all. Head on the Ladies’ Market on Tung Choi street, a one kilometer stretch of stalls stocked with clothing, accessories and souvenirs – all up for a bargain! Head to the Temple Street Night Market to access and haggle over items ranging from trinkets and tea ware to electronics, watches, menswear, and even jade and antiques! Chinese herbal shops stacked with herbs and other relatively unknown ingredients  are around every street corner. Walk in to get yourself treated and your ailment obviated with a medicine – drunk as bitter concoctions in tea cups.

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What better way to treat the entire family at once than a day at the Disneyland. Though much smaller than other Disney properties around the world, Hong Kong Disneyland is home to the only Fantasy Gardens among Disney properties. Divided into 5 fancifully themed gazebos, Fantasy Gardens let you meet, greet, hug and take pictures with your favourite Disney character. Meet Mulan and her trusty dragon, Mushu in a Pagoda themed tent. If it’s the famous Mickey Mouse, whose attendance you crave, head over to the Toon fair themed tent that lets you meet and greet Mickey and Minnie mouse. The fireworks that light up the sky after 7 pm is another reason you should consider planning a full day trip to Disneyland. If it’s Disney, good food is never too far away, is it? Explore the Disney themed restaurants and cafes that are spread across the expanse of Disneyland.

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Food, of course! ~

Away from mainland China, Hong Kong has not been conferred the title, the culinary capital of Asia lightly. A walk through the streets of Hong Kong will have your mouth watering as your senses fill in with the scent of the street food around you. Wok cooked food makes it to the top of ‘must have’ culinary experiences. Dim sums, Chinese barbeque and congee, along with noodle stalls will dominate your immediate foreground. While all the food is enticing, and, ooh, an absolute trigger for the salivtory glands, hear this: a majority of food here is cooked in peanut oil, so heed caution if you have any peanut allergies. Dai pai dong – open restaurants – provide for the best street food dining experience. Unfortunately, only a few traditional dai pai dong are open. Scout them if you can and experience street dining at its best! Pineapple buns – not made of pineapple, no – and tea milk – made of black tea and condensed milk – are popular, must try delicacies here. Hong Kong is also home to the largest floating restaurant in the world – Jumbo Kingdom. Head over for a unique, yet a classy, dining experience. Somebody once said, good stories are not told on empty stomaches. So head over, eat to hearts’ fill and make this one tale memorable.

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Want to explore all of Hong Kong for yourselves – sample the street food, stare incredulously at the floating restaurants or better the city skyline? Hyped about getting your family vacation started but unsure about how? Fret not, and drop us a Postcard ! Our team will craft that perfect vacation for you.

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