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In-flight safety card
Written by Swathi on September 3, 2020 Share on

Check out these quirky videos airlines are using to promote in-flight safety!

In-flight safety has been a trending topic for a long time now. The safety precautions which are depicted by the cabin crew is more important than we know. In fact, it could end up saving our life one day. For a couple of years now, having gotten accustomed to the routine, many travellers do not pay attention to the in-flight safety norms. Airlines across the globe have come up with quirky videos to attract travellers into following in-flight safety. The recent video on Vistara’s in-flight safety has grabbed eyeballs and so have many other videos in the past. Here is a quick look at some of the best ones among the lot.

Vistara’s in-flight safety video

This is Vistara’s first in-flight safety video. It has been performed in collaboration with Tata Sons Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited. Not only does Vistara show off its grand Airbus and Boeing aircraft, but also captures some of the most scenic locations in India. The in-flight safety rules have been performed to perfection through yoga in the midst of the natural background. This includes Kerala’s Kannur Beach, the Western Ghats in Maharashtra and the clear Dawki river in Meghalaya to name a few. The video is also speech and hearing impaired friendly and depicts a very unique way of following in-flight safety.

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Delta Airlines in-flight safety video

This video is a fun-filled one and is more inclined towards the younger audience. It has the perfect balance of instructions and music which is truly engaging. Characters like the Dramatic Chipmunk and Screaming Goat in this video are just adorable. With memes being a trending arena, there is no better way to make people aware of in-flight safety than this. Delta Airlines has made a mark in the Aviation industry for its quality. It has proven its capability even more by making people aware of in-flight safety norms in the most effective manner.

Virgin America’s in-flight safety video

This is probably one of the most effective and foot-tapping in-flight safety videos ever made. Although Virgin America is now operated by Alaska Airlines, this video had gone viral when it came out. The safety instructions are the lyrics of the song and it has been so beautifully put to tune. The background dancers and cabin crew have done a fabulous job to keep the audience hooked to this video. The children have also done a fabulous job in bringing a fun quotient to the overall video. So, be prepared! Next time you board a flight, remember this tune and follow all the safety instructions.

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Qatar Airways in-flight safety video

The world’s best airline had to make it to this list right? Qatar Airways has gone all out in making this in-flight safety video. Having roped in members of the FC Barcelona this is a hilarious video made by Qatar Airways. The players themselves have presented in-flight safety for you in the midst of an imaginary football match. This has also been one of the most successful in-flight safety videos ever made because of the star attraction for football fanatics.

Airline safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic are definitely a cause for concern. But all of the airlines across the globe ensuring that precautions are taken in terms of maintaining social distancing and sanitization. Travel can never stop altogether and just with a few measures in place, vacation dreams can once again become a reality. For those of you who are craving for an immediate mode of vacation, you can check out some of the staycation deals as offered by Pickyourtrail. Happy travelling!

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