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Italy in December
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Italy in December: Your Guide to a Perfect End to Year!

December is not a month that usually comes to one’s mind while planning a trip to Italy. Considered an off-season, not everyone dreams of visiting Italy in December. However, if you’re one of the rare breed of travellers who prefer travelling to destinations and enjoying the best it can offer during its off-season, let me quickly tell you about Italy in December. 

Weather in Italy in December

Italy is surprisingly more beautiful when it snows. Snow is common in many places within the country, especially in the mountains and at higher elevations. Snow falling in Venice is not common and is one of the most beautiful winter scenery you’ll see in Italy in December. With the southern half of the country being warmer than the northern, you look into visiting a ski resort town and relax in the natural springs.

Colosseum in Rome
Source: Unsplash

Average temperature ranges for different parts of the country are:

Northern Italy: 25 – 45°F (-4-5°C)
Central Italy: 40 – 55°F (5-13°C)
Southern Italy: 55 – 60°F (13-16°C)

It is important that you check the weather forecast a week prior to your trip and pack the necessary things for your trip

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Why Visit Italy in December?

Italy in December is a treat to explorers, with fewer crowds, cheaper prices, and some great festive celebrations. Here are some reasons why you should visit Italy in December


Italy looks splendid during winter. If you look for some pictures of Italy in December you are sure to call it a winter wonderland. Considering its immense beauty, the locals also trade the beaches for the ski resorts during winter.


Shopping in one of the Fashion Capitals, Milan goes without a saying when you are touring Italy. To spice it all up, Milan hosts a Christmas market in the middle of the town, an antique fair, a candy market, and church ceremonies during the month of December.

Milan in Italy in December
Source: Unsplash

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Without a doubt, Tuscany has some of the most beautiful landscapes, right from most beautiful rolling-hills landscapes, medieval historical towns, Renaissance art, Italy’s best wineries, and amazing food. Tuscany covered in snow looks as beautiful as it is in the Sun.


December is the season for Skiing in Italy. It is important to note that prices for skiing won’t be low. However, the slopes and the top-notch scenery make it worthy of its price. 

Source: Unsplash


With many places of the county celebrating Christmas, just like Milan Florence also hosts Christmas markets and festive parades. The Festival of Noel is also celebrated well in Florence. It brings in celebrations and elaborate decorations. 

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Isn’t Christmas one great reason to visit Italy in December? Wondering what’s so special about visiting Italy for Christmas?? For many visitors, being in Italy specifically in the Vatican for Christmas is a lifelong dream. Though December is off-season, you might see quite some people visit the Vatican especially during the last weeks of December. Make sure to find the best deal and book your stays well ahead in time to avoid last-minute surprises. If you are planning to attend the Christmas mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, you might have to plan way ahead 

Vatican city in Italy in December
Source: Unsplash

Even if you aren’t traveling to celebrate Christmas in Italy, why miss it? Italy offers some great treats that only come out during cold weather. From vendors roasting chestnuts and selling in small paper bags to cafes bring out their cioccolata calda machines – churning that delectable pudding-like Italian hot chocolate; Italy offers all tasty ways to warm yourself. 

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Few places to avoid on your visit to Italy in December include coast or hiking-centric spots. For instance, places like the Cinque Terre may not be the best even if you like solitude, since most of the locals shut down operations when it gets cold. Meaning most of the restaurants, shops, and hotels will remain closed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Italy Travel in December

Q. Which are the best places to visit in Italy in December?

A. Sicily, Venice, Florence, Turin and Rome are some of the best places to visit in Italy in December.

Q. What are the advantages of going to Venice in December?

A. Visiting Venice in winter is more alluring. Venice is less crowded with less busy transport and you can photograph around any corner you want. You also get to enjoy dishes that are ideal for winter at the best places.

Q. What is so special about Rome?

A. Rome: The eternal city of Rome is a place with centuries of great history combined with beautiful landscapes. It is also famous for its fashion stores. Rome offers a variety of things to explore and see like the famous Trevi Fountain.

Q. How is the weather in Italy in December?

A. Italy is not the coldest in December, but somewhat close. It is the time when it snows in some parts of Italy. Italy’s southern regions are always warmer than the northern part.

Q. What are the things to do in Italy in December?

A. Some of the fun things you can do in Italy in December are:

  1. Celebrate the oldest fairs in Italy. Relish the festive foods and enjoy the decorations, books and local crafts in Italy.
  2. Have a wonderful skiing experience on the slopes of Italy. 
  3. Watch Florence glow in a different light every evening from December 8th to January 7th as a part of Florence Light Festival.
  4. Be a part of the wonderful Christmas parade.

Q. Does it snow in Florence in December?

A. It is quite unlikely to experience snow in Florence in December. January or february will be the best month to witness snow in Florence. The city of Florence majorly experiences snowfall only during this time.

Q. Which are the major festivals celebrated in Italy in December apart from Christmas?

A. The other popular festivals celebrated in Italy in December are Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, Saint Stephen’s Day, etc.

Visitors to Italy must fill out a Self Declaration Form in order to enter the country. To know the details on filling up this form, visit Natvisa.

Now that you know all the reasons to visit Italy in December, what are you waiting for? Craft your Italy vacation, pack your bags and get read to fly to the winter wonderland this December. Keep reading Pickyourtrail Blogs for more such interesting contents!

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