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What To Do In Iceland In Winter? A Guide For Ideal Vacation!
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on July 26, 2021 Share on

What To Do In Iceland During Winter? A Guide For Ideal Vacation!

Ever wondered how it feels like when you visit Iceland in Winter? Iceland, the land of fire and ice, will be lit with the most mystical vibes in winter. Yes! You will firmly feel like you are in Krypton. Being home to the worlds’ largest glacier makes it even more iconic. It would be the perfect destination for you for experiencing adventure to taking photographs in the most instagrammable landscape with volcanoes to glaciers. With winter approaching slowly, get to know “What to do in Iceland during winter?”

Iceland In Winter

Iceland During Winter
Image source: Unsplash

Iceland feels so unrealistic for you in winter. It’s the summit of winter beauty with snows, frozen lakes, snow-covered waterfalls, the stunning northern lights. Besides, you will also be able to get enchanted by the painted sky when it sunsets. You will get a bit of both warmth and coldness. And, that is why you will feel like it’s a winter paradise.
Even before the plane lands, the ariel view you get will give you the utmost goosebumps that you’ve never experienced before. As you roam around the country, you will encounter not just its beauty but its darkest and dangerous side that will intrigue you contrary to anywhere if you are a hardcore adventure seeker.

Weather of Iceland During Winter

Northern lights, Iceland During Winter
Image Source: Unsplash

You might have thought the weather of Iceland in winter would be nothing other than snow. Colorless! But, no. You could get a bit of both. Surprisingly you often feel the warmth out of nowhere. The people in Iceland also have a saying where if you are not so pleased with the weather. Wait for 5 minutes, everything will change. That’s how unpredictable the climate of Iceland is in winter.

The temperature swaps between 0oC to -5oC. It could be sunny when you arrive and then suddenly out of nowhere there would be rain, and then there comes the snow. This makes it even more beautiful and more human-like. So make sure to constantly, track the weather. Be prepared to experience the adventure of Icelandic weather!

Why Visit Iceland In Winter?

sunset in Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

So, do you want us to give you one reason to visit Iceland during winter? We got more than one reason that will make you start booking your trip to Iceland.

  • Iceland has the most extravagant sunrise and sunset in winter as it is close to Artic. Whoever you can be when it comes to photography, but Iceland never disappoints you. You will get the most expressive result from this rugged yet beautiful landscape when the light of the blazing sun makes the snow shine like crystals. No wonder Game of Thrones is shot here!
  •  Iceland will offer you a breathtaking view inside the crystal caves. You will feel like you are in Ice Age. You could get all the unique experiences of ice cave exclusively only in winter.
  • If you are lucky enough, you could see the winter night sky sketched with the magical aurora’s striking colors while you are sitting and warming up with a campfire.
  • Winter is also the best time for you to see the Icelandic horses and ponies flaunting their winter coats.
  • Off-season vibes! Winter in Iceland is the offseason. So you can expect fewer crowds at the best attractions and best restaurants. Get hotels at a lesser cost and cheap flight tickets. Everything will be affordable.

Try either a Day Trip from Reykjavik or a Guided Multiple Day Trip. But never miss the best activities Iceland has got to offer you in winter.

Things To Do In Iceland In Winter

Iceland in winter is heaven with so many activities that make you feel at home and at the same time make you forget about everything that bothered you before you decided to take this trip. Its coldness will be the warmth you were seeking all along. So, look at all these must-do things in Iceland during your winter visit so that you get the complete experience to boast on your return.

1. Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding in Icelandic Winter

Skiing, Iceland In Winter
Image Source: Unsplash

Iceland’s terrain and spotless ski route in winter will be perfect for sporting through the snow. You won’t get crashed and stay in the nearby resorts easily. The coolest thing about skiing and snowboarding here is, you can do it in different ways. Either ski naturally downhill, cross-country ski, or choose Cat skiing or snowboard off-trail. What more?! Feel the fear and do the heli-skiing like a pro.

Best Ski Resorts Close To Reykjavik: Bláfjöll Ski Resort, Skálafell Ski Resort, Akureyri and Hlíðarfjall 

2. Marvel at Whales & Ride Icelandic Horses

Horseriding, Iceland in Winter
Image Source: Unsplash

For the animal lover inside you, Iceland got the best opportunity to witness the largest mammals in the world. Yes! Iceland is one of the perfect destinations for Whale watching. Taking a sea tour will let you see the most famous Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, and Minke Whales. If you are even more excited to know about them, rush into the Whale Exhibition in Reykjavik to see the life-sized model of Whales of Iceland.
Moreover, there are the cutest photogenic Icelandic horses. Find your best friend in them and go for a ride along the countryside. Cuddle their warm coats all along. We are sure you can’t stop with one ride or befriending one horse.

Try going for Whale Tour in either Reykjavik’s Old Harbour or Husavik.

3. Go for Snorkeling and Diving 

Snorkeling and Diving, Iceland in Winter
Image Source: Unsplash

Does it sound a little strange to snorkel and dive in the winter? It is not that strange in Iceland. Snorkeling is a year-round activity in the water bed of Iceland. So take a snorkeling trip to Thingvellir National Park. The transparent, or should we say “glass-like water”? This is going to make your snorkeling experience way more exotic.
If you are an experienced diver, the best place for you will be Silfra and Davíðsgjá! Get yourself a guide, and don’t forget to get a dry suit to get a dive permit and explore the beauty of Iceland’s underworld.

4. Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas and Spend the New Year Eve

If you are in Iceland in Winter, then you must experience the holiday the Icelandic way. Unlimited fun, laughter, and amusement plus, some delicious warm food. The celebration starts as early as 12th December. Don’t miss St. Þorlákur’s Day on 23rd! That’s when you could try some traditional foods such as fermented skates. Go shopping at the Icelander’s famous spots. Capture the beauty of Christmas decorations that paint colors to the winter tone of Iceland.
Get on party mode in winter. Enjoy bonfire and fireworks to welcome the new year.

5. Explore Ice caves and the largest Glaciers

Ice Cave, Iceland during winter
Image Source: Unsplash

The winter attractions in Iceland are so unique that sometimes you’ll feel quirky the closer you get. Tour around the glaciers, caves, and ice tunnels. Learn more about them. Or, the much better idea is to get on top of the glaciers. How? Use the help of a Snowmobile, or better go with the hike. Bring it on. Climb on the Sólheimajökull glacier. So don’t ever miss the ice crystal caves around the Vatnajökull glacier, 1800 ft long ice tunnel of Langjökull glacier, or the Glacier Lagoon.

Try to visit the Blue Lagoon for a holistic feel during your visit!

6. Vist Snæfellsnes Peninsula 

Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a must-visit destination for Jules Verne’s fanatics. The mountain here is the setting used as the entry point to the center of the earth in Jule’s Verne’s “Journey To The Center of Earth“. Make a one-day trip and roam around the mountain, visit Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum and stroll around the coastal area.

7. Explore the Golden Circle

Things to do in iceland during winter
Image Source: Unsplash

Your winter trip to Iceland cannot end without visiting the most popular Golden Circle. Embrace the beauty of the Gullfoss waterfall, amuse at the warmth spread in the air through the bubbling pools and geysers of the UNESCO heritage site, Thingvellir National Park. Visit the Secret lagoon for experiencing some warmth yourself in the geothermal bath.

Tips and Reminders For Your Trip To Iceland During Winter

Tips for trip to Iceland in Winter
Image Source: Unsplash

Clothing Tips: Obviously, you should pack some warm and waterproof clothes, winter jackets. Don’t forget to take waterproof shoes or boots. For the windstorms and Iceland’s weather, it would be better if you carry a balaclava. Add a swimsuit, waterproof glove, and polarized sunglasses.
Iceland Travel Tip: During winter, not all roads in Iceland will be accessible. So, don’t be upset if you get restricted from traveling in some for the road trips you planned. Most importantly, make sure you avoid the Highlands, F Roads, and H Roads to avoid tripping or accidents.

Now that you know how special Iceland in winter can get, we are sure you want to consider visiting Iceland during winter. You can be a solo traveler who seeks adventure or a traveler who likes to get the best with your gang. Iceland got everything to give you a quintessential vacation. So, wait no more because you can pick the best Iceland tour package from or customize your Iceland itinerary up to your liking. We are already excited to get you on board.

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